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Bruce says -  We understand it should be completed by midnight tonight (Tuesday) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce says - We understand it should be completed by midnight tonight (Tuesday)

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Bruce says -  We understand it should be completed by midnight tonight (Tuesday) Empty Bruce says - We understand it should be completed by midnight tonight (Tuesday)

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jan 05, 2022 9:31 pm

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK   Intel Begins:  1:16:25


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday January 4th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody thanks for tuning in I hope everybody had a wonderful and safe New Year’s – our last call was on the 30th of December so that now we’re in 2022 off and running – and I think we’re going to have a really fun call tonight – I’m excited about it –

So – let’s go to our intel segment - this is very good – this is very interesting because we know some things that are just not out there – we know some people that are just not known – and I am going to say this – we always have a way to take a look back and say – oh I see what they are doing – I see why that could not go then – because this needs to happen – oh and then there was this that needed to happen –

Alright – so let’s go all the way back to 2021 – the last day – New Year’s Eve – gosh it seems like a long time ago – but no not that long ago was it - the last call we did was on the 30th of December and then New Year’s eve was the next day - well that day we didn’t have this information for Thursday’s call - I’ve got it for tonight

So what happened on New Year’s Eve Day was very impressive – there was a conference call with President Trump and Steven Mnuchin – our Treasury Secretary – ad Judy Shelton – Remember Judy Shelton was appointed by the President to help in getting the RV done - just helping putting the pieces together and make it happen –

The three of them are on a conference call with 78 Nation’s Financial Leaders – and I am going to tell you these were 70 of the most prominent of our 206 or 209 Nations – across the globe – we’ve heard 206 – 209 -  whatever -  it’s in that range –

Well on that day the call was 1 hr 18 mins 42 seconds – and it was a really important – informative call that of course was bringing these countries’ leaders up to speed on what was happening with the new financial system and essentially the launch of the global currency reset –

Now what was interesting to me was – they discussed the concept of trade between all of these Nations now on par with one another – on par - that means that a USN new dollar  would be worth the same as a  you pick it -  Zimbabwe dollar - a Chinese Yuan – a Russian Ruble  etc etc – Pick a currency – pick a country –

So that concept we understand is being rolled out or taking place – now it doesn’t mean that all of the rates that we have currencies for will be that way but it will come to that eventually - ok – we’re not there yet but that’s where we’re going – I think fairly soon – ok – I don’t know the time frame on it but it’s pretty quick

Now the next day which was January 1st  Saturday – last Saturday – seems like weeks ago to me now – the remaining countries of the world  - take your 209 – 78 – would be 131 countries – they were on the second call –that was held on Saturday - and it probably had to do with time zones and administration trying to coordinate certain countries on similar time zones to make it to the call – and that’s what they did – and it was a very effective call that needed to take place because of this information  that had to be put out to all of these individuals for their country -  and so that’s a very positive thing –

And we heard it reported that Putin of Russia told after that call told all of his people in his country that the wording was not GCR has started but he said that we are under a new financial system – did he say GCR? In Russian? I understand he did not use that term but he basically told everybody in Russian that we are under a new financial system – I do not know if he went into detail or whatever on that – and we know that all currencies in the globe under the global currency reset are valued based on the assets of each individual country –and they all are essentially backed by gold – other precious metals – oil – properties – etc etc other assets - 

That is the basis for the whole thing to begin with – to get that – now eventually – I don’t know how long it will take – we are not that far away from it –though -  we will have a level playing field for everyone across the globe – the same opportunity for housing – food – water – education – job creations – etc etc etc  - and a lot of that is what we’re all about – that is what our job is – to help get it out there – with these projects –

Ok let’s go back to where we are now – that was only 3 days ago - it seems like weeks ago to me – so here we are today (Tuesday) and what we know is we know an individual who has been chosen – selected as “the individual” that is contacted electronically all countries – individual treasury banks – the term central banks is NO LONGER being used –

We are using the term Treasury Individual country’s Treasury or make it easy – Treasury Bank -  now every country has been tested 3 times to see if they can be reached – to test the new system – with a “ping” that is sent – a “ping” that is received another “ping” that it is sent - 3 different tests on every country on the globe – it started a little while ago – I think I even mentioned this on Thursday’s call – and if it started prior to that and guess when it finishes?????

