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Judy says - They Flipped the Switch DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Judy says - They Flipped the Switch

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Judy says - They Flipped the Switch Empty Judy says - They Flipped the Switch

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jan 03, 2022 11:19 pm

Judy Note: “They Flipped the Switch: Global Reset, GESARA/NESARA activated! It’s time! It’s happening! The switch has been turned. It all started in London.”

The US Inc, Crown, Vatican and their Central Banks now dead.

“Midnight Fri. Dec. 31 London’s Big Ben bell didn’t ring. They turned the switch like in V for Vendetta. Then the complete system and power structure collapse. Kaboom! This marker means they flipped the switch! We are FREE now! Awesome news for CUE Anons and People. The corrupt dictatorial Globalist power structures has been turned OFF. January 1st is Basel 3 London deadline. Means all banks needs to be backed by Gold or they will close. So they activate the new QFS Quantum Financial System backed by Gold. Happy New Year! It all starts now in 2022! It’s a new beginning. Global RESET GESARA NESARA Activated! The People victory!   Commonwealth Game Over! Congratulations everyone.

“The harvest is them committing the crimes in plain sights for us to see and to caught, collect them all, go after them and suing them for their crimes, and then arresting them all at the same time with indictments and warrants. They are ALL going down so fast right now. Watch the show! You will love how this movie ends. The revolution is NOT televised but the revelations will be. Right now military tribunals are secret and hidden. But soon it will all be revealed to public.”

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