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Babylon will babble on but, to no avail

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Babylon will babble on but, to no avail Empty Babylon will babble on but, to no avail

Post by kenlej Mon Nov 29, 2021 9:01 pm

We're getting closer to the end of time. 90% of what Ben said was filler, & it didn't turn out. But that 10% is manifesting itself out right now and we can finally see it. And we're winning the war.
By Ben Fulford

You can almost taste the fear in the mouths of the Khazarian mafia leadership as they circle the drain of doom. The signs of high-level panic among the KM leadership are becoming ever more obvious as time continues. They are frantic because they know it is just a matter of time now before they face first bankruptcy and then war crimes charges.
The most obvious example of their panic last week was the moronic omigod! omicron version of their fake pandemic. This “new variant” that is “500 times more contagious” than previous versions, circled the globe faster than the speed of light after it was “discovered,” in Africa. The Presidential Covid-19 Task Force in Botswana informs that the new variant was first found in four fully vaccinated travelers.
Babylon will babble on but, to no avail Botswana-letter-212x300
 It then instantaneously hit Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, The UK, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands and Italy.
The problem is, like the story about the boy who cried wolf, the elite who cry “pandemic” have been caught lying over and over again, so that when they say “this time the wolf is 500 times bigger!” nobody believes them.
“We now have 127 institutions in over 25 countries on record – all failed to provide or cite even 1 record describing purification of the alleged covid virus from any patient sample on the planet, by anyone. All the documents are publicly available,” according to a group of doctors seeking pandemic truth.
With the truth and the people
Babylon will babble on but, to no avail Australia-wakes-up-300x220
 closing in on her, vaccine pusher Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, “behind her fake laugh,” shows “a fear I have rarely seen in anyone,” a CIA source notes. This fear can be seen as she says “It’s actually really straightforward, if you’ve got a vaccine pass, you can do everything. Basically that’s it!”
Video Player



A clear sign the KM is losing the plot can be seen in a recent survey I did on two consecutive days of the top 25 stories on the Reddit international news feed last week. In the first, 40% of the stories were about Covid. In the next, that was up to 64%. Aaron Swartz the founder of Reddit must be rolling in his grave. According to his father, Swartz was “killed by the government.”
The reason is now obvious, instead of being a center of internet democracy and freedom of information, Reddit has become a highly regulated propaganda feed. However, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, the truth has a way of finding itself out. Even if you believe the propaganda version of “Covid” deaths, the reality is there is no pandemic.
Babylon will babble on but, to no avail Covid-survival-rate-300x258
The military, police and law enforcement community, which requires fact-based evidence, is moving decisively against the KM. For example, US District Judge T. Kent Wetherell II completely destroys the coronavirus story citing:
-COVID’s low mortality rate and mild severity for most individuals
-The risk-benefit ratio of the jabs weighing more toward risk
-Protection provided by natural immunity
-Alternative treatments like Ivermectin & monoclonal antibodies
-The jabs do NOT prevent contraction and transmission of the virus
This is just a part of an avalanche of law enforcement activity against the fake pandemic pushers. Vaccine pusher Bill Gates has been charged with murder and the death penalty is being sought because of vaccine deaths in India. https://vaccineimpact.com/2021/bill-gates-charged-with-murder-for-covid-19-vaccine-death-in-indias-high-court-death-penalty-sought/
Robert F Kennedy Jr. may be about to get real justice for the murders of his uncle and father thanks to the implosion of the vaccine/pandemic attempt to impose global totalitarianism. “Instead of having a medical response to a medical crisis, we had a militarized response and we had a monetized response,” Kennedy said.
The aim of the ongoing pandemic fear porn is to “get people to be locked in under house arrest and induce a condition that is known as Stockholm syndrome, which makes people grateful to their captors and believing in them that the only way to survive, the only way out of the crisis, is total obedience to the commands of the captor,” he says.
He said the U.S. has been engaged in a terror-based foreign policy, but the problem was that Islamic terrorists weren’t killing enough people to scare enough Americans into giving up their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and liberties. Nor could it be used to coerce people in the free world to accept mandatory vaccines.
The program was started by the Nazi regime of George Bush Jr, when the US military released anthrax in order to use “terrorism” as a pretext to end safety testing for vaccines, he notes.
A seminal moment took place in the year 2000 when Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci “shook hands in the living room of [Gates] $87 million mansion…for a partnership to vaccinate the whole world by the year 2020,” Kennedy said.
Now an alliance of the US military white hats, Asian secret societies, and the benevolent faction of the European nobility are counter-attacking on all fronts.
In Japan, for example, the fake pandemic is being wound down by the new Kishida government with the backing of the US military. A police investigation is underway to identify and prosecute not only the pushers of the fake pandemic but also the perpetrators of the Fukushima terror incident.
Last week this writer met a senior member of the Kishida Cabinet who said that as a part of this counter-attack the Bank of Japan

