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MarkZ: "..nothing on the RV front since yesterday" (There Was Nothing Yesterday! There Will Be Nothing Tomorrow LOL) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "..nothing on the RV front since yesterday" (There Was Nothing Yesterday! There Will Be Nothing Tomorrow LOL)

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MarkZ: "..nothing on the RV front since yesterday" (There Was Nothing Yesterday! There Will Be Nothing Tomorrow LOL) Empty MarkZ: "..nothing on the RV front since yesterday" (There Was Nothing Yesterday! There Will Be Nothing Tomorrow LOL)

Post by RamblerNash Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:27 pm

Member:  MarkZ show me the GOLDEN EGG NcMuffin

MZ: Showing a large golden egg……..inside this golden is another golden egg…..and inside that is another…..and so on……..Like the RV .Our first golden egg will be the RV and the wealth transfer….and all the other eggs inside will be us helping the world, our friends and families…..its going to be awesome.

Member:  The question is are we gonna get it anytime soon.

Member: Just stopped by for the daily nothing burger……
MZ: Once again this is a tremendous nothing burger day…..nothing on the RV front since yesterday.

MZ: I hate this lack of news so much. I would love to be able to tell you all something good.

Member: I believe this silence is the best news ever. Important things are happening, that couldn’t happen if the word got out!

MZ: We still have paymasters being asked to stay in place. My redemption center folks say they will be on call next weekend.

MZ:  Most of my folks believe we are waiting for an event that starts on Thursday. I have no idea what it could be.

MZ: Last night though we did share some fantastic stuff out of Iraq as their new “Acting PM or President or interim leader” Al Sadr is saying that now that they have won….they are going to increase the value of the dinar.

MZ: This was huge news from Iraq direct from the mouth of the new leader.

ISAAC said on the 8 th " do not expect anything before Tuesday Wednesday Thursday"

Member:  I think we will see bonds move tomorrow/Thursday

Member:  My folks in reno still saying this week!!

Member: China is in bad shape with the 3 gorges dam breaking may be imminent and evergrands scandal……..the system is about to crash!!

Member:  last I heard is 3g dam the slice gates were closed and that will cause the break

Member: I heard the dam broke already…..and the media is not letting anyone know.

Member:  If Three Gorges is gone, then the RV is imminent; it is supposed to go before the RV

Member: I keep thinking, how wild our history books will look in 100 years later.

Member:  Lebanon citizens are locked out of their banks and savings. They are told they are frozen.

Member:  Folks are getting so very tired ….are we being played ?

Member: Is RV ever goner happen, seems to be getting alot worst with no info what so ever?

Member: Funny, but not really. The guys I worked with 3 years ago got me started buying currency saying the RV was going to happen any day. They don’t even listen to RV news anymore. They got tired of being strung along for so long..

MZ: It has drug on a very long time and they have found ways to kick the can constantly. We are going to get there……Remember- it’s an “when” not an “if”.

Member:   Keep your vibrations high and Positive. The RV seems to be event Driven. Hopefully China's market crashes soon and starts the domino effect of the Global Reset.

MZ: Thank you for this reminder…….so very true.

Member: Thanks Mark and Mods for all you do. Even nothing burgers are better than nothing…..lol

Member:  Mark, Name you new cat "Nothing Burger"! LOL LOL

Questions Mark did not address yet……maybe he can address tonight? ……

Member:  Do we know who is really in charge of releasing this RV?

Member:  Mark are the Elders still  in Reno ??? Please Answer

Member:  Anyone ever hear how the TESTS they did on the QFS and TESTS on the RV releases to see if anything works ? a month ago! never heard anything!

Member:  If you are considered a whale with more than 100 million of any currency, who contacts you and how?

Member:  Will Iraq doing anything this week?

Member: Sadr said Dinar would go up gradually. What do you think about what he said?

Member:  What can be the hold up? . Just want to see some factual information

Member:  Mark, have you seen the article in the new york times about a global 15% tax? Looks like gesara! Also an article about stolen money by London City!

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