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MarkZ: "I am hearing Iraq continues with it education process to the citizens tomorrow on Iraqi TV" (Look At All Markz's Members Just Ogling Over His Lies! LOL) 11/23/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I am hearing Iraq continues with it education process to the citizens tomorrow on Iraqi TV" (Look At All Markz's Members Just Ogling Over His Lies! LOL) 11/23/21

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MarkZ: "I am hearing Iraq continues with it education process to the citizens tomorrow on Iraqi TV" (Look At All Markz's Members Just Ogling Over His Lies! LOL) 11/23/21 Empty MarkZ: "I am hearing Iraq continues with it education process to the citizens tomorrow on Iraqi TV" (Look At All Markz's Members Just Ogling Over His Lies! LOL) 11/23/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:48 pm

Member:  Happy Taco Tuesday…..or is it terrific Tuesday?

Member: My sources are still saying I am broke. What are yours saying????

MZ: Mostly chatter out of Reno. At this point nothing is happening in Zurich. RUMORS are that around 3 or 4 pm Reno time…..is when they are going to start processing the whales. This means there is a POSSIBILITY we could get our 800 numbers today.

MZ: This is a RUMOR ONLY at this point.

MZ: im not quite seeing this yet because I am hearing Iraq continues with it education process to the citizens tomorrow on Iraqi TV - which is Wed Iraq time….. So I was thinking it would be Thursday before we see anything. I would love to be wrong

MZ: This may be a great week. We have to watch it all play out. There are a lot of things in motion right now. I will get excited when I know real people have real money in their pockets.

MZ: We are getting fantastic chatter from many different sources. Most are saying anything from this afternoon to Thursday morning for timing. But they areall saying this is our window.

Member: How about what Snake said last night?

MZ: I’m guessing he said a lot positive because we are hearing tremendous chatter out of Reno …fantastic good stuff….about later today.

MZ: My redemption center contacts are expecting to work a partial day on Thanksgiving …They have made plans to be able to work.

Member:  I would totally exchange on Thanksgiving Day! I would be extremely thankful!!!!

Member: Maybe our “Black Friday” will turn into a “Green Friday” this year!!!

Member: Could they RV on Thanksgiving day?

MZ: Yes they could. Keep in mind that The Thanksgiving holiday is an American thing….The GCR/reset is worldwide. The rest of the world really isn’t concerned about Thanksgiving.

Member: Mark, Won’t we all get money at the same time. Everyone positioned and then “Bam”

MZ: Everyone will be positioned but 4A will still get their money first while at the same time 4b are making appointments to go to the bank. It’s definitely possible to see Friday exchanges this week guys.

Member: CMKX?

MZ: I have zero updates for CMKX. It’s positioned and ready. It’s waiting for the reset.

Member: Zims only redeemed at military bases?

MZ: A combination . Yes where military bases are available. But where they are not…..other locations are available. I am hearing that the reason they are doing this on military bases is because of security. But also some of the highest percentage of currency holders are in the military.

Member: Is Indonesian rupiah in basket 1?

Mod: 1. US 2. UK 3. Kuwait 4. Canada 5. Mexico 6. Russia 7. China 8. Venezuela 9. Iranian Rial 10. IRAQ 11. Indonesia Rupiah 12. Malaysia 13. Vietnamese 14. Brazil 15. Saudi Arabia 16. Qatar 17. United Arab Emirates 18. Turkey 19. Afghanistan possibly20. India 21. Libya 22. Japan23. Zimbabwe (current currency

Member:  I wonder if Evergrande will blow over today , sending a market crash...

Member:  Lindell/Supreme Court and Evergrande today... The "EVENT" we're waiting for ???

Member: Mark thank you for all you do.  Since the Forex rate on the Dinar is expected at $4.71, are we still looking for higher contract rates and NDAs?

MZ: Yes there will be a NDA. We are looking at anywhere from $2 to $4 dollars higher rate than that. Of course if you don’t want the higher rate …you can take the $4.71 and no NDA…You can talk all you want. That’s my understanding how this will work.

Member: Frank26 says those exchanging currency will be destroyed by Biden taxes.

MZ: I do not believe that to be accurate. There is a lot of back and forth on the tax issue. I am told no we will not pay taxes on our exchange, because it is already figured into a tax treaty on our exchange. It will not affect us…..but if this is wrong…..be prepared. I bought extra dong to use on taxes if there are any.

MZ: I am 99.9 percent certain we won’t have to….but I am prepared. 

Member WE SHOULD NOT PAY A TAX ON OUR OWN MONEY!!!! Sales tax ok, help military & states ok

Member: Currency exchanges will result in short term and long term capital gains?

Member: So how far are we going to let this Go? 80,000 IRS agents that we pay for???

Member: Even if we have to pay a tax on currency would we not get that back after Nesara?

Member: if Nesara is real…….having big doubts about that one…..We have seen nothing happening anywhere.

Member: The sad part is that we keep hearing all of these great things but do not actually see any of it happening. I will believe NESARA and reimbursement of past taxes when I see it.

Member: I wouldn't believe in debt forgiveness but I know someone who has had accounts ZEROED out more than ONE, so my belief factor went up a LOT!

Member: I heard nesara implements on 24th

Member: Frank says that Wednesday the new rates will be talked about on Iraqi TV by the CBI?

MZ: I believe he is correct on this …it’s part of the education process for the people. I am hearing the same thing.

Member: New Constitutional Republic will return the Power to We The People to instruct Our Gov't and the Military to return ALL stolen assets to all the victims.

Member: Seeing comments every now and then about people not seeing anything from the Gen64/WF group. I am part of that group….is it still around?

MZ: Trust me , that group is still alive and well. Your information is still secure and where it needs to be. I wish I could say more but I have promised not to talk about it.

Member: Please explain the tiers? i have no idea where I am w that? i have dinar and dong.

Member: There are 5 Tiers of folks Exchanging. Tier 1-governments and royalty Tier 2-whales-elite with platforms of currency, corporations, etc. Tier 3-Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups (like the Mormons), etc. Tier 4-all the hundreds of thousands paying attention to intel - internet groups(all of us). Tier 5- those who never paid attn - the general public.

Member: I've been sucked into believing RV was about to happen too many times during holidays. Don't miss out on enjoying family gatherings.

Member: We need to see something happen NOW!!!!!!!  Just to know it is real……

Member:  Remember, we only have 1 shot to get this right and leave this world in a better place for our kids and grandkids. God has already WON!!

Member: It’s in Gods hands, his timing, Mark is only the messenger. And we love Mark for all his hard work and dedication for us.

Member: Thank you Mark Z for hanging in there with us. A lot of the others have left. Much appreciated!!!!!!

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