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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "We are on a minute by minute basis" (Does That Trick Still Work? LOL) 12/9/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "We are on a minute by minute basis" (Does That Trick Still Work? LOL) 12/9/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "We are on a minute by minute basis" (Does That Trick Still Work? LOL) 12/9/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "We are on a minute by minute basis" (Does That Trick Still Work? LOL) 12/9/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun Dec 12, 2021 11:28 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:  48:08


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday December 9th and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call – from all over the globe “welcome”  wherever you’re listening from  we thank you for it – we’re looking forward to  having a very good call – probably about a one hour call tonight -

Alright – let’s get into it and talk a little bit about where we are right now –

Now – what is very interesting to note is that we have been told by several sources that this could go at any minute and whereas we thought we would be in the area where we would be notified with our emails with our 800 numbers either yesterday or today – it looks doubtful that it may come in today –

However – it does look good and we have a window – people have used a 72 hr window that really started yesterday at 4 PM - that would take us theoretically take us to 4 PM on Saturday – I think that is reasonable – I think we could extend this all the way to Sunday or it may just plain happen tomorrow (Friday) – because it’s soooo close - Let’s talk about what’s happened to move it to this point –

First of all Iraq started their revaluation of their new Iraqi Dinar last Monday – they moved it and migrated the rates from something that was just over the rate they left it with – the so called $3.22 rate - They started above that and then they moved that all they way through where it’s all over doubled that now – as an in country rate – meaning in the country of Iraq –

Now to correspond with that the value of the Dinar for us that the bankers have seen on the screens is showing much more than that with continuous growth all the way up to where by now it should be at or exceeded what Dr Shabibi said it would be worth and many of you remember that -  what it would be worth as he addressed the International Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC  _ I believe it was Dec 15 2012

And you remember what he said – and you remember Blue Star made the question inquiry to him live at that meeting – and fortunately he asked him what do you believe the value of the Iraqi Dinar will be worth after it is revalued? And in the words of Dr Shabibi  he believed that the Iraqi Dinar could support $XX dollars – which was a tremendous increase -  a tremendous rate and that is pretty much where I believe we are – or exceeded now –

Now – why do I say that? Because information that we were able to gain from certain sources has no longer been able to be confirmed today – In other words things tended to dry up after 4 PM Eastern Standard time yesterday (Wed) with banks and redemption centers

So – we’re not really getting anything – banks and redemption centers staff have been told with a very serious gag order -  not to talk to anyone – that is outside of their work place – or they could have some serious ramifications - they won’t go into those but we’ll just take that at face value

The other thing is the redemption center staff was told to come in early yesterday morning (Wed) and work all the way through the night to what would be considered way past banker’s hours - like around 8:30 / 9:00 PM and this is designed so that they could literally be paid while awaiting for this to manifest – waiting and being paid a very fair wage to wait this out – just lie we are doing -  we’re waiting it out – they are waiting it out and they were told to come in like this – like 8/8:30 something to that effect – yesterday – today and tomorrow –

I cannot speak for Saturday and Sunday yet -  BUT – we hope that this manifests and comes in – doesn’t look like it’s today – but tomorrow is definitely in play and I think realistically it’s in play through the weekend – Alright – so we have to be open to receive that –

Let’s talk a little bit about when it does happen – When we get notified – when that release of the 1.42 million emails from Wells Fargo Servers come out – and we have the toll free numbers to call to set our appointments – at the time that release takes place - we are to be fully involved and entrenched in NESARA and GESARA with an announcement about the gold backed dollar – the USTN – United States Treasury Note - it’s been shortened to USN – United States Note – that is gold backed –

Now we will get that new announcement – if you will – of the currency – our USTN – the fact that it is gold backed and any other things that need to be brought out as part of  NESARA when we get our notifications and when we start our appointment setting and exchanges –

That is the latest I have heard of the timing for the gold backed dollar - the USN – the start of NESARA and GESARA to occur at that time for  us in a much bigger way that has started so far - so be aware of that – be on the lookout for that

I think what has happened in Iraq this week with the Dinar they do have a term they use which is “Golden Dinar” and this is a currency that is going to be shared with Iraq and Kuwait – so those 2 countries – may be the only 2 – in the Middle East – but they are using – what they’re calling the “Golden Dinar” – because the dinar is backed by gold –

Now there are plenty of other assets that Iraq could use such as oil – precious metals – gems – and so on that they could use to back it but they do have the gold to back it up – so that is why it is called the Golden Dinar –

We do have 24 currencies that have made their way into the first offering – may be the only offering that’s made in a way that we could take advantage of it – once this happens for us we will no longer be able to do anything else in a similar thing in terms of further currencies down the road – just be aware of that – this is your shot – this is it – ok -

So – as I mentioned – I believe on Tuesday and I will reiterate tonight – both India and Russia are no longer taking our fiat dollar – and  they made a decision – this was done I believe 2 days ago – to take currency from each of those countries -  the India Rupee - and the Russian Ruble – ok so those 2 currencies are the way that we – and anyone – has to transact in those currencies with those countries - I think that was making a big statement – that they did that – on last Tuesday –

I believe everything – the sovereignty and the freedom that Iraq is enjoying now  was to be announced today – we also heard that the dinar – and I cannot confirm this – but I’ve also heard that the Iraqi Dinar would be on the Forex as of midnight last night -

So if you are a Forex trader and you see that theoretically you’re able to trade in the new Iraqi Dinar as of midnight Eastern Standard time last night –

One more thing that might be time sensitive is we  understand that certain currency dealers have been given notice by the Treasury that they would be seeing the change in the values of these currencies in the next couple of days – I think that would take us through Saturday – maybe Sunday -  maybe – but probably through Saturday – and they will be given a notice when and they will key in a few keystrokes and make those changes so that all the currencies that they have that they are still going to sell – will have new rates and ones that they will no longer sell – like for example – the Zimbabwe dollar (Zim) will no longer sell and that will be removed from their offerings – I think that we can see that happening – and remember weeks ago not even recently -  but I think a couple to 3 weeks ago we lost one of the largest currency sellers in the airports – Travelex -  they closed shop on all their airport locations and business locations throughout the world – that is because of the impending change that was taking place with all of these currencies –

So that is really what I wanted to bring out to everyone today – We are on a minute by minute basis – this could happen at any time on any day  - so we wanted to get this call out to you so you could be prepared for the “possibility” of this happening over the next 3 days – I don’t have anything saying that this has to wait till the 15th – till next year – there is nothing that we have that is telling us that  and we do have sources that normally  can get some information from but have all clammed up – they have all been told to stay quiet or else -

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "We are on a minute by minute basis" (Does That Trick Still Work? LOL) 12/9/21 Ab716e10

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