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8ball - 8Ball Chat posted Monday Oct. 31 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

8Ball Chat posted Monday Oct. 31

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8ball - 8Ball Chat posted Monday Oct. 31 Empty 8Ball Chat posted Monday Oct. 31

Post by silkysand Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:32 pm

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ooh..ok thanks...I like skip blythe prediction.....wonder why he says that....
yep !!

07:42:23 8ball ---
well currency guys don't elaborate

I am ready to get out of all this crazy mess....

07:42:498ball ---
There is a BIG G20 meeting this week

are they like EF Hutton....everyone listens ... :-D

07:43:478ball ---
US has past a law into congress against China's manipulation of their currency

I just hope they get one of them done.....
China doesn't want anyone to prosper...look at their people and their living condition

07:44:558ball ---
and on Saturday three key positions high up in China's financial control changed power this weekend with sweeping changes slated for this week

now that was a big suprise !!

07:45:37 8ball ---
which lines up with Vietnam's statement

Read More Link on Right

just hope the new powers are not brain washed into thinking communist ways are the best

07:46:42 8ball ---
I think that the G20 is to review what is accomplished so China has things to do before Thursday
I expect major financial changes will happen to the Asian currency's

do you remember what the meltdown "date" was to be...that LaGarde and Gheitner were concerned about.

07:48:22 8ball ---
well we are still melting down....

ok.....maybe Monday will be a real "witching" hour...

07:49:09 8ball ---
it was Oct 26th if no decision was made on the Greece debt
they lopped off 50% of Greece's debt
wrote it off
But this just the first of many countries

It just wears me out all this putting off until the last minute to do anything.....I am not a proscastinater......I am a getter done type person.

07:50:33 8ball ---
that need debt correction

aren't they going to relieve all countries of their debt including USA

07:51:368ball ---
well these changes are like trying to get an elephant to go through a doorway
it doesn't want to and its quite happy with where it is

China isn't going to happy with USA not owing them anything anymore

07:52:318ball ---
well that's not decided yet
China is just scared of the law in Congress which was just passed
and that South Korea now has a free trade agreement with the US

what exactly will it do to China

07:54:098ball ---
The US can tax China's imports into the US

That should be a chunk of change...since everything we buy is Made in China lol

07:55:038ball ---
With the free trade set up with Korea..... China will be out......
this is more of the problem China will lose total market share
and dive into a depression that's why the major changes occurred this weekend in China and sweeping changes due next week in China

well when you snooze you lose......and by them holding out so long...they must have thought no one would go somewhere else for commitites

07:57:098ball ---
lines up with G20 meeting


07:57:388ball ---
well China had it easy to the US markets
and thought that they didn't have to listen to the politicians
because they wouldn't do anything
well they did
and the US politicians made sure that it would make China take notice
that the US is the market

yeah..... how long is the G20 meeting to last....seems like they would want to have a revaluation before going to this meeting

07:59:228ball ---
and you will follow the US way of doing business
one of the issue's is correction of currency's usually three days

maybe we should have put the pressure on China years ago.

08:00:158ball ---
That's what I'm getting out of it also
is that we may see a cascade of RV's ....one triggering another....
Sort of like domino's
We have the Forex guy......
China's changes....

sounds good to me.....wish I could fire the first shot.... :-)

08:02:428ball ---
leading into a G20 meeting
Also Iraq is set up for an emergency special parliamentary session of 50 Mp's
leading into the same day

sounds like something brewing

08:04:038ball ---
The US already did..... 3 times
The free trade agreement with Korea
The China currency law in Congress
and the troop pullout in Iraq
three major changes that will change the world

I was reading last nights chat....someone mention we may be out of Iraq by the end of November..

08:06:058ball ---
could be
I heard dates also
not sure ....hope soon...

only thing that concerns me is Shabibi saying they would rv after we pull out.... with their history of promises....I don't have faith in that statement

08:08:158ball ---
well Shabibi really doesn't have a decision on this
It's what ever is agreed to
for the troop pullout
all Iraqi's agree on one thing....

like the Bush agreement?

08:09:048ball ---
that they want the US troops out of Iraq
not sure which agreement sticks
Bush's Sofa agreement set the date
Obama would have set an agreement together for the pullout
and if you want it sooner you will have to have this done....

I just want to be able to go to Savannah, Ga for Thanksgiving and be eating Seafood for Thanksgiving instead of Turkey !!

08:14:508ball ---
yes that would be nice
ok BBL

as always it has been a pleasure chatting with you but I need to start getting ready for church....have a great day.....thanks for all the input you give this site....

---------------------- CHINA -------------------------------------
The Xinhua announcement on Saturday marks a handing over of power to a younger generation and confirms a Reuters report citing three independent sources that a shake-up would be announced as early as this week.
October 29, 2011

China names new financial chiefs

China named new heads to three top financial regulatory posts on Saturday, the official Xinhua news agency said, the first big step in a comprehensive leadership change that will culminate when its top political leaders retire.
Posted by Breitling at 5:30 AM
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