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The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights "The 1.424 million emails have been sent" (Did Everyone Get Theirs? LOL) 12/14/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights "The 1.424 million emails have been sent" (Did Everyone Get Theirs? LOL) 12/14/21

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The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights "The 1.424 million emails have been sent" (Did Everyone Get Theirs? LOL) 12/14/21 Empty The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights "The 1.424 million emails have been sent" (Did Everyone Get Theirs? LOL) 12/14/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Dec 15, 2021 10:22 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:    50:15


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday December 14th  and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in  wherever you are all over the globe – we look forward to everyone having a wonderful Holiday Season you’re listening from  we thank you for it –

Now it’s my turn to bring some intel and this shouldn’t take too long – but I understand that uhh you know – you have to understand that most of the contacts that we’ve had – most of the sources – are drying up due to non-disclosure agreements – or due to gag orders – something that is keeping it very very quiet – and it’s been that way for weeks now – but certain days we notice it more than others

Today was kind of a quiet day – there hasn’t been much brought out – at all that we’ve been able to hear – but yesterday was a little better - yesterday’s information I think is what is valid for us today – and to break it down you know we’ve talked about the bond holders – we’ve talked about the sellers of the bonds that are still waiting on their notifications of liquidity so it is really a notification of “access” to funds because many of the bondholders have funds that they can see in their accounts but they can’t get – to it – they  do not have the new password to access those  accounts to be able to access those funds and get the money they have –in those accounts

Now – that is still the case - there has been some money paid out but the large part of it is still waiting for us to be notified to set up our appointments before they go – this is the idea of a shotgun start – they are trying to get  and coordinate everybody so that nobody gets access to their funds way before anyone else does – even if they’re tier 3 like the bondholders are - and then you’ve got tier 4 A – which we call the Admirals Groups -  then tier 4B is the internet group which is the largest group -  of course because we have somewhere in the vicinity of 1.424 million emails loaded on the Wells Fargo Servers to be sent out with the call in information with the 800 number information –

So those have been loaded – we knew a couple days ago – I am going to say Saturday or Sunday - we knew that there were 4 countries who had not yet tested their opening rates for us – for tier 4B redemption - exchanging -  We had 24 currencies that are all going up in value that we are aware of – we call it the “first offering”

Four had not yet come forth with their starting rate or opening rate - and it’s almost like horses coming into a starting gate on a race they literally check in ad then they wait and everybody starts at the same time – well that’s what is going to happen with these currencies – ok – we’re all going to get them at the same time but the horses going into the gate are coming in at slightly different order and slightly different timing

The timing may be now but I haven’t gotten this confirmed – I would think that we have all of those currencies in with their starting rate – ok – so we should be good to go from that aspect – which we were – even at last Sunday – it looked like it was going to spill over into yesterday (Monday) to get all of that done –

I do not like to assume anything – because we know what that means - but – I feel as though we should be there on the various currencies ready to go with opening rates - 24 of them – ok – and you and I have maybe 4 maybe 3  maybe 2 maybe 6 of them we don’t know because a lot of them we knew about – we knew which would be the biggest movers – in terms of increase in value – so we’ve got that one pretty well covered I think

So where we do stand – other than waiting for the bondholders to get access to funds is what we heard that passed through the grapevine on – from a conference call was held yesterday  from the treasury is that we were to be notified either today (Tuesday) or by tomorrow (Wednesday 15th) by noon – a day and half window that is starting to close a little bit because here we are – within the 24 hr period –

So this is very specific information and if we go back to redemption center staff we can talk about the fact that they are in as of  yesterday on full days – starting very early and ending very late to receive the information with the toll free numbers that they are going to know that we have been released –

The 1.424 million emails have been sent - we still think those are going to come out at approximately the same time in each time zone across the country so that at 10  o’clock on the East Coast for example – under Easter Standard Time – would be the same effect as 10 o’clock Pacific Time – same day even though obviously it would be later in the day –

