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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "we know approximately 1.42 million emails loaded and tested and everything is ready to roll" ("Test" Emails Now??? OMG! LOL) 12/30/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "we know approximately 1.42 million emails loaded and tested and everything is ready to roll" ("Test" Emails Now??? OMG! LOL) 12/30/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "we know approximately 1.42 million emails loaded and tested and everything is ready to roll" ("Test" Emails Now??? OMG! LOL) 12/30/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "we know approximately 1.42 million emails loaded and tested and everything is ready to roll" ("Test" Emails Now??? OMG! LOL) 12/30/21

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jan 01, 2022 11:31 pm

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK:   Intel Begins 1:10:55


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday December 30th  and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody thanks for tuning in   - this is the first call of our 1th year of The Big Call – and hopefully  this will be our “last” – and I will give you some information to support that during the intel segment – but we did cross the barrier last Tuesday night on our 10 year anniversary call – we are breaking in on our 11th year tonight and thanks everybody for tuning in –

Alright  it’s getting late  but we do have some intel that will update us from Tuesday night’s call and remember Tuesday we talked a little bit about everything – why this is sort of finally making sense to us – how we can sort of see some logic in all of this – it’s been tough to pin down – let’s face it – all of the intel - the good sources and not so good sources - you know we just do the best we can to find out what is really going on – and that is what I try to bring you  - and that is what I’ve tried to do over the last  10 years -  well this night is no different
Where we stand right now – let’s talk about where the bond holders are – they can see funds in their account – they can see balance total - they know that they have that money – just not available to them to spend yet – They also have dates in the screen that they can see when their approximate date is they should have access to those funds –

I’ve talked about pay outs - liquidity – now my big thing is about access to funds – it’s one thing to have in your account but to access it - can you spend it? Can you get to it?  That is what we’re talking about – Getting access to these funds –

Now – some of the dates vary a little bit – but not more than 2-3 days difference – the ones that we know about – ok – we know for example in Reno and in Miami – where they are processing a lot of bond holders – paymasters of these bonds have been coming in at the rate of 8 flights an hour in Reno and 10 flights an hour into Miami – and that is as of 4 PM Pacific time today which would be 7 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight

So we know there is high traffic coming in that are paymasters coming in to oversee the final paying out of these bond funds – we’ve talked about different types of bonds – yellow dragon bonds – red dragon bonds – railroad bonds - German bonds -  a number of others – and some I am not even cognizant of that are being processed and being put into an exchange into these accounts

So my  theory – especially in the last few months has been that the bondholders seemingly were going to get paid way before us are actually going to get access to their funds approximately the same time that we get notified with our toll free number – emails – and when we set our appointments to go do our exchanges –

So we heard today through our sources is that the bond activity is ramping up and actually moving maybe a little quicker than they anticipated so that the bond holders liquidity or access to the funds might be as early as a day or 24 hours earlier than they heard – or maybe that was put on their account as a pay date – an availability date 

So if that’s the case  that’s really good news for them – now we know that the new form of our restored republic – constitutional republic  starts on Saturday – January 1st  - we know that the old USA Corporation Government ends on the 31st of December - we are definitely moving into a brand new form of 2022

We should have a new gold backed USN dollar – we should have some NESARA / GESARA  things kicking in or maybe taking affect as of the 1st

We may ---- and I have a source that indicates that we’ll have the EBS – Emergency Broadcasting System – utilized by the 1st  - New Years Day -  we’ll see if that comes through – In a way that makes sense because there’s a lot of things that need to be brought out and disclosed starting the first of the year and I think we are going to have a lot of that

Now I’m not looking for just 10 days of 24 hrs a day disclosure – but I am looking for some forms of NESARA brought out for us and I’m also looking for this to be a continuing thing  as – let’s put it this way – our history and some things that we learned that have been projected onto  us are found to be untrue and therefore they need to be corrected –

Now I don’t know how that’s going to come about -  exactly but I do think we are not looking at a 10 days of darkness – that 10 days of darkness was something that was to affect the Deep State – the Cabal - was not designed to affect us – so we’ll see what happens but I’m not looking for future disruption of internet or cell service anything - however when the EBS does take over – if it does - it would affect main stream media and broadcast bands -  so beware of the possibility –

I am not saying it has to start on the 1st or will start but it’s a very good possibility – it’s a real good possibility that it could start on the 1st of January – the New Year

Now as a result of this scenario I brought to you tonight – I always ask what does it mean for us – and I’m thinking tier 4 A & B – what does it mean for us??

Does it mean that could change our start time for notifications and make them a little bit sooner – Well let’s let you know what I have that might support that –

Tomorrow is Friday the 31st and Saturday is the 1st  - we know that redemption centers are staffing people that could set appointments tomorrow – Saturday and Sunday – that have staffing lined up at the redemption centers to set the appointments using the call centers and relay calls to their phones  especially designed for that purpose –

Now with the people in the redemption centers that are capable of setting those appointments does that mean that we could possible get notified by our Wells Fargo emails? With the toll free numbers included to call to set our appointments? I think it brings  - I think it certainly brings Saturday and maybe Sunday into play – for notifications but in my opinion – and it’s just my opinion – even if we did get notified Saturday -  or Sunday – we would not start our exchanges until Monday or Tuesday the 3rd and 4th of January  - I think I mentioned that to you on Tuesday –

So my point on this is to be open for the possibility to receive the email notifications from Wells Fargo the lead bank in all of this in North America –

Now the lead bank in the rest of the world – internationally is HSBC - so for us here in the states we should receive these emails and my theory of the same time in each time zone was also confirmed - so if it were 11 or 11:30 let’s say – in one time zone it would also have 11 or 11:30 let’s say in Central time or Mtn time – etc –
So we know they’ve got this in batches – we know approximately 1.42 million emails loaded and tested and everything is ready to roll - the satellites are being fully uplinked and uploaded with code and that was supposed to be completed by 6 PM today but we don’t know exactly if that occurred so that may still be in process but overall I think they’re gearing up to be completely ready for us to start

So the possibility I mentioned Tuesday I thought we’d be notified Monday or Tuesday and that could still be true but the possibility of this of  us being notified a little sooner is also true – so I am saying keep an eye on your emails over the weekend and all the way into the new year Saturday – Monday we could have a really beautiful start to 2022  and I’m excited about it –

I really think it’s been a long time coming  and we really have a lot to be thankful for if you are involved in this and if you’ve been in it for 17 years – and I transition in to 18 years pretty soon -  but I do not want to go to the full 18 years I am finishing up my 17th year as being a part of this not just reading about it  - not just knowing about it  but being in it – and that’s a long time for anybody – and some of you have been in for 17 years – it’s hard to say anybody within before 2003 because that is when the new dinar currency was even printed - and some of the military got it early heads up and may have picked  up some of the new dinar when they were serving in Iraq for example – that’s cool and they brought a lot of it back and they are in good shape – for sure -

I want to wish everyone happy and safe New Year.

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