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MarkZ: "Redemption folks have absolutely been told they are working this weekend" (What Kind Of Work Forcce Do They Have? Who Pays The Pizza Bill? LOL) 12/8/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Redemption folks have absolutely been told they are working this weekend" (What Kind Of Work Forcce Do They Have? Who Pays The Pizza Bill? LOL) 12/8/21

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MarkZ: "Redemption folks have absolutely been told they are working this weekend" (What Kind Of Work Forcce Do They Have? Who Pays The Pizza Bill? LOL) 12/8/21 Empty MarkZ: "Redemption folks have absolutely been told they are working this weekend" (What Kind Of Work Forcce Do They Have? Who Pays The Pizza Bill? LOL) 12/8/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Dec 08, 2021 10:23 pm

Member:  Good Morning all! I feel we are going to get some better updates today! Keeping the faith : )

Member: anybody heard any GOOD NEWS this morning.

MZ: I do have some more bond people that are Domestic for a change…..filling out and notarizing paperwork. These are bond transactions being handled in the US. The payee is the US Treasury and they are moving forward with a tremendous amount of paperwork and the expectation of liquid funds today and tomorrow. .

Member:  If they are funding bonds it won't be long for us

MZ: I still do not have any news on the currency front.

MZ: One of my Iraqi contacts is expecting  something overnight tonight..I hope he is right. I would love to see a new rate and a new value by tomorrow morning.

MZ: Redemption folks have absolutely been told they are working this weekend.

MZ: No news on CMKX or Prosperity packages…yet. Folks I talk to do not know the timing as of yet.

MZ: Nobody knows the exact timing….  I can tell you all what I hear from various sides of this. The Banking side and the Iraq side believes this is our week…..and the DC Beltway folks think it will happen between the 12th and the 15th…..I personally believe we are waiting for the system to crash…..i have been very up front that that is what I personally believe. Keep in mind the exact timing has been kept secret on purpose.

Member: Rich and powerful in control, rich waiting in line for theirs, general public nothing, but still dying. So what is so different?

Member:  They could care less if we live or die as long as they get their funds first - I feel like they’re greedy and could care less about the little guy…

Member: Don’t be discouraged, live your lives as normal. Pay your bills etc. God bless everyone.

Member:  If I am thinking on the right track…all we need is the rate to go live…..am I correct?

MZ: You are correct. At this point they are staged and prepared. They have the money. Things that we can track are there have been small changes…marginally on the VND and the IQD…some small movements on the Indonisia rupiah…..I think they are testing the system before we get our reset. I think we are priming the pump…testing the system. Making certain everything works. I think that is what we are now seeing.

MZ: Right now I think we are simply waiting on a event ….and China is imploding quickly. Article: ““Housing bubble burst looms in China as Evergrande collapses”

Membr: Hmm....since China's real estate market crashed, and they own LOTS of USA property; that may be what brings housing prices down to 1970's equivalent?

Member: According to the Us Geological Service there were over 50 earthquakes last night off the coast of Oregon at 10 km down at the same magnitude.

MZ: That is strange that the magnitude did not vary. The number of earthquakes worldwide have gone nuts this year…it’s been crazy.

Member: Many people say earthquakes are the military taking out bad guy underground bases….so many lies out there…..do not know what to believe,

Member:  Once the dinar is locked in,I wonder how long before it will be on FOREX?

Member:  I heard rest of troops leaving Iraq so they can claim their soverinty? Is this what you're heading Mark? That will lead to the RV over there? Kinda like the last step?

Member: Iraq Bonds are International and they’re doing business with Europe how is there not a new rate?

Member: What was going on with things going down yesterday Amazon, Ring alarms, Bank of America and more

Member:  : There was talk about cloud blackouts having to do with servers. This was yesterday from pretty reliable sources.

Member:  Just release this already! We can’t afford another broke, busted and disgusted Christmas while the demons live high on the hog with no end in sight.

MZ: This is the righteous indignation we are all feeling. We are all upset that they keep kicking the can for their own gain.

Member:  I kind of feel the same about this build up to the RV as I do the build up to Christmas Day. I don't mind waiting a bit longer. It will happen - I feel it strongly - I'm just enjoying the journey!

MZ: I know it’s rough with all the ups and downs. At least we are on this journey with some fantastic people.

Member:  Mark, Will we be roasting "Nothing Burgers" by the open fire for Christmas?

ISAAC 12/07 Hello …looks like tomorrow or Thursday I will have great news , as always I need confirmation but I will keep you posted .As soon as I have news I will post .

Member:  Question: I'm rather new to joining this group and finding out about the foreign exchange. Can anyone who is a veteran break down how close they think we are? Help some of us Newbs understand.

Member:  I think we’re going to have a near World War III scenario and then the market crashes. Hopefully tier 4B gets in before all this happens.

MZ: I’m looking for the crash of China to be our trigger.

Member: I got a Tweet that said. US treasury is finishing locking down the rates as we speak. So when Zurich banks open on Tuesday all is said to go with the treasury rates ready at that time. It’s time

Member: HSBC is selling all of its retail accounts to Citizens Bank and another bank in February. They are only keeping accounts with higher balances as they are transitioning to wealth management only.

Member: If the military is really in charge…..do something already……the world is sick of the bad guys destroying our world.

Member:  I’m over their “let them eat cake attitude” and telling us how we need to spend the return on “our” money that “we” invested.

Member:  I think people are starting to wake up and they’re tired of all the lies.

Member: Maybe we should ban together all over the USA....peaceful marches with signs like "GCR/RV NOW!!!" and "Nesara/Gesara NOW!!!"

Member:I’ m late on this but isn't there a difference between a "publican" and a Republican? A Republican is someone who knows our nation is a democratic Republic verses a simple democracy.

Member: A democratic Republic is ruled by the constitution. A democracy is basically Mob rule. With Mob rule if the majority says you can or cannot own something the majority/mob rules. In a Republic the laws in the constitution control and restrict the government from taking away rights.

Mwmbe: Mark? Do you know things you can't share that would give everyone even more hope? It seems like you do

Member: Mark:  Thanks for your commitment in communicating this info every day

Member: Mark is the captain of our ship. Mods are the crew. We’re the grateful passengers.

MarkZ: "Redemption folks have absolutely been told they are working this weekend" (What Kind Of Work Forcce Do They Have? Who Pays The Pizza Bill? LOL) 12/8/21 Early310

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