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MarkZ: "Just like rates we have been seeing from Iraq-$2.25-$3+" (Mark Can See That But No One Else Can? LOL) 12/1/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Just like rates we have been seeing from Iraq-$2.25-$3+" (Mark Can See That But No One Else Can? LOL) 12/1/21

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MarkZ: "Just like rates we have been seeing from Iraq-$2.25-$3+" (Mark Can See That But No One Else Can? LOL) 12/1/21 Empty MarkZ: "Just like rates we have been seeing from Iraq-$2.25-$3+" (Mark Can See That But No One Else Can? LOL) 12/1/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Dec 02, 2021 10:02 pm

Member: So what did you hear today Mark???   Something awesome I hope!

Member: Mark, is everyone still staying in place everywhere or have they started going back home?

MZ: I was hoping for emails out of Zurich letting me know about bond deals…..either nay or yay….but didn’t receive any expected emails….I don’t know if this is a good thing? Do they have a NDA now??

MZ: I bet the boards are lighting up with this…..from the banks we have seen quite a bit of Vietnamese dong activity today. Rates have bounced anywhere from .47 cents to .70 cents today.

MZ: in Iraq today…an article….it was actually Putin that made this comment that the middle east is pulling together to have its own reserve currency. This would basically be the death knell of the petro dollar. This is huge and it is coming out today. If they are positioning for the death of the petro dollar-to me this is a shot across the bow…to make certain there is no more can-kicking…..If the petro dollar is dead…we get our reset.

Member: and if China crashes the financial system we get our reset……lots of different ways they can force the RV…if they would do it.

MZ: They can use the CIPS/AIB  system instead of the swift system…..an alternative system has always been the plan if they had to force the banking cabal to their knees. 

MZ: I think we are watching key stuff play out. .

Member: Does the VND rates you just mentioned replace the $2.25 rate you talked about before?

MZ: No, When I was talking about what was seen in banks would be what they would get in country….in Vietnam. They would release it at a lower rate in country and expect it to float quickly into the $2 range.   ….I still believe we will get a set rate…a contract rate in the $2 range.

MZ: Just like rates we have been seeing from Iraq-$2.25-$3+//this may be what they will come out with in country –In Iraq. And let if float over there.

MZ: We have always been told we would all revalue they reset….So you will see changes in value first then it will all move towards parity……

Member: How many days will we have to exchange?

MZ: I am told we will have 10 days to set appointments and 30 to 90 days to exchange……I plan on being done within the first 2 weeks.

MZ: it has actually been a fruitful day . I’m guessing you all saw the market crash again today after it was up 600 points. It was not able to keep its head above water today.

Member: The stock market had a 500pt increase then an almost 1000 pt drop, crazy crazy crazy, but bring it on so we can RV!!! And issue in a new era!!!!

Member:  Dow closed down -461.68 after being up 400 at 10:30. Dropping 800 plus points.

Member: Never thought I would be hoping for the stock market to crash

Member: Debt Ceiling Extension ends Friday, maybe trigger crash.

Member:  My stock market prediction software shows a very bad day for stocks tomorrow! Maybe Crash is here!

Member: An ending is just a new beginning. It needs to crash so we can rebuild

Member: One chess board. They’re playing. We are the pawns

Member: If Nesara is before Christmas and we will have a new song . Silver Bars, instead of Silver Bells.

Member:  I love the song silver bells , but I love silver bars much better thanks for changing the name .

Member:  Thank You Mark and Mods have good evening everyone!!!

Member: Good night all, hope to see ya'll in the morning with a golden egg!!!!!

Member: Tomorrow maybe our lucky day! Say your prayers tonight.

MZ: I will see you all tomorrow unless something happens overnight- then will see you sooner.

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