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MarkZ says - There are actually 2 seperate events. Iraq is a big cog in the machine……easiest to watch DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - There are actually 2 seperate events. Iraq is a big cog in the machine……easiest to watch

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MarkZ says - There are actually 2 seperate events. Iraq is a big cog in the machine……easiest to watch Empty MarkZ says - There are actually 2 seperate events. Iraq is a big cog in the machine……easiest to watch

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jan 05, 2022 9:37 pm

Member: Good Morning Mark, MOD's and all!!

Member: GM all. Let’s hope this is the week of our Blessing

MZ:  I hate to say it but looks like a serious nothing burger overnight. I rather expected it would be.

MZ: I spoke to a contact in Zurich and they are still hopeful for funds to start late today or early in the morning…Zurich time.

MZ: I have no movement on CMKX and no news from Iraq. I have spoken to many contacts since yesterday evening……They are all waiting like we are…..They believe the trigger will be pulled within the next 2 days.

MZ: I am hopeful they are correct. Remember no one knows the exact timing

MZ: I am hearing all the paymasters and group leaders are back where they belong as of yesterday evening. .

Member:  Frank 26 is alluding to the 9th because of Iraq`s "get together" that day?

Member: Iraq parliament to meet jan 9 - 15 .. possibly thereafter...so maybe week of 17th .. so just chillin' .

Member: Until the IQD floats, I expect nothing.

Member: Iraq is revaluing this month sooooooo it will happen  imo

Member: Can this take place without Iraq? Why do they have to go first?

MZ: There are actually 2 seperate events. Iraq is a big cog in the machine……easiest to watch. There is a chance that Iraq could revalue before the GCR/gold backed currency reset.

MZ: it’s a slim chance because if Iraq waits to RV when the GCR is ready they will get a higher value according to the Gold Treaty …but it is a chance they will go first…...The GCR will not happen without Iraq…But Iraq could get frustrated with waiting and go without the GCR.

Member: Holly said This is the Transition week from corporation to Republic.

Member: Sounds like Holly is getting beat up on the boards again maybe peeps can send her an encouraging note I did this morning

Member: There is a rumor that Putin has already announced the RV/NESARA internal to Russia? Tired of waiting for the ever slow US. Hope it’s true.

Member: This fiat money was supposed to change to gold backed. And haven't heard anything in the news or stock market

Member: Went to our local bank yesterday, brought in our spare change bucket to convert to dollars. Got the regular Fed Reserve Notes. Was seriously hoping for the Rainbow Currency!!!! So bummed!!!


Member: Is this RV real? Where is the proof that this is going to happen?

Member: RV/GCR is feeling like a clown psyop. Just enough sugar dispensed to keep all hooked, with no end in view.

Member: how were we so close at Christmas now seems like we are so far away?

Member: lots of negative Nellie's in here. God is in control

Member: There is misinformation out there on purpose to make you all get angry, give up and quit…..looks like it’s working.

Member: Most frustrating is that there is nothing that any of us - Mark or we people can do about it!!! No control or influence what so ever!!!

Member: Dow is already up to +249.04. Only 166 shy of 37,000.

Member: Stocks keep going higher and higher…. What’s wrong with this?

Member: It is called a "melt up". The last gasp.

Member: the higher they go , the farther they'll fall.

Member: Thats called the Dow Melt up right before the implosion

Member: If Everygrande was on the US Stock Exchange it would collapse it!!

Member: yesterday at Pharmacy I could’nt cash a $100 bill. Sign said Exact change only. Fed Res is short on cash.

MZ: There is a serious cash crunch going on for sure.

Member: Went to 5 bank of Americas yesterday, 2 were closed, others had lines out the door!!! People scrambling to pull out cash due to bank-corrupt-cy silver short?????

Member: Does anyone know what rates we may expect when this happens?

Member: Estimated: Dong - low to mid $2, Dinar - $4.81, Zim - .11-.36 without projects, up to .70 with projects (per million zim), Indo Rupiah $1.47

Member: Mark, Whats your hunch for the last marker before the RV?

MZ: I am looking for a serious crash of the markets. For the theatre that goes with Evergrande defaulting to implode. We are watching an irrational run on the market. All the dundementals are gone and we are looking at runaway inflation. We are watching a complete collapse of economic sectors aroung the world…..We see all of this implode yet the dow artificially goes up????? Everyone knows its absolute crap. If you have a 401K you may want to move it…..because they are expecting a major crash of this market….All experts are saying this…….

MZ: Historically its called a melt up…..people are trying to wait for the exact top of the market which will lead to a lot of upset people who will get left holding the bag.

Member: Nobody is talking about Basel 3….did it happen?

MZ: Article “Basel III: An Essential Guide” Basel 3 is increasing the amount of reserves in real assets that the banks have to have as opposed to how much they can lend. It basically triples what they need to have on hand to cover any loans banks make. It has to be a real asset  Not a make believe or paper asset.   This is big because its leading us into a asset backed world. We will talk more about this over the next few days.

Member:  I’m getting excited about what could happen in the next few days. I really want disclosure. So many sleepers all around me here.

Member: Noone is going to wake up until the lying media is gone and someone starts telling us and showing us the truth…..what a novel idea…….bad guys are lying…good guys are lying……so sick of all the liars.

Member: Why is only "The 355" movie showing in many theaters starting on Friday?

Member: 355 movie solely playing 1/7-1/13/14

Member: in theaters on January 7th CANADA USA MEXICO are only playing 1 movie. Movie 355.

Member: What do you think is the significance of the 355 movie?

Member: Who knows…….

Member: to me… 355 movie situation is the most TANGIBLE sign we have had that something is about to go down.

Member: I saw the 355 trailer, it could be either bad guys or good guys ... no mention of Nesara.

Member: I think the 335 movie is a place holder for something else like EBS messages at the theatre…hopefully.

Member: Agent 355 was a female spy during the American Revolution - and an American hero. We don't know her official identity. She was part of Washington's famous Culper spy ring.

Member: The 355 is an upcoming American spy action film directed by Simon Kinberg, with a screenplay by Theresa Rebeck. Released 1/7/22

Member: My local theaters are having the full line up playing... Spider-man, Matrix... all of them but 355 is on the list... I live in California thought

Member: So its no big deal……just another diversion

Member: The movie theater thing, however, is worldwide. Is it just a curiosity of coincidence?

Member: Dear God please not another year of kicking the can down the road…

Member: Many are losing hope. We need to see something positive happen.

Member: . I truly believe this will 'go' between now and the next two weeks. Unfortunately; the wait is torturous for many in dire need. Hold fast. We are almost there. Some have waited decades.

Member: Thanks MarkZ…….We won’t shoot the messenger…lol….and hope you have great news tonight….

MOD : Have a great day everyone!!!

Note : About half way through stream Mark answers a few “Back to Basic” Questions from newbies. Please listen to the full replay for all of that information.

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