So that is the good news in terms of the timing – I do believe they want to get this done with adequate time to complete us – most of us - before Christmas – they’ve talked about 10 or 12 days for tier 4B to complete our transactions – recently – yesterday I believe I heard that we were going to be able to take tier 4B all the way to January 2nd  which is more than 10 or 12 days and then the so called John Q Public would start after the 2nd of January - - that is not us - we’re tier 4B -

Now the idea of tier 4A 4B  going together was also one because Wells Fargo  does not designate it between tier 4 A or B – they just call us all tier 4 -  so they are super prepared – they may have had their final conference call  yesterday afternoon -  it was an hour call and it could very well be that we are on track to be notified tomorrow – and start tomorrow – is the plan –

if our notification period  begins tomorrow and we’re notified by noon we should very well start a couple of hours later – and the staff is in redemption centers to set those appointments –because they want the zim holders – they call into the call center -  you will get routed by the information you provided – directly or by your zip code information – you will be routed directly to the redemption center close to where you are going to redeem your zim – and that would be talking to second or third party at the redemption center that very well will probably handle your exchange and your redemption of zim

Now if you are not a zim holder and you have dinar or dong or rupiah – etc you may get routed – even though you called the toll free number - you may be routed to a tier 1 or tier 2 bank – which is fine – they will be able to take care of you - but they want the zim holders specifically to go to  either Wells Fargo redemption centers or Chase or I believe Bank of America also has redemption centers as well as ??? the other one I’m forgetting -   any tier 1 banks should be able to handle us –

Now my understanding is they want the zim to go to the Wells Fargo redemption centers since Wells in the United States and in North America – let’s call it Canada – and United States and maybe including New Mexico – although I can’t be really sure of this – they want since Wells is the lead bank  on North America and every other country internationally – the lead bank is HSBC – so if you’re in another country other than the United States -  or Canada – which Canada also has the Scotia Bank  which is merged with the National Bank of Canada – you know – then you will probably be looking for and HSBC bank or redemption center if you’re for example – if you are in the Far East – South America or wherever else you are – if you have an HSBC more than likely they will be able to handle your zim and other currencies as well –

Here in the states and in Canada we have some options but Wells Fargo is the one that is in charge of the release – so we have some really good things to look forward to and we’ve got some really cool things – now what if we have NESARA and GESARA – those two my understanding is – those two agreements will be released in more detail supposedly at the same time or shortly after we get notified to set our appointments – so that if we get that information like I’m suggesting tomorrow -  - if we did get notified to go in and set our appointments tomorrow that we should get something regarding the GESARA and NESARA – either at that time or shortly thereafter – and that would bring a lot of us  up to speed.

One of the things I did learn about increases that are coming in January starting on the 2nd – in Social Security Benefits -  of course this is for the older population – 62 and older – if you filed for early Social Security – and this is going to be an increase of sort of a cost of living increase -  5.7% at a minimum all the way  up to something over 80% increase in Social Security  benefit if you’re older American - - the higher -  the older you are – the higher the increase for you  - and it’s very possible somebody in their 60’s or upper 60’s could see an increase in their Social Security Benefit –

Now I just bring this up because it is something we learned here just in the last few days and it could be of help to some people – realistically  --- is it going to matter for us – that have these currencies – especially zim holders? No probably not but it is information just that I wanted to bring to you   so consider it gas money – fuel money or whatever fyou want to look at it as –

That is the majority of what I’m saying is important for us right now – is to stay vigilant by watching because we are in this morning one of the overseers of the bonds that we are in an “any minute” now basis – we’ve heard that a couple of times before – but when somebody says any minute now - it means we are sort of in a high red alert – We should be able to go to our emails and receive that when they come out  - not before they come out but when they come out -  when they are released -  we should be able to move and set our appointments rather quickly – that should be our goal -

The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights "The 1.424 million emails have been sent" (Did Everyone Get Theirs? LOL) 12/14/21 43339210

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