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MarkZ says - Redemption Center folks are on call this weekend DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - Redemption Center folks are on call this weekend

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MarkZ says - Redemption Center folks are on call this weekend Empty MarkZ says - Redemption Center folks are on call this weekend

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jan 08, 2022 7:45 pm

Member: GM. How far down the road will the can be kicked today?

Member: Hope everyones ready for the weekend! Let’s see if next week is OUR week!!

Member: according to the Julian calendar -Merry Christmas

Member: May this be the Friday of all Fridays with very important developments announced.

MZ: Iraq has already closed down their banking until Sunday. Also on Sunday they should be seating their new government. It seems like all eyes are on the 9th now, but I am not ruling out sooner.

Member: Iraq I believe as they are the linchpin and has to go 1st.

MZ: Redemption Center folks are on call this weekend. They don’t have to work…just be on call and within 50 miles of their location

Member: I dont think we will se anything until after the 15th.

MZ: I am thinking between the 9th and the 12th. But could be sooner.

MZ: Article: “Global Bond rout intensifies as Fed prompts bet on faster hikes”  I told you yesterday my best contact told us to “watch the bond markets” I believe we are on the precipice.

MZ: Look for disinformation and news on the bond markets…..we are seeing that happening right now.

Member: Heard the T4 currency is coming from the Rodriguez Trust from Bruce’s Big Call.

Member: Charlie Ward has stated months ago the RV, would not happen until March.

Member: What is the Executive order about US Savings bonds?

Mod: Executive order 13968 December 18, 2020

Member: Today being Christmas Day (on Julian Calendar) Then 12 days = 19th will be Three Kings Day

Member: Elvis birthday tomorrow. Carolyn Bessettes is today. Julian Calandra Christmas is Today. Buckle up butter cups.

Member: What happened to the 355 movie?

Member: All that hype fizzled and died I guess.

Member: I heard Code 355 states stocks of major companies involved in crimes against humanity will be disbursed to us

Member: 355 is linked to US Code 26 ss 355 it’s about seizing funds from corporations committing crimes against humanity returning them to the people

Member: When RV, GRC, GESARA is done, I wonder if will things become normal right away? Masks, restrictions etc, etc.

Member: Why do you guys just ignore the fact that you have been talking about the same RV hype for years and wrong every time? Where is the proof this RV is actually real?

Member: I’m tired of hearing of whitehats. ….there are no whitehats I believe

Member: We are all frustrated……but remember there was to be of disinformation at the end…..just do not quit….if you quit- the bad guys win……hang in there everyone.

Mod: CIRSTEN W VIRTUAL MEMORIAL HOSTED BY GENE DECODE ON ZOOM MONDAY 10TH 12 MST https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83319300100… ID: 833 1930 0100Passcode: Gene

Member: Everyone is at a tipping point – do you hear us – time to release your military!!

Member: I pray THIS stops NOW … too many people are dying ….White Hats we need this to end

Member: There are laws against treason WHY is there nothing happening???

Member: Having trouble laughing and living life cause what is happening. Nothing is funny.. too many people are dying or hurting. Lets get this done already. I dont understand what we are waiting for?

Member: things are happening behind the scenes that we can see when we’re looking closely

Member: This much craziness must mean we are at the end……..If it’s all too much for folks…..take a break this weekend……spend time in nature…read a good book…….you won’t miss the RV. When it happens that news will be everywhere. WE are really close to all of this ending…….

Member:  Hopefully Jan 15th will start to turn this ship around.

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