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MarkZ: "Right now we are still suffering from the Monday Morning News Blues" (Oh No! Mark's Lies Aren't Working Out So Well! LOL) 11/22/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Right now we are still suffering from the Monday Morning News Blues" (Oh No! Mark's Lies Aren't Working Out So Well! LOL) 11/22/21

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MarkZ: "Right now we are still suffering from the Monday Morning News Blues" (Oh No! Mark's Lies Aren't Working Out So Well! LOL) 11/22/21 Empty MarkZ: "Right now we are still suffering from the Monday Morning News Blues" (Oh No! Mark's Lies Aren't Working Out So Well! LOL) 11/22/21

Post by RamblerNash Mon Nov 22, 2021 10:03 pm

Member: Hope today is the day for emails and 800 numbers.

MZ:  I have a lot of updates coming this afternoon so hopefully this will be a news filled day. Right now we are still suffering from the Monday Morning News Blues. I will start getting updates around lunch time or so.

Member:  anyone heard if anything happened in Iraq yesterday or today? or is it another non starter?

Member: already late monday in Iraq..... where are the lower denoms we were to see in the ATM???????

Member: Is the Iraqi international rate still $4.81??
MZ: My Iraqi connections are blacked out…..i go straight to voicemail. I tried to reach my Australian contact at his home office there….he is a contractor in Iraq and he and his staff are blacked out. Hopefully this is a good thing. Hopefully it means we have a value over there and they are trying to keep it under wraps.

MZ: I am hitting a brick wall with every one of my Iraqi contacts over there. I will be trying all day to have some news for you all by tonight’s stream.

Member: The quiet before the storm

MZ: I do have some conference calls this afternoon which are already set up with some bankers and paymasters. So hope to have the latest news tonight coming out of Reno ,Miami and Zurich…I am looking for a very news filled afternoon

MZ: Unfortunately what we have right now is quiet. Redemption folks worked a partial weekend in preparation. They are expecting something this week. Many of them are canceling or rearranging their Thanksgiving plans at this point. These are very positive things.

Member: I wonder if the elders are still in Reno?

Member: Heard there was more than 200 Chinese officials in Reno this past week for meetings

Member: Dow up +287 right now

MZ: Makes no sense does it? They have officially disconnected from mainstreet and wallstreet

Member: The Company China Evergrande Group shares worth almost $1 billion appeared in Hong Kong’s Central Clearing and Settlement System, a sign that founder Hui Ka Yan may be pledging part of his stake as collateral for loans.

Member: Stock market keeps making record highs - 'To the Moon' Meanwhile gold/silver & mining stocks beaten like a rented mule.

Member: 58th anniversary of JFK “assasination” today

Member: I'm hearing that there is a prediction that something big is to happen today o the anniversary of JFKs death

Member: Have you heard the RV needs to start before Thanksgiving

Member: Bo Polny predicted something BIG before Thanksgiving.

Member: From TNT: “Unconfirmed” excitement from the banking community very strongly suggests you’ll experience a very wealthy Thanksgiving. More data is being requested/gathered…Be Ready…so you don’t have to Get Ready!

Member:  My bank site had a pop up this morning asking if I wanted to learn about their "digital" system!!

Member:  $$$ Just called local Chase branch here in SC and they just said that they are NOT selling any more VND as of today!!! $$$ Yay!!

Member: From Green Lantern - Washington DC indicated that we are good to go on Tuesday ,Nov .23,2021 GOD willing.

Member: Sounds like someone needs to dry out the powder on our shotgun start.

Member: I heard there are no redemption centers or 800 numbers.

MZ: I disagree according to the people I know that work in banks and will be manning the redemption centers.

Member: Heard all unsold currency had to be sent to treasury this morning.

Member: Sunday Night Scott Mowry Miracles said that about the $ being called back in

Member: Any truth to the rumor of banks/currency dealers sending back unsold currency after today? I think they are still selling

MZ: I have not heard that one yet. They should continue to sell it up to the very last moment if they can get any more inventory…it’s part of their licensing . They do not get to just sit on it and stockpile it.

Member: how much currency do you have to have to be a whale?

MZ: many of these whales have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions when they purchased their currency. I think it they have over a hundred million in dinar and dong….they are a whale.

Member: Any indication of how long we will have to exchange dinar and dong?

Member: I have heard 30 to 90 days…..

Member Question Please, Difference between RV and Nesara/Gesara???

Member: The RV is the revaluations of currencies …Nesara and Gesara and a set of new laws bringing us back into the Constitutional Republic along with a new government and new financial system, New currencies and much more……Youtube and google have information on Nesara/Gesara….Recaps has a list of it in archives..pimpy talks about it…….many place to go to research.

Member: is Mexico a part of the RV.

MZ: Yes…the whole world is part of it as we all move into asset backed currencies. Right now we are in the longest run of any fiat currency in recorded history.

Member: Is there a video to send to someone "new" to the revaluation...to explain what it is, it's history, etc?

Member: Send them to recaps archives….lots of history there to start.

Member: Talked to a banker friend of mine the other day in LA and he said his commercial bank close down for 4 days, when they came back they had new ATMs, still sealed.  It's a commercial bank and they are now converting for a Financial Advisement bank.

Member:  Mark, describe the new debit card, will all people in all countries get one?

MZ: I am told that in all countries , when you exchange you will a QFS type card. Not just in the US…you will use it like a regular debit card.

Member:  How come Gen64/WF has never done any updates

Member: Mark said a few weeks ago they are still legit.

Member: what is the percentage of people who know about the rv and the currencies we can change.? no one i know knows a thing about it. my family think am in a cult, dear me hah xx

Member: Only 1% of the population knows or believes in the RV. Most others are clueless or do not believe.

Member: Don’t over think the RV once it happens all who are paying attention will know.

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