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Coffee with MarkZ - I have been hearing for weeks now that it will happen around the 3rd or 4th of November . DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Coffee with MarkZ - I have been hearing for weeks now that it will happen around the 3rd or 4th of November .

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Coffee with MarkZ - I have been hearing for weeks now that it will happen around the 3rd or 4th of November . Empty Coffee with MarkZ - I have been hearing for weeks now that it will happen around the 3rd or 4th of November .

Post by Ponee Mon Nov 01, 2021 9:31 pm

Member:  always expect the unexpected even on a Monday

MZ: We are expecting a lot of movement in both Reno and Miami today. In Zurich they are still sitting on their hands waiting so far today. Many received funding last week and I know some who are expecting funding later on today

Member:  I have a feeling this is going to be the week. I am expecting this week to be huge. We have a number of key pieces happening this week. 

MZ: We are getting a lot of military grumbling this week….If you pay attention to Monkey works….over the weekend there was a lot of movement of military planes ….very strange things are afoot. 

Member:  The military is still active at night out of Wright Pat air force base

Member: Listened to several shows this morning they all said things are happening

Member:  EBS happens when it happens… I'm hearing it may not be for the whole country. just the area they are working to make arrests

Member:  What happened with the Red October?

Member: I think it was “pale pink” October…lol

Member:  Anniversary of market crash came and went on Friday. Market was actually UP!

Member:  my gut tells me the market will crash this week

MZ: I think that is exactly the plan. Things are coming unglued…….

Member:  If China is so close to bankruptcy why don’t they collect on the us bonds they hold? Would that also help the RV?

Member: EverGrande big lie about making its 84 million interest pmt.. makes sense if banks going down who invested in it. connect the dots. Roadtoroota /Bix Weir has good video questioning wording of report.

Member: I wonder if Nesara Nov 5th ish still happening or being pushed back??

Member: Maybe NESARA has actually started, and just hasnt been announced yet.

Member: channel Adept 2030 had a man on yesterday who said Nesara is going this week. 

MZ: That is also what I am hearing. I hear Nesara kicks in somewhere around Thursday of this week. I have been hearing for weeks now that it will happen around the 3rd or 4th of November . I am hoping and praying this is true….the entire world needs a break. We need to start moving forward again. 

Member: My bank branch said its closing this week. 

MZ: There are a number of banks that are closing retail spaces unexpectedly. Atm’s are closing then opening….strange things going on….i have not seen a physical picture of the supposed “rainbow bills” yet. If anyone gets a picture please send it to me. 

Member:  Barclays CEO stands down

MZ: Yes. There have been a lot of resignations in key positions in several banks as repo operations are being shut down.  

Member: # big banks appear to be offline right now

Member: My bank is off line right now.

Member: Will UK Redemption be the same time as redemptions in the US?

MZ: Yes, Expect them to happen at the same time. All over the world it is expected to go the same time as the US. 


Member: I wonder if its true and we already have Our US currency Gold/Asset backed?  Big rumors over the weekend that we are.

Mod:  Remember guys we are going to Gold/ASSET "BACKED" Not the Gold Standard. Big difference between those 2. Gold standard can still have exchange rates manipulated via manipulation of gold price.

Member: Mark, any news on Iraq?? Are the LD’s out yet?

MZ: I have not seen any pictures of Lower denominations out yet…

Member: What do they mean when they say they are going to float the dinar…..will it mean anything for us in tier 4b?

Member:  if they do it like Kuwait…they bring it out at a lower rate and let it float depending on the market….This sucks up some of the bills at lower rates in the region at first as people like in Baghdad spend it in their day to day transactions. …. Not for us. I still expect us to get a fixed contract rate. 

Member:  What is different from this year than last year of saying we are gonna rv?

MZ: We actually have people receiving money now on the bond side…..real funds in their pockets.We see a tremendous amount of things happening. 

Member: And the bonds go first before us…so that is very encouraging. 

Member:  I am very hopeful for this rv, but I'm also very realistic. constantly saying in a couple of days or next week just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm waiting for action.

Member: Does the Queen have to die before the full release can happen?

MZ” No , but I hear she is on death watch right now …her family is being moved into position. This is even on the Main Stream sources in England. 

Member: Will we be able to exchange the Pengo or the Bolivar at the appointment. 

Member:   if you have any currencies from any country don't worry about it… take it with you to the redemption center ….let them tell you if it's good or not

Member:  Anything more on CMKX, and have they said anything about PPS?

Member: Mark is it true the CMKX packages come out today starting at 5 pm est….?


Member: Is there a limit on the Zim we can exchange?

MZ: I am told from my banking sources…no. The only thing is it could change how they traunch it to you…..in payments….you may have to settle for receiving payouts over time based on the amounts you have.

Member: So, you think this is our month?

MZ: Yes…But I didn’t think we would get out of September with the RV/GCR. What makes me feel good about November is all the political backlash we are starting to see in the chatter from the military. Strange troop movements. Lots of strange things in the banking industry. It also helps that I personally know bond people who have received real dollars. And I think we will see the implosion of China within days now…and they will then have to give us our reset....So yes, I feel like this could finally be our month.  

Member: I hope this movie is about over….running out of popcorn

Member: I am sick of this damn movie. 


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