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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "remember from the banks point of view tier 4A and tier 4B is seen just as tier “4”" (So Now Everyone Can Go Ask The Banks That! LOL) 12/23/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "remember from the banks point of view tier 4A and tier 4B is seen just as tier “4”" (So Now Everyone Can Go Ask The Banks That! LOL) 12/23/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "remember from the banks point of view tier 4A and tier 4B is seen just as tier “4”" (So Now Everyone Can Go Ask The Banks That! LOL) 12/23/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "remember from the banks point of view tier 4A and tier 4B is seen just as tier “4”" (So Now Everyone Can Go Ask The Banks That! LOL) 12/23/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun Dec 26, 2021 10:52 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK    Intel Begins:  1:05:25


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday December 23rd   and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in wherever you are all over the globe and we look forward to putting out what we certainly hope is our final live call and I have evidence to project that – Let me put it that way – I’ve got some good stuff that I think will put a final nail in the wall on this – so we’ll see –

Ok let’s jump right into the intel  - where we stand right now is in an interesting place for us because there had been some discussion and I think I was one that brought this out – that is there a possibility that we could actually receive this and get started with our exchanges before Christmas –
This is I believe what I heard was going to be doable – Well – It’s no longer doable – unfortunately our Christmas is going to happen AFTER Christmas -  for us in the sense that our notifications my best understanding for that is that they are going to come out either Sunday or Monday after Christmas –
Let’s go back and discuss where we are and what is actually happening to put us where we are – We had a treaty of 72 nations had met in Singapore – to put together final details – and this is a GESARA type treaty – it GESARA event and they completed that 2 days ago and they initiated or implemented that treaty yesterday with the release of the green light emails to the bond holders that we have been talking about for quite a while – those are tier 3 – now we had a group of a little over 200 in New York – over 400 in Miami – and 300 in Reno waiting for things to happen  - waiting for them  a lot of these were paymasters – some were whales – some were group leaders – these were all people involved with bonds and assets waiting to receive that final email for their payment – their notification of liquidity –

Well as it would happen – yesterday evening 5 PM Reno time – 8 PM Eastern Standard Time the notifications were sent out by email and received by these various bond sellers – Over 900 today have received that information and they are essentially in line in various of these 3 cities – primarily some of the business that was going to be handled in New York was essentially moved and flown down to transact “today” in Miami –

These are with Wells Fargo and this is what they are doing – there is still one final communication coming from the overseers of the paymasters and that is an email to say how much liquidity they can have right now – right away – and when can they actually touch it – spend it ??? Gain access to it – and do something with it - ??

That is something that has been received by some and should be received by others tonight – very closely if not already tonight -  that is part of what is happening – I told you that we were tied to the bond holders in the sense that they needed to get that email of liquidity and access seemingly before we received our notification – and it may be they don’t really have full availability  of funds in their accounts even though they can see them – they can’t get full access until we’re notified – we still don’t know that – yet – that’s only a a presumption on my part

So – we’ve got the treaty that went into effect – we got the green light turned on for the bond holders to get those final documents of the many funds that are transacted through these bonds will be used to make America great again and build out infrastructure – I mean in Big numbers - Large numbers – not millions and billions but more like quad trillions – etc – which is pretty serious - pretty good money – to do all of this with -  so that is a very positive move – that is what is occurring now –

Also what is to occur overnight – this is what really affects us in tier 4 – remember from the banks point of view tier 4A and tier 4B is seen just as tier “4” – they just want us in together -  but what is happening overnight tonight is the money – funds to support tier 4 for our exchanges and redemption of zim – that is being sent overnight tonight into what I believe what we’re going to call a QFS Treasury Account so that will be able to be utilized as we open our accounts which will be our large mother lode account will be considered part of the QFS Treasury Account - 

We’ll each have one that will be essentially backed by the assets that we have as a country in the United States Treasury and believe me there is plenty there to back up our deposits that we make for making them through Wells Fargo but they’re actually held by a treasury account a QFS treasury Account

Now all of that language is a little bit difficult  to conceive of at this time but I’m sure we’ll get a good explanation when we’re in the redemption center on how that works and how we access it and so on –

One thing I found very interesting yesterday that was sort of a last minute move – was that wells Fargo has taken over the control and execution of the redemption centers throughout the united states – so that if you had a redemption center that was going to be tied to or connected to Bank of America or a Citi Bank or Chase – they’re all being taken over by Wells Fargo –

So in other words Wells Fargo is the only bank and therefore the auspices of the redemption centers are under Wells Fargo for the purpose of the redemption of our zim notes ok -  all that means is that any time you are setting an appointment you will be going to a redemption center which is  under the authority of Wells Fargo –

It doesn’t mean you can’t open an account – future accounts with other banks – you will be able to do that but your initial accounts will be a QFS treasury type account through Wells Fargo at the redemption centers – that is brand new – that is yesterday news – effective for today –

So where do we stand based on this information – like I said so far the best information we have suggests – and this is coming from several banks – that those of us tier 4  especially our group tier 4B – the internet group – should be notified Sunday or Monday –

Now why do I say Sunday – remember Christmas is on Saturday – the redemption centers are open tomorrow but some are only stay open till 3 PM – and I am talking banks and redemption centers – I do not think they are going to stay late tomorrow – I think they are going to go – shut down somewhere around 3 pm for Christmas Eve Day –

Then Christmas Day on Saturday – none of the redemption centers that I am aware of are open – none of the banks we know are open but then Sunday comes around and we have on good authority that redemption centers staff will be going in for about 11 – 12 hr day on Sunday – why would they go in on Sunday? That is right after Christmas – I am talking about redemption centers being staffed to have personnel there to set our appointments on Sunday

Now it doe not mean we are going on Sunday – don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that – I’m saying it is very possible that we’re going to receive our emails / notifications Sunday or Monday – If we get them Sunday could we start Monday? Yes possibly - If we get them on Monday would we start Tuesday?  Yes quite possibly – I believe that is the scenario we are looking at – but the reason I feel good about Sunday is we know the redemption centers are being fully staffed –

Why would they send staff in on a Sunday? Unless we could utilize them to set our appointments – remember zim holders – when you give the zip code – that takes you / connects you to the redemption center in that area and you will talk to a person – a live individual at that redemption center that will be setting your appointment -  and telling you any last minute information they want to give you –

They may very well be the ones working with you when you get there – so that is not happening before Christmas but could be happening for us right after - and that’s where we feel good now – listen – I would have felt great if we had been notified today or tomorrow and had an appointment Monday or Tuesday – I think everyone would have breathed a little easier and  - well we don’t have money for Christmas – but we know it’s coming – cause we have an appointment – well that was a good theory – a good thought – they did not use it – they didn’t take advantage of it - for one reason or another – I think the main reason is they are trying to get these bond holders fully taken care of before they switchgears to tier 4  - I think that is all it comes down to –

So that is the majority of what we have to look forward to ad yes it’s exciting – I mean one of my banned phrases for the Big Call is “ money is moving” – I am so tired of hearing that -  I know its moving – the money that’s coming in for our tier 4A exchanges and redemptions is 37 zeros  and that is following a number like a 1 or 5 or whatever it is in front – that’s a pretty big number – that is the amount that’s coming in overnight tonight to position itself with our treasury for us for tier 4A and tier 4B –

This is it guys – I want to wish everybody a very very Merry Christmas.

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