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MarkZ: "I hear that today and tomorrow they will be paying en masse" (Cha-Ching!!! MarkZ's Ad Revenue Just Grew On That Lie! LOL) 10/27/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I hear that today and tomorrow they will be paying en masse" (Cha-Ching!!! MarkZ's Ad Revenue Just Grew On That Lie! LOL) 10/27/21

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MarkZ: "I hear that today and tomorrow they will be paying en masse" (Cha-Ching!!! MarkZ's Ad Revenue Just Grew On That Lie! LOL) 10/27/21 Empty MarkZ: "I hear that today and tomorrow they will be paying en masse" (Cha-Ching!!! MarkZ's Ad Revenue Just Grew On That Lie! LOL) 10/27/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Oct 28, 2021 9:29 pm

Member:  Please Lord let this be the day!

Member: I have an Eggcellent feeling about what about to happen!!!

MZ: I’m with you…….late last night I thought there was an excellent chance that I would be starting this podcast with the golden egg shirt.

Member: Any news about German Bond payouts?

MZ: I hear that today and tomorrow they will be paying en masse and the goal is to finish paying the German Bonds by the end of business on Thursday or early in the day on Friday. So there are continued advancement in bond payouts.
MZ: We had hoped that one of the large church groups that was in last evening in Reno would get access to their aggregated currency funds . This was a tier3 group connected to sovereigns. They had not received funding yet as of 3 am my time. They were calling it quits at that time….so unless they got called back in and I didn’t know about it….it has not happened yet.

MZ: There is a lot of pressure not to talk a lot at this time amongst many of us…... So details will be getting a bit thin from now on. I am very encouraged that things are moving forward right now.

Member:  Mark, of your bond groups that received full funding, are these funds fully spendable? Are the amounts in the high millions? Billions?

MZ: Yes they are fully spendable. Yes the amounts are in the high millions. One of the bond deals was in the billions.

Member:  Holly posted "Most have been quiet and moved into position….All currency test runs done….US on full Alert for the redemption process. TX sets it off. D.O.D & Military is pushing everything out tomorrow." Can we pray she is right?

MZ: I do have reports about large test traunches and transfers done…..this makes sense to me. I have heard that the military is at stage 2 and ready to start stage 3…..I do not know exactly what that means. I tried to find out what the stages mean but my contacts will only say things are happening…..I respect that. They have restrictions on what the can and cannot say.

Member:  good info coming out from a lot of folks. Ed says this week, Texas Snake says by the weekend, Holly says it starts tomorrow. wolverine says this week.

Member:  Judy...Some of those countries began trading on Sunday night 17 Oct. with a value of 1:1 with each other.

Member: Judy. Thurs. 28 Oct. Moscow was shutting down for ten days to get ready for implementation of the GESARA Law –

Member:  my credit union said they are not dealing with the redemption but have already made changes for their online banking and switched over already

Member:  I just opened up a fortune cookie.. "A Financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes"

Member: I heard notifications were going to go out on Thursday about the same time as bonds were being paid out between 12 and 4 pm. Can you confirm??

MZ: That’s about what I heard

Member: Is the General64 group still alive?

MZ: Yes absolutely it is still alive and well. We have a key person from that group that monitors these chats. It has evolved…..They blended in that group with a couple of others including the WF Private group. This group gave rise to the entire tier 4b. They have made all the difference in how we are going to exchange. You won’t hear anything else from this group until the event happens….but it is ready to go.

Member: Will appointments start the same time everywhere in the world?

MZ: I fully expect all appointments to start everywhere at the same time.

Member: Where will notifications start?

MZ: We talk often about starting from east to west…..wherever they pull the trigger ….in whatever time zone….it will depend on whether we are open for business….is how that will work

Member: When will the QFS start?

Member: Qfs system been working along side of reg banking for over a year I heard, working very well.


Member: How do I find a redemption center close to me?

MZ: You will not know where the RC’s are until we make appointments for security and safety. They don’t want nefarious people camping outside waiting for us to exchange. So keeping them a secret makes perfect sense. I am told that about 90% of currency holders will be within 50 miles of a redemption center.  If you live in less populated rural areas like the Dakotas or Wyo…..you can expect to drive a little further….maybe a couple hundred miles. 
Member: Where do we go to cash in historic railroad bonds?

MZ: If you have historic bonds and not already put them in a group and already had them proofed…..i am told that when you set your appointments for currencies…tell them what type of historic bonds you have…not how much…just what type. This could change where you go for your appointment.

Member: Do we have to have humanitarian projects to redeem zim?

MZ: You do not have to have a HP to redeem zim. You will just accept a lower rate without a project.

Member:  Do we think that the stock market will crash on October 29th to mirror 1929???

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