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MarkZ Says Flight Cancelations Stopped The "RV" !!! (Have You Heard All The Excuses For The RV To Stop Yet? LOL) 12/28/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Says Flight Cancelations Stopped The "RV" !!! (Have You Heard All The Excuses For The RV To Stop Yet? LOL) 12/28/21

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MarkZ Says Flight Cancelations Stopped The "RV" !!! (Have You Heard All The Excuses For The RV To Stop Yet? LOL) 12/28/21 Empty MarkZ Says Flight Cancelations Stopped The "RV" !!! (Have You Heard All The Excuses For The RV To Stop Yet? LOL) 12/28/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:22 pm

Member: Good morning to the poor in wallet but rich in patience.

Member: Good morning everyone, are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Member: Stuck in Seattle….4 flights canceled already.

MZ: Now you know the pain and difficulties some bond folks, 4a folks and paymasters are going through. It’s a nightmare to travel right now all around the world. Canceled flights and sitting in airports.

Member: Did you see Holly’s post that it might not happen for a couple of weeks now?
MZ: I have not seen Holly but that would not surprise based on what I am hearing out of Europe right now. Most of my bond people, paymasters and attorneys over there are not planning on returning there until Sunday because of the big travel issues going on right now. Delaying their plans on getting back into place.

MZ: Even private jets are hard to get right now. They are in short supply because the wealthy are using those instead of the commercial airlines….There are serious travel issues right now.

MZ: On the US/Reno side of it..the Admiral is a few hours away but close enough to get there if they pull the trigger.

MZ: I hate to say it but I think they are pushing it to next week now. Maybe Sunday or Monday??  That is what I think at this point. But I am hearing “any moment” still from some paymasters. We just do not know.

Member: It makes more sense to start 1/1

MZ: On the banking side/Redemption Center side I am still hearing from a conversation this morning that they should fully expect to work this weekend.

MZ: Would be a perfect time to pull the trigger when nobody is expecting it though. They could absolutely pull the trigger before the end of the year and let us start making appointments before the end of the year.

MZ: It does appear that it is underway …we are all just frustrated not to have anything at our level yet.

Member: so the whole RV around the world is being held up for a few people who can’t get flights???? doesn't make sense

Member: I'm grateful that it will happen but I personally believe they should have kept their as# in place.. anyone could tell that the travel status was iffy

Member: A lot of airlines cancelled flights. Nothing is a coincidence.

Member: if the military is in charge….in control of everything…why don’t they just do it?

MZ: That’s why I say don’t rule this week out just yet. It would be a golden time. Would a lot of whales and people in 4a get delayed….yes…but would the world get to move forward….yes it would. If the military is in charge and goes ahead and pulls the trigger…well, if the whales are delayed 4 or 5 days because they went to the back of the line…..I’m not going to feel bad.

MZ: I want to be able to set our appointments so we know we have reached the finish line.

Member: Mark, I read on Restored Republic that they discovered bankers trying to sabotage the release of the RV and that is part of the hold up. They said that they have weeded most of them out.

Member: Could the delay also have something to do with Basel 3 being implemented on Jan 1st?

Member: Makes plenty of sense they are waiting for January one… new money starting the new year

Member: Heard new notes ready for 1st of the year?

Member :  Jan 1 is just 3 days away……we got this….

Member: Basel 3 banks have to be asset backed by January 22 or else

Member: Anybody have a list of large banks that will not be Basel 3 compliant?

Member: Can anyone explain what impact Basel 3 will have on the financial system after Jan 1, 2022

Member: Google it…or search on youtube….economists have been talking about Basel 3 and the new rules and banking regulations for years……do your own research.

Member: The circumstance has nothing to do with MarkZ. He is only reporting what he knows. The hold up is lawyers. corrupt bankers, Congress, the Senate,& the current administration. That is the hold up.

Member: Can the Biden administration stop the RV…They have delayed it over and over again.

MZ: They cannot stop it. They can continue to try to throw curves…but at some point the economy crashes and they have no curves left to throw.

Member: Dow already over +164.08. Only needs another 100 points to break the 52 week high.

Member: i wish they would hurry the hell up with this collapse

Member: Any news on CMKX package deliveries…..

MZ: I have not heard anything on DHS .CMKX deliveries but the continuing problem I am hearing is people unable to get back into their seats because of travel nightmares . Nobody is arriving as quickly as they should be.

Member: From Frank:  gm ppl dinar is,1to1 on a float going international to increase and unpeg from us dollar …happy floating dinar

Member: Iraqi officials are saying that the IQD will be revalued BEFORE the end of the year according to F26 last nights articles!

Member: Last night F26 showed articles saying that the IQD will Revalue BEFORE the end of the year! The importance of Jan 10th - 15th is that it is the first week of the newly elected government! New budget!!

Member: Frank 26 said 1/10/22 to 1/15/22 bases on bankruptcy of Iraq being completely cleared

MZ: Iraq has made it very clear they are about to go international. . They have opened up border crossings. They have fully digitized their banking system in preparation. They have issued QI cards to the mass population. The effort for tem to revalue their currency has been tremendous. The chatter out of Iraq has been tremendous.

Member: Also education the citizens on TV night and day on how the Lower denominations and new rates will be…is huge….this has been going on for weeks in iraq.

Member: Scott Brunswick-Global Financial Reset is imminent. It’s happening now and so get ready for shutdown. Time is now Exclusive IMF, 10 countries simulate cyber attack on global financial system. The simulated cyber attack  evolved over 10 days, with sensitive data emerging on the Dark Web along with fake news reports that ultimately caused chaos in global markets and a run on banks.

Member: At this point it is near impossible to be positive when all these events come and go. With each event seems to be the one to finally set this off. And nothing happens.

Member:  I feel so bad for the people that have to live in their cars waiting for the RV. And the real possibility of it not happening within the next 2 weeks.

Member: January 6th is December 24th on the Julian calendar..Christmas Eve-

Member: Remember folks they always said there would be a lot of disinformation at the end that's how we know we are there.

Member: The enemy will not win, keep the faith guys. GOD has this!

Member: MarkZ, Thank you as always for all the latest RV & News. Have a Blessed & Miracle Day too

Member: Thank you for all that you do Mark Z. You are so appreciated and we are grateful!!!

Dr. Rich joins the stream at the end. Please listen to the replay for all of his information.

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