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Fleming: "Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year is right around the corner. Nothing may be happening until next year!" (What An Odd Statement From Someone Who Said The "RV" Has Already Happened! LOL) 10/10/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming: "Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year is right around the corner. Nothing may be happening until next year!" (What An Odd Statement From Someone Who Said The "RV" Has Already Happened! LOL) 10/10/21

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Fleming: "Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year is right around the corner. Nothing may be happening until next year!" (What An Odd Statement From Someone Who Said The "RV" Has Already Happened! LOL) 10/10/21 Empty Fleming: "Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year is right around the corner. Nothing may be happening until next year!" (What An Odd Statement From Someone Who Said The "RV" Has Already Happened! LOL) 10/10/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun Oct 10, 2021 10:30 pm

Don’t worry. This is a time to make plans to thrive.

Yes, this is a very tense time for everyone living on this beautiful planet. The pressures are escalating, leaving some much worse, in body, mind and in spirit. To the people here reading this remember, we are the masters of how we think. How we think creates our life. Every creation on this planet started with a thought. Have a thought that, “You will thrive no matter what comes.”

Consider this, we in the Tier 4 group, were never supposed to be able to exchange our “exotic currency.” This was not happening, no way, no how, according to President Bush who was the first with his hands out collecting dinar. Executive Order 13303, issued on May 22, 2003 by United States President George W. Bush, was written to protect the “Development Fund for Iraq,” for the rebuilding of Iraq from any legal attachments or liens. It wasn’t to protect millions of US holding dinar, waiting to exchange. It was for the Bush/Clinton/Obama/Biden MIC cartels, and their cohorts. And, it was also (according to the happy Pied Pipers collecting currency from innocents, and their Mockingbird cohorts), leading to the private-only exchange theme, coordinated by the typical 3-Letter Mafias, and tier 1, and central banks. These private groups gobbled up other people’s currency, feeding off a motivation-through-fear message stating, “You will never benefit except through our private exchange.”

As it had always been done….

Obviously, this hasn’t proven to be true. The private groups have not benefited, and they won’t. Not until we all benefit. These are the new rules, thanks to the stalwart White Hats standing firm.

There have been many shifts in belief over the years. The belief in a global alliance, the alliance of people from all walks of life, working in a coherent way to benefit all people and this beautiful planet; this is where we’ve grown after years of trials, loss of so much, and chronically missed deadlines.

How we think created this movement, the understanding, and the empowered vision that is now carried around the world. Congratulations for being here now!

Iraq is the lynchpin. As quoted in the Alarabariya,“Iraqis were voting today, Sunday, in a general election that many said they would boycott, having lost faith in the democratic system brought in by the US-led invasion of 2003.”

At least 167 parties and more than 3,200 candidates are competing for 329 seats in parliament, according to the election commission. Iraqi elections are often followed by months of protracted negotiations over a president, a prime minister and a cabinet. We can be sure it will be more than a week before they have a decision. If this election is anything like the US election, we’re waiting for months.

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has been quoted saying, “If I am re-elected, Iraq will be rich.”

He is obviously talking about the re-establishment of Iraq dinar on the world stage. People from every nation will flock to Iraq to acquire bonds for investment. Did the Iraqi People believe his message though? Not exactly. The turnout is showing record low numbers. How can any nation believe their elections are fair and honorable? This isn’t possible under the well-publicized Dominion, et al, circumstances. No one believes any “electronic voting system” is going to attribute their vote fairly. Nope.

This world remains topsy-turvy, right is wrong and wrong is right, it’s all upside down. Until there is a solution brought about — until the US can take its rightful place as a Standard Bearer of Fair Dealings, the world suffers. The RV won’t fix this. There won’t be an RV. There can’t be an RV. No one would be safe as long as the mafia cartels have control of the financial/military/executive/governments. This must be addressed. This isn’t an elephant in the room, it’s a monolith swinging a deadly, toxic club.

No one is protected until all are handled, including our corrupt-fake President Biden. He must go. F-Biden isn’t a chant. It’s a mantra. But now it must change to Disappear Biden. We want him gone, gone, gone.

The producing companies in Kurdistan’s oil fields are rebelling against Biden payola.

The (real) Chinese (not the CCP) are rebelling against Biden payola.

Every nation state the Biden Family Cartel has blackmailed, are rebelling.

This nation must rebel as well.

Together we survive and thrive.

Very few young people voted, they had trouble with fingerprinting validating nationals, qualified for election.

