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Bruce says - money is flowing like never before DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce says - money is flowing like never before

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Bruce says - money is flowing like never before Empty Bruce says - money is flowing like never before

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jan 08, 2022 7:47 pm

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK   Intel Begins:  1:03:20


Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday January 6th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody all over the globe – wherever you’re tuning in from whether it is live or on the replay – Thanks for listening – I’m excited about what I have to bring to you tonight

Ok now this is an interesting night because this is sort of like a pre celebration thing that I want to bring out to everybody tonight –

First of all let me thank Sue for having researched and found what might be a very important part of Rebuild America – I say might be because this is a company that Sue has found that we’re going to be contacting about helping be a major force in leadership and in so many different areas of Rebuild America –

it seems like from the information that Sue has found and researched and brought to me that she may have found a verifiable gold mine in this company –

I’m excited because I think that it could be a really good fit for what we’re going to do and I will be reporting on that in a future podcast as we get those meetings and make that scenario come together

Beyond that – what we know that is happening now – is that – I told you we knew an individual that was actually taking care of the linking of all of the countries of the world’s  treasury banks – I called it -  they are no longer using the term “central banks” – so we’re going to call it right now – their treasury banking system – all of those have been thoroughly tested and all of the information and coding has been uplinked to the StarLink Satellite System – and all of these countries have been tested  3 different times to make sure their codes correspond with the countries are completely functioning in the new financial system – that was accomplished and completed last night about 8:30 Eastern Standard time –

So what came from that has been very positive for us and we’ve come to find some good information that I will let you know in a minute –

The bond holders I believe we told you Tuesday night that certain of the bond holders had started – we came to find out that those that were facilitator’s to the bond holders was a term that was used – introducers was another term that was used for those that had bonds – those introducers started to be paid as well as bond holders and the introducers are the ones that catch the 1% - that’s the commission which  I believe is 1% of the gross and is a lot – much more than you would think s an introduction fee or introductory commission –

Those funds are continuing to flow and that means they are actually seeing the funds over the last couple of days and they’re actually able to spend and get access to them – now the bond holders also started about 2 days ago and they are working on a system called ??  FIFO – First In First Out - meaning that the bonds that were first put up for sale and transacted – table top meetings – those bond holders that were the very first ones to do that are the first ones to be paid and the first ones to gain access to those funds –

Remember – I said on Tuesday night that these bond sellers get 20% of their total to last them for the first 90 days and then after that they get whatever they need of the remaining 80% of their balance

So that is a lot different than it had been reported and even to me because I did not get the truth on that until last Tuesday – so that’s really good news – in other words – those are tier 3 players – bond holders primarily – bond and asset holders – those guys are moving through and you know what – it may take a little while to pay them all out completely – it will take them another 3 months to pay out – that does not mean that we are not going now – because that will take a while to pay them out sufficiently – that is a lot they are getting and they are taking care of those people – so don’t worry about that – and finally getting started – it will just take a while because there are thousands of those bond holders –

But we are getting good solid information   really from all three – Reno – New York – and Miami –are active at getting this done –

Now let’s cut to where we are – we know that the funds that are supporting our transactions – our exchanges and redemption of zim – are coming from the Rodriquez Trust – based in the Philippines is a large Trust that has already been starting to disperse funds to North America to our Treasury and from our treasury to the various member banks that are doing exchanges and to the redemption centers for our exchanges – for our access to funds – that is happening as of yesterday and today and I’m sure that will continue to happen as they need to move these funds from the treasury to these various banks - Now this is really positive because that money is in place –

So money is flowing like never before – Iraq is in a position for as forming a new government – they are about to bring out  their new rate on Sunday again – they had one last Sunday – I don’t know if it will increase – I suspect it might go up – they have a nice in country rate – I told you last time that the rate they are showing for us on our screens exceeds what Dr Shabibi projected for us at the Chamber of Commerce meeting -  where our own friend Blue Star attended and asked him that all important question “What will the Dinar Be Worth?”

He got that answer that said several times on the call in the past – so that’s really moving along in that direction very nicely –

Now when it comes down to us and our timing we had been told that we would go shortly after the bond holders started receiving access to their funds - we are still in that arena and there is other information that also may come into play but we do have it on very good authority that our side of the RV is how it was put – will start this weekend –

Now that is referring to Saturday or Sunday – and to be completely safe – one additional source is saying it could be Sunday / Monday - just saying …… so we don’t – we obviously do not have it in our hands now but I believe this information is very strong based on the sources where originated and I feel that this will finally be our opportunity to set our appointments and start our exchanges

So I feel excellent about that – I feel like this is finally getting to the point where we have something solid as far as our start – and when it said “our side of the RV” and I think that is referring to tier 4 as opposed to tier 3 with all the bond holders being paid out now – tier 4A & 4B – which Wells Fargo refers to simply as “tier 4”  - our side of the RV will start  this weekend –

So I think that is tremendous and I love that and realize I’m only telling you what I’m hearing and these are from very highest of sources – so I feel this is really good information for us – I’m excited about it but as always – do not quit your day job – stay with your Plan A  - we cannot move off from Plan A until our toll free numbers are emailed from Wells Fargo – Once those come to us and we can take those numbers and set our appointments that is when you have something that is absolutely rock solid –

I feel really good about maintaining an even strain as they said in Top Gun pertaining to the fighter pilots – Maintain your Plan A – you can be thinking and use your imagination as we all do about what your Plan B looks like

That’s pretty much what I wanted to bring to you tonight – the point is we are that close -  finally and we have on the best authority that we can get that we are looking at the weekend for us to get notified – So everybody hang in there and stay positive.

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