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MarkZ: "I am not happy until we are seeing actual currency dollars flow" (But You Said It Was Already Flowing LOL) 11/17/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I am not happy until we are seeing actual currency dollars flow" (But You Said It Was Already Flowing LOL) 11/17/21

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MarkZ: "I am not happy until we are seeing actual currency dollars flow" (But You Said It Was Already Flowing LOL) 11/17/21 Empty MarkZ: "I am not happy until we are seeing actual currency dollars flow" (But You Said It Was Already Flowing LOL) 11/17/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Nov 17, 2021 10:21 pm

Member:  It's Wonderful Wednesday! Hi Mark, mods, and chatties

Member: MarkZ you are burning the candle at both ends for us. Thank you so much.

Member: I think there is no momentum and this is all bs

MZ: I can tell you from folks that are there and some of my contacts that have bond money that there is definitely momentum….I am not happy until we are seeing actual currency dollars flow, but I understand your frustration. We need currency dollars and CMKX dollars for you and me….the little people. .

Member: Say something good about CMKX.

MZ: Wish I could …all I know is they are positioned and prepared with fines and Penalties …..they are waiting for permission to “deliver” .

ISAAC:  Hello …still advancing , tomorrow I will know if liquidity starts this week.

MZ: Lots of folks are still in place. There were big meetings yesterday to go over things like ,who is in place, what their cycling order will be for the groups……They don’t know when they will start at this point. But they did determine the Que yesterday of who will go and in what order….. for the folks already waiting and in place. Those that are arriving late will now go to the back of the line.

MZ: Other than that it has been very quiet….They have really cracked down on leaks. I can talk to folks in Reno but they do not have dollars or any information to share right now.

Member: The more 'silent' to me anyway.......means those NDAs have kicked-in at certain levels.

MZ: in Zurich they are still waiting. I have not seen any meaningful bond money movement since very early in the week We are all sitting and waiting for an event. We don’t know when or what it is. We just know we are close.

MZ: I know that everyone is tired of hearing this and I am tired of telling it.

Member: The longer we wait for an event the less likely they (cabal) will give you the chance of an event. They will kick the can as long as we let them.

Member: A couple of public hangings would stop their interference…..imo

Member: Who in the heck is holding this up?? God please force their hand!!!

Member:  We are on the precipice!

Member:  We’ve been guessing for a while. Something’s holding it up.

Member:  Does anyone know who is supposed to give that permission or is everyone waiting for one another to make the decision????????????????

Member: These dragon families don’t give a crap about the little guy!

MZ: Reading some of your comments- this is a rough one today. Just remember it’s a “when” not an “if” and we have so much good stuff coming.

Member: Boy I have alot of people who want to tell me "I told you so" in regard to the RV. People still think I have lost it...so defeating.

Member: NOTHING can stop what is coming! Shake hands with optimism because God wins therefore we win.

Member: Bruce's call last night had to make you think. he seems confident that we go today or tomorrow

MZ: In the world news today, Article: Author of “The Big Short” Michael Burry nukes his portfolio” He has literally dumped 90 percent of his portfolio in anticipation of a big correction in the markets….The last time he did this was 2008. .

Member: I'm confused over the Zim …can't figure it to save my life I dropped all the zeros and x36 I still don't have a clue I'm too old to calculate I will just take what they give and hope for the best

Member:  Remove 8 zeroes and if it goes for .36 then you have 36 million dollars based on 100T zim

Member:  I quit trying to figure the zim....it is up to their whim. hahahaha I am a poet. Lol

Member: Saw something yesterday indicating that Zimbabwe signed an agreement with Apollo Fintech to host a GOLD STANDARD currency on its blockchain.

Member: No one knows the exact rates but the exchange for Dinar is said to be $4+ and Dong 2 to 2.25. Weight that against what each unit cost.

Member: mass EBS tests happening in Canada today with the exception of BC due to ongoing crisis events

Member: "The Consitutional Republic of America " !!! Can't wait till that day happens!!!!

Member: our tax system is slavery…or a mafia that are parasites feeding off of us all

Member:  Just remember, we have been lied to about everything. So how can anyone make a decision on lies. That’s why everything is breaking down

Member: How come there has never been any communication from the Gen 64/WF group to those that signed on?

Member:  I know it’s very close it’s need to happen soon not later. The world can’t afford to wait any longer and a lots people losing home due to CV19 . Need to set the world free from bad system and evils.

Member: Full blood Moon lunar eclipse in the wee hours of 11/19. longest eclipse in 100 years. Eclipses bring great change. Dark to light!

Bob Locke joins the stream toward the end today….please listen to the replay for all of his information…

BL: We are in the endgame. Right now what we are seeing is a global battle that is in its last stages across all fronts. 40 % of all the cash that has been printed in History in this country  has been printed in the last 12 months.

Member: This fiat system is unsustainable…….it has to go…….to save us all….it has to go

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