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MarkZ says - They are expecting it within the next 4-5 hours as they are waiting for the west coast of the US to wake up DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - They are expecting it within the next 4-5 hours as they are waiting for the west coast of the US to wake up

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MarkZ says - They are expecting it within the next 4-5 hours as they are waiting for the west coast of the US to wake up Empty MarkZ says - They are expecting it within the next 4-5 hours as they are waiting for the west coast of the US to wake up

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jan 05, 2022 9:42 pm

Member:  Good morning Mark and RV Family.  Hope our finish line is coming soon

Member: I’m ready to see the egg on Mark’s shirt and not on our faces!!

MZ: Right….I am tired of wearing egg on my face….lol

MZ: The news that we do have is coming out of the bond side. Literally all of my bond contacts believe they will have full access to any funds they have not received yet -TODAY.

MZ: They are expecting it within the next 4-5 hours as they are waiting for the west coast of the US to wake up. That is what I am going to watch today…..the news has been overwhelming on the bond side.

MZ: They were informed the funds were released last night to start distributing globally this afternoon.

MZ: I pray this happens guys….this means the RV is very close….They would not release those funds otherwise. So my eyes are going to be watching for that today. Praying this gets out the door and we can celebrate. We will then know it’s only a matter of at the most….a few short days before things start trickling into our pockets as well. 

Member: What happens to those with Chinese Railroad bonds?

MZ: They will get paid and its exciting……..When you make an appointment and have bonds….be sure to let them know as It may change where you go to do your exchanges when you set your appointment.

Member:  Isaac posted yesterday that liquidity should start today for German and Yellow Dragon bonds - will keep us posted!

Member: Brent has intel come out on his call last night that German bonds should start paying out today in Zurich.

MZ: Nothing new from CMKX yet. Don’t know what we are looking for as far as delivery times as of yet. Or Currency appointments yet……

MZ: The bond side right now is our canary in the mine shaft and I am watching it closely. 

Member: Have you heard from Sheila on the bond news? (Sheila is high up in the bond/CMKX groups)

MZ: She is of the same thoughts I am that we are in an “any moment scenario” She has an exceptional contact (wish I could tell you who it is- they are one of the 5 people who will know when the reset goes.) but they said to “watch the bond market” that is how we will know when it ( RV?)  goes. So that is exacty what we are doing right now.

Member: Been following Gurus since 2014 ….Mark, I appreciate your honesty!

MZ: Article from Iraq: “Iraq acquires US stake in Exxon oil Field”  I have been told by contacts in Iraq that this is a move to make Iraq “sovereign” and domestic.   My contact over there in the finance ministry says this is a key piece.

MZ: I am also told to watch this start happening in other countries as well as they get rid of these multi-national global companies…..It will happen in Venezuela….It will happen in the US. In Canada…..those funds will go back to the people like in Alaska.

MZ: if you are a citizen in Alaska you get a kick back check from the oil companies every year.

Member: Iraq is now partnering with China in their oil fields, not so sovereign

MZ: Just so you know the first meeting of the new government will be this Sunday…..With all the progress in Iraq they do not have a choice but to revalue their currency to be back on the world stage. .

Member: The CBI can revalue the Dinar before the government meets to form up. It is the Governor of the CBI’s responsibility.

Member: Will the dinar we hold become worthless?

MZ: Yes at some point it will…but after we have exchanged it at the increased rate or exchanged it for lower denomination- if you live in Iraq. At some point after the RV it will become worthless. After the RV it will become logistically impossible to have large note bills in circulation.

MZ: The Iraqi dinar was worth $3.22 US before they invaded Kuwait. After that the Central banks around the world devalued this Iraqi dinar. What will happen now is they will reinstate the value….this is what we are waiting to happen in iraq.

MZ: After the Vietnam war the same thing happened…..It was valued at about $2.22 US before the war and it has not yet been reinstated either…….this is a rare thing.

MZ: it has happened in Iraq 3 times in the past 110 years before Kuwait, where in times of war they devalued their currency and then reinstated it….

MZ: We saw the same thing happen in Germany after world war 2. The same thing happened in japan after world war 2. History is littered with dozens of examples of how this happens. So don’t take my word for it…..study history.



Member: Yesterday a friend got new currency out of an atm at a BOA in Kentucky

Member: Black Swan event needed…market crash

Member: Fake Dow is up again!

Member: I think we need a stock market crash first before the RV.

Member: Dow up to start at $8.91. Still no crash in sight!

MZ: isn’t that interesting. I was speaking with a great military contact that does logistics and he commented that military intelligence was looking for it to crash “hard” within the next few days. They felt like today could be the day it takes a nosedive. We are watching it closely.

Member:  I have been aware of this since 2008. feels like we are in a new place,but all should remember that until it actually occurs. is only a guess. Any purchases of currency must be looked at as long term

MZ: You are correct but I do believe we are getting ready to cross that finish line.

Member: Estimated Rates: Dong - low to mid $2, Dinar - $4.81, Zim - .11-.36 without projects, up to .70 with projects (per million zim), Indo Rupiah $1.47

Member: Will US savings bonds be safe in the Quantum system?

MZ: Yes. President Trump signed an executive order that they would be . At the time most economists were scratching their heads as to why he did it….well imo we will need it when we have a reset.

Member: what is the EO# trump signed for usa savings bonds redemption protection in an rv? Ty

Mod: EO 13968 is the one about SAVINGS BONDS

Member: Anything new on that movie 355 that was supposed to be shown everywhere starting tomorrow?

Member: Have you seen this?? Code 355 is returning all US Corps involved in Crimes against Humanity back to the people as equel share holders.

MZ: I hope this isn’t just a coincidence. Code 355 has to do with confiscating everything taken from the people and returning it. So this is curious as we wait for the release of this movie…..now around mid January I think. .

Member:  We need the truth to come out….we need the EBS

Member: I really wish the arrests of DS would start so we could see it…..not just rumors.

Member: Saw an article that over 200 celebs, royalty, msm, athletes that now positive for Rona … the arrests?

Member:  Isn't it crazy how we as a collective group can just see blatant evil normally nowadays? It's insane. A gift and a burden at that same time.

Member: Both Phil G. & Brad B. say Nesara is imminent.

Member Keep the faith. We are almost there.

Member: Sun Tzu: Appear weak when you are strong, far when you are near.

Member: Mark we're ready for our SOMETHING BURGER. Cannot wait for tonight’s update !!!!

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