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MarkZ says - We are sitting on the edge of our seats as people have no gotten back into position DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - We are sitting on the edge of our seats as people have no gotten back into position

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MarkZ says - We are sitting on the edge of our seats as people have no gotten back into position Empty MarkZ says - We are sitting on the edge of our seats as people have no gotten back into position

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jan 03, 2022 11:27 pm

MZ: Electricity service here in NC is starting to flicker on and off. Still planning a normal Coffee podcast but just want folks prepared this first Monday of 2022.

Member: good morning on the first Monday of the new year 2022. I hope you are all doing  good.

MZ: We are sitting on the edge of our seats as people have no gotten back into position.

MZ: over the weekend We did not see any release of the funds. Mr. C has not processed yet. I think we are watching for that “key event” and its quickly coming to fruition. And this could be the collapse of China.

MZ: I am still hearing great things from bond folks who are anticipating today ..or at the latest tomorrow for the full release of all their funds. Both in Europe and the US…they have already gotten their bonds “proofed” and they are expecting full releases of all funds today or at the latest tomorrow.

MZ: Noone that I know has received any packages from CMKX yet…..We still have DHS and US Marshalls that are “in place” to start package deliveries at any moment.

MZ: We still have a liquidity crunch on cash from banks and I believe we are in the perfect spot for this to happen. The majority of people who need to be are now back in position for this to happen.

MZ: I am hoping for much more news this afternoon to share on tonights stream.

Member: Iraq banks closed yesterday and today…..hmmmmmmm

Member: reports saying Iraq declared Monday a holiday to celebrate their martyrs ….last minute decision yesterday

Member: Dow only down -8.06. Did start up at +150.44 then dropped.
Member: I am beginning to believe we need a major crash before we get an email.

Member: oops the market just went positive..

MZ: The market is literally stoned.

MZ: Article : “ China Developers confront a $197 Billion challenge in January”  This is their largest bond redemption month of the entire year guys……Evergrande, Kaisa, Fantasia have not been able to pay them….Many Chinese companies have been unable to touch their bond payments in the last couple of months….and now suddenly they have more bonds due…..i think they are setting this up

Member: Lots of odd things going .. many Chinese companies going bankrupt

Member: EVERGRANDE IN Hong Kong has just suspended trading
MZ: Yes China Evergrande shares have halted…….We are watching it implode right around our ears…..The government suspended trading….if our market was legitimate and not manipulated …..our markets  should have taken a nosedive immediately on that news……Markets should be in freefall.

Member: I was your tweet last night Mark….about the slowest bankruptcy in history, Evergrande. Article said they are being taken off the exchange. Well about time

MZ: Interesting article from Zero hedge today” Just in case fiat currency goes to hell…billionaires are flooding into cryptos”   What I found interesting is that not since the big crash in 1929 have we seen these conditions occur when the top 1% own more than the entire middle class.  WE are seeing the exact same inequities now that we saw right before the crash of 1929.  One of the things they assume was a trigger event for it was running from the fiat system which is crumbling and running into other assets.

Member: I heard all banks that are not basil 3 compliant will disappear because they can't prove that they have the gold to back up their funds

Member: Happy new year Mark....banks in SW Florida have no currency for sale and teller just had a huge SMILE

MZ: Sure seems like things have dried up on the currency side…..

Member: My bank WF told me they are on QFS and USTN in vaults. Our ATMs are still out of order…

Member: If the currency is now gold backed. Shouldn't there be some sort of information of that in the stock market. There would be some sort of adjustment for the change

Member: Friends Dad a bank manager, retired at end of 21. Hmmmm

Member: so far three people have said Nesara IS activated, Judy Byington, Whiplash347, and Phil Godlewski

Member: Per a call posted on Dinar Recaps, Putin declared NESARA in Russia

MZ: Putin did announce some sweeping changes in government and finances….I don’t know if he ever said the word “Nesara”…but he did announce some big changes in Russia.
Member: Maybe Russia privately announced NESARA!!!!

Member: IMO….Nesara Gesara will happen at exact same time as will RV and EBS . It will happen when the event does. Hopefully the market crash today

Member: Doesn’t The biden administration have to be out for RV and Nesara to occur?

MZ: When Nesara occurs ALL politicians will be out during a time when we will all be educated and informed and a then we will elect a new government……that’s what I have heard.

Member: I heard new elections within 120 days of Nesara starting.


Member: MarkZ power went out. he tweeted he'll be back this afternoon

Member: Remember- the Bible is full of people that God has allowed hardship to come into their life period only to replace everything with his grace and his Mercy

Member: See you all tonight….hoping for fantastic news or the golden egg shirt…..or both!!!

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