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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "they have a new Dinar – and a new Dinar rate – in Iraq" (They Do? Does The CBI Know This? LOL) 10/7/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "they have a new Dinar – and a new Dinar rate – in Iraq" (They Do? Does The CBI Know This? LOL) 10/7/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "they have a new Dinar – and a new Dinar rate – in Iraq" (They Do? Does The CBI Know This? LOL) 10/7/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "they have a new Dinar – and a new Dinar rate – in Iraq" (They Do? Does The CBI Know This? LOL) 10/7/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun Oct 10, 2021 10:16 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:  52:35


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday October 7th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in

I am glad we’ve got an opportunity to spend a little time with you tonight and give you some intel – and this was one of those days that started out very slowly and finally this afternoon some information was coming in and then later on this afternoon more information came in and it was very helpful and I think valuable for us so I will try to bring this around so we take advantage of this –

First thing is – Let’s talk about Iraq – now realize this – Iraq is sovereign – they’ve been out of chapter 7 for quite a while now  - they have a new Dinar – and a new Dinar rate – in Iraq – However – they are still not going to put it out publically for people to see until we start –
They made that agreement – even though they are sovereign and should be able to do whatever they want – they will NOT do that – I think it’s out of respect for our government and our real president (Trump) and so I think they will do that and reveal that very soon – very soon –

In fact – what they’re doing now – today being Thursday – tomorrow being Friday  - Saturday and Sunday – those three days – Iraq is closed for business – no flights – no helicopter traffic in the country – no motorcycle traffic – they really are just closed down for elections - so they have elections Fri / Sat / Sun – and closed for their 3 day weekend –

Now in a similar way – we have a three day weekend – starting Saturday – Sunday and Monday – Columbus Day - and I don’t know absolutely – but we think banks are closed I do not know if it is a true government holiday – but this is essentially a three day weekend – and if in fact the banks are closed on Monday we will have our 3 day weekend and what the Banks stated they always wanted – for this to go –

Now let’s look at this – tomorrow is the 8th – of October – there is something about that number – the Chinese like – the number suggests new beginnings – financial positivity - it’s just a good number for China –

Now what makes it interesting is we did get word earlier today that the bond paymasters did get authorization in the form of a green light to start paying out the bondholders and sellers – of these bonds – at 7 am this morning - that is when the green light appeared for them –

Now that did not mean that they started paying at 7 however – but I did come to find out from sources that were out of Reno that around 2000 bondholders were paid out today – their 1% - so the money has started moving finally to the account holders – the sellers of their bonds - and I am glad that finally took place and it’s on its way -

Now it doesn’t mean that its over – it means the bond holders will continue to be paid from today – probably through the next week or so - that’s good – showing some movement / activity in that direction – and that’s new – that is different –

So beyond that we know there were dignitaries  - important individuals today in Reno  and they came from Europe – from our Treasury – from China and I think part of it was for some celebration and part of it might have been for encouraging whatever needed to happen today to begin today and start –

Now let’s draw this back to where we are  - let’s talk about it – most of us are not bond holders except for the fact many of us have zim which is a form of a bond – sort of a hybrid -  currency and bond at the same time –

So where we stand is – we needed those bond sellers to be notified that they have funds in their account – they have liquidity – and  have access to those funds – that allows us to be notified – a sort of modified shotgun start – sort of a staggered start – but it’s pretty close

Now I’m looking at that – we’re getting information  - it’s so funny because it can be so quiet and certain contacts  - certain intel – it’s just dead quiet – and we thing they are on a gag order – por under NDA’s -  we’re not getting anything –to tell us what is really happening and all of a sudden you get a couple sources that say – ok – we are planning to go tomorrow – we heard that from one bank and then we’ve also heard it might be Monday – and it could be because of Iraq – because of their 3 day holiday for their elections – or it could have to do with our 3 day bank holiday this weekend – but we could be surprised and get some activity – some notifications could come out as early as tomorrow

Now we will have to see what exactly takes place but we did hear from another source later this afternoon – who has very good high up contacts that this could go either tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday for us – it kinda spreads the whole window out – over the next 4 days – Fri / Sat / or quite possibly Monday for a start –for us

It’s NOT absolute and you know they don’t want us to know it anyway – but I think what we can do is be positive about the fact that the money is finally moved even if it’s only a couple thousand people so far –

It is taking place and the money is moving – for the bond sellers – that’s really good – and what we are looking for is tied to that in the sense that once they are notified that they have the liquidity – and access to liquidity then we will get our notifications which will come by email and also the toll free numbers will come out by a few of us who have been chosen to delegate that – and some of that is  because not everybody has an up to date email  or has an email that they have – they being the treasury – they being Wells Fargo – because Wells is the one that is going to disseminate the emails and we still believe that’s in 4 batches at least 4 – based on time zones -  Eastern – Central – Mountain & Pacific – and I think they will combine Alaska and Hawaii – in a 5th time zone – and theoretically  at least I was told this theory was true – we will get the notifications the emails – at the same time in each time zone – We will have one number for zim holders plus other currency – and a separate number for those without zim –

So that is where we stand right now  - I’m excited because I think we are at least looking at something that could happen very soon here for us – like I said – it could happen as early as tomorrow – or it could be on Monday – and it could be on Saturday -

So this weekend is in play – it’s supposed to be a special weekend for us  - so I would say stay tuned to that possibility – I hope this is our last call and I know you hope it is our last call too

I think we’re going to find a lot of things happening behind the scenes now – you have major numbers of arrests taking place still – that will continue – gosh that’s going to go on for at least a couple months – possibly all the way to the end of the year – you can just imagine behind the scenes what is really going on –

We should see some really cool improvement with NESARA / GESARA and our new USTN – US Treasury Notes – somewhere in the 15th or 16th of this month and I think it’s going to be – that is approximately the time the public is going to start

Now tomorrow is the 8th  that would only give us a week so they push the public back again – would not surprise me a bit – if I hear tomorrow  its pushed back to the 22nd it would not surprise me at all –

They want to give us at least 10 – 12 days for us to do our exchanges of zim and other currencies so I’m excited about it  - I don’t know 100% whether tomorrow is our day or not – the NDA is very interesting – Chinese did travel to Reno today  - they did not come for their health – they came to kick this thing off – Let’s see if that is what happens – for us tomorrow

Hang in there for the weekend – let’s see where it goes I’m thinking we are very very close – and the good news is the bondholders being paid today – so far – that shows movement in the right direction for us too

Thanks everyone for listening in again -

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