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MarkZ: "a lot of folks are feeling worn down and beat up because we have not seen things yet" (Oh? Like That "Rainbow Currency"? LD's? ATM's Loaded? Lies Only Work For So Long! LOL) 11/30/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "a lot of folks are feeling worn down and beat up because we have not seen things yet" (Oh? Like That "Rainbow Currency"? LD's? ATM's Loaded? Lies Only Work For So Long! LOL) 11/30/21

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MarkZ: "a lot of folks are feeling worn down and beat up because we have not seen things yet" (Oh? Like That "Rainbow Currency"? LD's? ATM's Loaded? Lies Only Work For So Long! LOL) 11/30/21 Empty MarkZ: "a lot of folks are feeling worn down and beat up because we have not seen things yet" (Oh? Like That "Rainbow Currency"? LD's? ATM's Loaded? Lies Only Work For So Long! LOL) 11/30/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Nov 30, 2021 10:10 pm

Member:  Hi Mark. Hope this our big week

Member: 4B ready to go!

Member:  Wed 12/01/21 could be our day!

MZ: We mentioned yesterday when I returned from vacation that Tier 3 is actually moving…I know there have been movement on groups. Some of the different nations have been paid.  We are even seeing some Zim groups with funds now, but I think it’s the banks offering to pay them (example) 10 million per 100T note when after the reset they know they can sell those same notes in the next week or so for over $30 million.

MZ: We are also continuing to see bond movement. I talked with folks this morning that have spendable money from Historic German bonds.

MZ: out west and Reno is just waking up…no news there yet…..

Member: I would be very upset if I was a whale sitting around since last week after they called me in to exchange. Chinese Elders also!!!!!

MZ: One thing I did notice is some of the chatter in the groups …a lot of folks are feeling worn down and beat up because we have not seen things yet. Havn’t seen the victory everyone wants….the golden moment when the take the bad guys out in chains and we get to go to the bank. I know it’s been tough guys.

Member: Sometimes it makes you wonder if the So called white hats are really different type of cabal ..w they’re delays and excuses …the excuses are limitless really

Member: It appears the white hats are doing things by the law books to Handle the deep state then once it’s complete we move forward with fair laws and justice and peace for humanity.

Member: I wonder Since bankers are giving fiat to large groups , are the bankers rats who will be benefiting from the reset?Or are these bankers good guys and not part of the Rothschild banking system.

MZ: I believe they have offered these groups a lower rate to move fiat money ahead of time in order to turn around and sell it for more. I think this is just about capitalism .

Member: Mr Trumptastic said the rate will be around $2.40 but may float up to 5 or 6 dollars

MZ: I do not believe we are going to see a float. At least not out of country. If you are in the country of Iraq You may see a float. I do not think you and I will see the float because we are covered by a contract…as explained to me by my bankers. If Mr. Trumptastic is correct though…I think it would float up immediately. We saw that when they released the Kuwaiti dinar at about $3 and within the course of a week or a week and a half it floated up to about $9 before settling back to the mid $3 range where it is today. 

Member: What about the IMF the CBI and Iraq were supposed to abide by today? Deadline is today. Got to be about 4-5pm there now.

Member: Mark is the announcement in Iraq going to happen today?

MZ: I know there is a serious push in Iraq to have the new rate before the sun rises in Iraq tomorrow.

Member: Thought it was really interesting that DinarRecaps article was talkin about the new credit cards that work in multiple currencies in the MIdEast.


Member: Today.. Kuwait has received 1.47 billion in war compensation from Iraq!

Member: Does anyone know has the RV ever come this close before i mean bonds being paid and whales waiting in position?

Member: I don’t think we have ever been this close before.

Member: MarkZ, Congratulations for being the first investigative journalist worldwide, to report the true bonafide start of TIER 3, of the global currency RV. Great Work!

Member: Who are in tier 3?

Member: There are 5 Tiers of folks Exchanging. Tier 1-governments and royalty Tier 2-whales-elite with platforms of currency, corporations, etc. Tier 3-Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups (like the Mormons), etc. Tier 4-all the hundreds of thousands paying attention to intel - internet groups(all of us). Tier 5- those who never paid attn - the general public.

MZ: MZ: CMKX and PP’s should be the absolute last thing we see in tier 3 before tier 4 starts. I expect when tier 4a is going in, we will be making our appointments in tier 4b to exchange…….hours apart is all I have heard.

MZ: I still think we may be looking for an event….like a market crash of epic proportions and that literally can be any time…..For me, I think it started on Friday …I know the market futures right now are tanking so it really could be at any moment that we get our reset.

MZ: Buckle up- it’s awfully close.

Member: If we're waiting for the event, say it's in Iraq, wouldn't it be in the middle of the night? I've been taking extra naps, just in case

Member: A significant event and there are so many possibilities right now. I’m thinking that when 4 B starts which we hope is imminent an event will have to happen for RV to go through

Member: This thing is supposed to be event driven. And how many events have come and gone and nothing has happened. Just what event are they looking for. I sure hope that this come to a finish for us soon

Member: Feels kinda funny to be hoping for a market crash.

Member: well it is another bad day around the globe on the market and not to good here in the US

Member: market currently down -285.88

Member: premarket it was down over -400.00 points

Member: Dow is down about 2600 points from the high

Member: the housing debt here in the US is about 4-5 Xs worse then it was in 2008. They can't continue to hide it and support forever. This debt isn't going away.

Member: when you combine our housing debt with what's going on in China, then the market could easily drop all around the world. It will be the biggest market crash in history.

Member:  I have every belief that this RV will come to pass soon. There's just too many anomalies happening around us that are unprecedented - history in the making, my friends!!

Mark, if currencies are going be at 1-1 parity, how can 1 dong be worth $2.40 USTN?

Member:  It will eventually go to  1-1 ……after RV

MZ: Great question ….You RV first and then you reset. There is a time period where you get the true value figured in and then you move to parity….If you did it the other way around they would never attain their proper value. We always expected a revalue then a reset…..to see the proper value first and then the reset where all currencies are on parity of about 1 to 1. So we RV then move to parity with a gold/asset backed currency.

Member: Our BANKER ADMITTED that QFS is SET UP but all the employees are frustrated because it's so much different & a tough learning curve

Member: think my bank will be a redemption center. They have Digital Banking podiums with 7 different accounts set up inside Smile

Member: Mark, are you thinking next week then, based on all the things that need to be done?

MZ: I have been wrong before but, I don’t know if the market will make it out of this week based on all the fundamentals. All the indicators are showing the markets should be bleeding right now but it seems to be consolidating ….doesn’t make much sense. Wallstreet has disconnected from mainstreet a while ago and does not behave like it should. This tells us how manipulated it is.

Member: CMKX news?

MZ: No specific CMKX news. I know they are prepared and ready for someone to pull that trigger.

MZ: Several of you sent me this article from Recaps last night which is fantastic. It’s an old article of a “Confession of a paid internet shill” . These people are sent into rooms or paid to go onto sites to bring doubts, to sow dissent, to get you guys to throw in the towel and sell your currency…the ultra wealthy out there want you to give up….they do not want to share their first class stuff with any of us…... If you don’t think they are in our rooms…you are absolutely nuts. Think for yourselves. These shills are trying to change the direction of your thoughts. I think the timing of this article was perfect.

Member: mark, thank you for your videos. people are needing support/ each other, more than EVER.

Member: Patience is a virtue I am possessing more and more lately. Every downside has an upside! LOL

Member: See everybody tonight for hopefully another big update.

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