has been nationalized. The next move will be to confiscate the close to 40% share of Japan’s listed companies that were extorted by the KM from Japan via threats of attack with earthquake weapons, the cabinet minister said.
The Korean gangsters who have been sub-contracting the murder of Japanese politicians for the KM are also being removed by an unprecedented Japanese police investigation that has the backing of the Emperor, right-wing and close to the emperor they say.
Ultimately the investigation will target the entire North Korean nexus of the KM, the source says.
The loss of Japan has been a fatal blow to the KM and their fake Biden regime in the US, Pentagon sources say.
In the US, the hammer is about to fall with Project Odin according to a senior ranking official connected to the Space Force Intelligence Agency. According to the source Project Odin is
The military space force intelligence operation run out of the Thule Military Base and the Cheyenne Mountain bunker complex (which is still locked down by orders from the Commander in Chief). It is connected to the Starlink Satellite System which controls all grids around the world –bypassing all media/radio/internet platforms- project Odin can take over all media platforms via the emergency broadcast system. The alliance is preparing to fire it up.
We have had so many false alarms about the emergency broadcast system before, though, that we recommend readers believe this when they see it.
Meanwhile, as we wait for the space force to come to the rescue, we are seeing here now signs the KM control grid is collapsing in the US.
The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell on pedophilia charges is a very visible sign of this. As we have already reported, the trial is expected to implicate a huge swathe of the Western oligarchy. Now it is looking like it might even take down the United Nations.
As incredible as it might sound, Ghislaine Maxwell had UN authorized control over the World’s Oceans. This happened via the TerraMar Project, a UN NGO micronation with diplomatic immunity and its own passports, according to CIA sources. While TerraMar was supposed to be “protecting the worlds’ oceans,” in fact it was actually representing the interests of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton Foundation, the source says. TerraMar, which owned its own submarine, was a front for human trafficking, Mossad sources add. The tycoon Richard Branson was involved as well, they say. His Necker Island is next door to Epstein’s Little St. James Island, they note.
More from the CIA about TerraMar:
Associates and financiers of the TerraMar Project included many of those who we now recognize as being linked with child sex trafficking, including the Clinton Foundation, Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Tamera Luzzatto, along with many others.
Luzzatto was Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff. She is now Senior Vice President of Government Relations at The Pew Charitable Trusts. Luzzatto published a disturbing website called Evie’s Crib. She wrote the infamous email to John Podesta published by WikiLeaks that seemed as though she had been pimping her infant grandchildren to the political elite.
After the death of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, in 1991, she moved to a Manhattan property owned by Lynn Forester de Rothschild, whose husband is British banker Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. The property was also listed as the base for Terramar.
No wonder Maxwell is asking the UN to get her out of jail.
Of course, it is more likely the owners of the UN are the ones who will end up in jail.
The key event is likely to be the bankruptcy of the US Corporation. On this front, we note the fake Biden regime has been able to buy time until December 15th by selling the US strategic oil reserve to China and India.
The fake Biden administration has also already sold over 30% of US commercial real estate in the top 20 cities to China in an attempt to keep itself in power, financial industry sources say.
However, as Jim Willie of the Hat Trick newsletter
notes, the US financial system is close to implosion. With 15% real inflation and 1% interest rates, the real rate of interest is minus 14%, he points out. This has happened as the money supply has doubled while productivity has fallen 30% over the past two years, he notes.
The result of this mismanagement is fast becoming a popular revolt against the KM and their top 1% flunkies. The mass attacks on rich people’s boutique stores, is one sign of this. “Popular shopping districts, wealthy residents, and celebrities” are being “systematically targeted,” according to the LA police.
The question is when will the KM politburo hiding around Lake Geneva, Switzerland finally face either mob, or police, justice.
On this front, we remember being told by the P2 (now P3) freemasons who control the Vatican that their Swiss overlords were “aliens.” We cannot confirm this but, in closing this week, would like to present the following picture for our readers to ponder. 
Babylon will babble on but, to no avail Nephilim-rothschild-288x300

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