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MarkZ: "Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday" (And The Lies Will Repeat Tomorrow Too! LOL) 10/7/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday" (And The Lies Will Repeat Tomorrow Too! LOL) 10/7/21

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MarkZ: "Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday" (And The Lies Will Repeat Tomorrow Too! LOL) 10/7/21 Empty MarkZ: "Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday" (And The Lies Will Repeat Tomorrow Too! LOL) 10/7/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:44 pm

Member: hoping for good news today….

MZ: Today seems to be a repeat of yesterday. Yesterday we got plenty of news that there was a big clean up going on in Iraq. In Domestic news they hinted that they have been doing test traunches throughout the week with the QFS system and the legacy or older system. But I havn’t seen a mass movement of money yet.

MZ: I think we could still be waiting for some kind of large event. Everything is still very positive.

MZ: I do not have a single paymaster who is not where they need to be right now. They are all in their seats in preparation….now we sit and wait.

Member: Always most quiet before the storm . . .

Member:  A little old Irish woman once told me.."it's always darkest before dawn" We are winning!

Member: Iraq election is the 10th. Could we be waiting on that?

MZ: I did speak with one redemption center contact and they have every intention of having to work this weekend. They have been told to “expect to work”. I take that as a good sign.

MZ: unfortunately no one knows the exact timing so all we can do is keep watching it from the edge of our seats.

Member: Test Traunch? Isn’t that like practicing but never getting to play the game?

MZ: They use these test traunches to see who tries to grab the money or is there something not correctly anticipated in this process ….so it has been an opportunity to collect some more rats. When they do release it they do not want to rehypothicate or re-fund those rats. It would all be for naught if they pull the trigger too quickly and the evil folks get money and maybe steal yours.

Member: A reminder, the art of war says “strike when least expected

ISAAC 10/06/21 Hello just finished all the meetings and after no positive news the final one was to wait for tomorrow call to see if German bonds will start tomorrow with liquidity . keep you posted

MZ: Nothing on PP’s . CMKX and settlements. I have spoken to many contacts and they are getting the same thing I am….Its exceptionally quiet.

MZ: I did get reports of several more NDA’s that are now in effect. I don’t believe they have been paid…..the NDA may be to pre-empt things. I think as they secure their spot in line to handle their 4a SKR’s or group transactions …I think they are asked to sign NDAs to secure their spots in the que and where they are in the process. They want everyone on NDA’s to keep things quiet…..it’s going to get tough to get information…... .

Member: I am still hearing nobody goes until we in 4b goes

MZ: I am hearing the same thing. That 4a gets their SKR money the moment 4b gets to set their appointments. So when they get the call that 4b is a “GO” then they “Release the Kraken”

Member: Question why would the Dong get re-evaluated?

Member: Vietnam has not revalued their currency since the war. They have been under valuing their currency to get a leg up on international trade.

MZ: Thank you all for sending the Vital Brad video from yesterday. I hope he is right. There is a lot of indicators in Iraq for the 15th through the 17th. Heck, There is a lot of indicators for today and tomorrow from Iraq. Nobody knows the exact date. But we are close

Vital Brad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-eGvsGC9OA

Member: I asked a wealth manager about this he was so rude even called me stupid::: he was a little too upset about it

Member:  Many bankers call the fast system (QFS) the “real time system,” so ask them in those terms !

Member: Yesterday heard IRS is dead , they're desperate now trying to collect as much fiat they can

Member:  MANY bank sites, phones and IRS numbers were all down last night......INTERESTING!!!!!

Member:  This weekend all Commerce Bank branches and offices will be closed for a "System Upgrade" ?!?

Member: I received emails from all my credit card providers saying: “Dear Mr A*** On 15 October, we’ll be making changes to credit card accounts.” What that means I have no idea?? Fingers crossed

Member:  according to Restored republic this AM: A trusted Source with high up contacts indicated that 800s could go out to Tier 4B by noon Thurs. 7 Oct.

Member: Sounds like this is the last weekend with no $. I hope we move forward with filled pockets

Mod: WHISKEY and WISDOM with MARKZ THURS 8 PM EST on Youtube and Twitch

Member:  Not sure if there is enough coffee and whiskey to get me through this mess.

Member: Popcorn has become boring!

MZ: I don’t enjoy sitting at the edge of my seats any more then you guys do…..i am a currency holder as well…..

Member: Thank you Mark and mods for helping us get through this loooooong wait!

Member:  What's with CHARLIE WARD saying exchange MONEY will flow NEXT YEAR?

Member: Charlie’s info is sometimes misinfo, as he admits.

Member: my guess is purposeful disinformation to throw off deep state

CHARLIE WARD AND MARK Z REPLAY https://www.thepatriotpartynews.com/blog/ppn-charlie-ward-show-with-chas-carter-the-original-mark-z-rumble-live-stream-10-7-21

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