Wolverine has been contacting people, offering to sell bonds to these individuals for a few thousand dollars. Stating they will be worth billions. This is not something viable. All of the bonds have been turned in already. There are commemorative Chinese Golden Dragon bonds being sold on eBay right now. They’re not part of the Bond Redemption process. These are not viable for redemption. Whether this is what Wolverine is selling, is not known… On another call, Nick was told that Wolverine apparently, blocked someone from his Telegram chat that had requested that he return her bonds. He didn’t reply and ignored her request. There are multiple actions that lead Nick to report him as untrustworthy and not viable.

No one can know what is coming. If we’re waiting for US, might not be happening till 10/31, due to the unlawful acts taking place in this Federal Administration. Janet Yellen is setting the

IRS up to be notified of every financial transaction over $600. This Administration is infringing on every right and protection we are guaranteed under the Constitution. The IRS is a Private Entity. They have no justifiable rights to attempt this oversight.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year is right around the corner. Nothing may be happening until next year! We have no way of knowing when this will be allowed to start. Could be next week. But Nick’s opinion is that this won’t happen until the corrupt Biden/US Government is handled. There’s no such thing as 10,000 percent commitment possible.

Chinese bankers tried to bring this to fruition last week, flying into Reno. The US Government wanted 50% of our $1 USD – 1 ZIM exchange. Currencies would be exchanged at the international rate with a 2% fee. 6 generals wanted to do this and 6 didn’t. They worked this out and that afternoon all 12 agreed. They still couldn’t get this started (this was just last Thursday, 10-8-21). These Chinese bankers went back to Vancouver. The Biden Administration wants to collect as much as they possibly can. It’s not going to happen. The big problem is why this has not gone through yet. It’s all politics. It’s this government trying to dictate outside of the law. It’s not going to happen.

Member: “Biden didn’t win, and the Military is in Control. The only way this starts is that the Military needs to get involved.”
Nick: “We’ve had a Shadow Government for years and years. If they decide that they want to do this, then they will. If they decide against it, they will not.
Joe Biden is not all there. I’ve known him for 30 years and this is not the Joe Biden I knew.
There are military that side with Biden and military that side with Trump. So whatever he says is law. Biden is trying to keep us as broke as possible. They are making it so people can’t work and have to take the vaccine. I’m investigating right now, some programs that people can get into that will help them with their finances. As soon as I figure it out, I will share. If it pans out, I’ll put it out there. Not for my personal profit, but so we can help others. All we can do is keep pushing forward.
A lot of people are putting out bad information. Makes no sense to do that. That’s why we’re not putting information out – the DoD is not talking. We just have to watch what’s going on and keep our hopes up. Know that eventually we’ll all cross that finish line.
We’re all in this together.“

MEMBER: What about NESARA/GESARA starting the end of this month.
NICK: I don’t know. Until you actually hear the announcements it doesn’t mean anything. GESARA can’t happen without NESARA. This won’t happen without our knowledge – we have to see something before we can assume this has happened.

MEMBER: I’m a US Citizen living in Mexico on a permanent visa. Can I redeem in Mexico?
NICK: Yes.

MEMBER: Why can’t we get this started.
NICK: BIDEN/HARRIS must be gone. According to the Chinese, they will not allow this regime to benefit from our RV GCR. There is no path to launch this.

MEMBER: Is there a specific ZIM note being exchanged? Or is it all ZIM?
NICK: Take them all in.

MEMBER: Lots of discussion on the ZIM projects required. What about 80/20?
NICK: If you want to go for more money, they will allow for projects. There is no 80/20 today. There is a Default Rate – but is it for all of the notes – no matter their denomination?
Bring in all notes. We will know what’s possible once this starts.

MEMBER: I thought the FIAT money was dead and they can’t kick this can down the road.
NICK: They kicked it till Dec. 5th when they raised enough money to keep the gov open till then. The 3.5 T (really 5.5 T and more) and the smaller amount, which will both be done at the same time. They’re trying to get these done right now. None of these representatives want the IRS in their bank accounts. We don’t know what’s happening in Canada now. The US T was supposed to announce the USN. They haven’t done it. We were supposed to exchange in fiat, if USN wasn’t available, and then have it managed in our bank account, via digital exchange (1:1).

Nick, in closing: don’t give up your currencies. Don’t give up your ZIMs. If you have SKRs, don’t give them up. There are no guarantees, no one can be certain until the notices start. Hang in there.

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