We understand it should be completed by midnight tonight (Tuesday) – so the additional information that I’m going to bring you is lining up beautifully with finishing the testing of all 209 countries financial system so that everybody is on the new financial system –

Now – beyond that we look at what’s the status of the accounts that the bond holders / bond sellers have now – we’ve talked about it at least last Tuesday maybe last Thursday – that they can see the funds in their account – meaning they can see an account balance and a lot of them are very very large –

Now – what have they not been able to gain access to? THE MONEY -  they have not been able to get access to these funds so it’s not about pay outs  or being paid -  it’s about liquidity being in the account and getting access to it so that you can spend it – so that they can spend it – do whatever it is in tier 3 that they were going to do –

So here’s another clarification - you remember for at least a year or two - we talked about them getting 1% or 1 ½ % of their funds for the first 90 days etc – remember?  We talked about that – well guess what? That was not true – that was conceived and brought up by the Deep State – How much do they really get access to? 20%

When that liquidity becomes available – like available funds in your checking account – when those funds are available – they get 20% of the total – the mother lode - 20% of it to last them for the first 90 days

Beyond the 90 days it’s Carte Blanche - they can get access to every bit of it – and let’s face it a lot of these accounts are quite large and there’s no way they are going to use 20% of their total in 90 days – no way in this world – but – they have the option to take as much and use as much of the 20%

I think our limitations are not going to be quite the limit as we thought either – we need to think in terms of what we need for the first 90 days or maybe  let’s go to 6 months – let them know which ever you are comfortable with - I need this much personal for the first 90 days or 6 months and I need this much to start my projects for the first 6 months or 90 days -  However you decide to do it – Either one would be helpful and I think either one would work

So – let’s go back to where we were - the bond holders / bond sellers  will have access based on getting notifications  by email and they should receive those notifications on 2 different times – after midnight tonight giving them access to funds access to that 20% liquidity tomorrow - or email notifications tomorrow night (Wednesday night) giving them access to funds on Thursday –

Now why the 2 opportunities? One versus the other?  There are probably several factors one of which would have been the completion of this gentleman who has worked all the nations on the globe and has worked by uploading code and information to the StarLink  System - ok – and contacting the various countries -- what we’re saying is ---- there is an opportunity – we are talking bond holders – now the people that are overseeing the codes going out to the bond holders they have to enter to get access to their accounts – ok where that’s coming out of  and in Reno – Miami – Zurich -

We know specifically some people that are involved in that position – and so that information its coming out to say that we in tier 4 A & B – we are supposed to be notified with our emails coming from Wells Fargo which would contain our 800 numbers - we are supposed to be the day after the bond holders gain access to their funds –

So that brings if the bond holders are in business tomorrow or Thursday it’s possible that we are in play as early as tomorrow but quite possibly Thursday or Friday – I don’t want to write off tomorrow (Wednesday) yet for us – but realistically we may have a full day to wait after the bond holders are notified –

Could they be notified after midnight tonight? Very much so – it is looking like it – could they defer after midnight Wednesday night? it is possible – so be open to possibility of either one - open to the fact we are very close to receiving our notifications as well

There is another time line that has been put out that is pretty well received that came from a person of a lead bank – in the United States – and the suggestion is this needs to be done with tier 4 between the 5th and 8th of this month – the 8th is Saturday –

Now – part of the reason of this is that Iraq is supposed to bring out their new rate again – they’ve already brought one out last Sunday – and it’s already in excess of what Dr Shabibi said our value would be on the Dinar – and you remember we’ve talked about that over the years - you remember what that rate was  -

They are coming out with either an updated version of that Sunday as well as the introduction of their new government – that is supposed to take place Sunday – Iraq time –

So we are supposed to be launched prior to that – that means realistically – we should be there  Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – or  Saturday – in the next 4 days  - and it might be tomorrow but it could be Thursday – and we start Friday  - you know what I’m saying - we can’t absolutely pin it down but things are moving through and the guy that was supposed to complete the testing with all of these countries financial systems projected that he would be done at 11:30 am tomorrow (Wed) – that was the earlier projection today –

The latest projection he gave was he would have it finished by midnight tonight – so that moved us up a half day - in effect - which is a good thing

We know the rates are going to be very strong – we are not going to be concerned about that – we know that we have the ability to earn a little bit less on our money that we had previously thought but that does vary up and down – no reason to be set on any one number – it was a little bit under 7% that we would be able to earn on our structured pay outs -

I think the structured pay outs for zim holders are optional but you might as well put the money to work a little bit and go  25 -50 – 100 years with it – whatever you feel comfortable with – and realize if something were to happen someone else would have to be appointed to take over your accounts and  your projects –  You will most likely get several pages of bank perks to consider –

Do not discuss anything with anyone that is not on your list –

I think we are down to the part right now where we are at a very short waiting time – this could be our last call – we could have one Thursday – we don’t know – We could get numbers before then -  but – let’s see what happens – this is a little bit of a waiting game as everybody knows – so let’s stay positive – be thankful in all things

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