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MarkZ: "So I am getting dead silence out of Iraq which is a little unusual" (But The Voices In Your Head Still Work! LOL) 10/1/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "So I am getting dead silence out of Iraq which is a little unusual" (But The Voices In Your Head Still Work! LOL) 10/1/21

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MarkZ: "So I am getting dead silence out of Iraq which is a little unusual" (But The Voices In Your Head Still Work! LOL) 10/1/21 Empty MarkZ: "So I am getting dead silence out of Iraq which is a little unusual" (But The Voices In Your Head Still Work! LOL) 10/1/21

Post by RamblerNash Sat Oct 02, 2021 11:03 pm

Member: Welcome to a new day, a new month and a new quarter………

Member: Is it possible Iraq pulled the trigger already. They have a 3 day weekend right now. Today is their holy day and Sunday is a holiday….their Independence day……maybe they will announce the RV sometime this weekend??????

MZ: There is an excellent chance that has happened. We are getting a blackout right now out of Iraq. That would now surprise me at all.

MZ: So I am getting dead silence out of Iraq which is a little unusual…..it may be a difference in time zones……but I am hopeful it means they have released their lower denominations this morning…..it does appear to me right now that I am getting some kind of black out over there……

MZ: I am still hearing very positive stuff with bond folks….they have moved a number of people ..especially to Reno for redemption stuff to start this evening……so far in Zurichpeople are still sitting on their hands….there has not been that big money movement….nothing happened in the Asian market today

MZ: There was a lot of static that they expected to release it overnight or at the end of today’s Asian markets so that when the banks reopen at the first of the week it will all be flowing out…this is what I heard from a few contacts.…...I hope it is accurate.

Member:  My contacts in Reno are on High Alert as well!!!

MZ: All my Reno contacts are either there or on High Alert

ISAAC 10/01/21 Hello, looks like we are very close and some paymasters are waiting for codes , I will keep you posted . Also my privates operations are telling me we are for next week.

MZ: There is so much I am not allowed to talk about today.

Member: Are they good secrets?

MZ: yes a lot of good ones. And things that I am not allowed to say right now. Its all technicalities from tier 3 and how the groups are moving and positioning.

Member: I wonder if the technicalities are because Tier 3 is asking for too much on their redemptions???

Member: did you see the White House was red at midnight?


Member:  Tomorrow is the end of 21 days of Prayer

Member:  If we go broke, is congress out of session and is that the only time they can be arrested???

Member:  Yes…they can only be arrested while not in session, so I understand.

Member:  congress can be arrested anytime they are not physically on the floor of House or Senate.

Member:  remember - there is a lot of deliberate disinformation out there right now

Member:  As I have said before this will not be over until the new republic is put in place.

Member:  Judy Note: The one and only question everyone wants to know: “Hey Google: When does GESARA start?” Google: “Friday 15th October, 2021” Could it be any more clear than that? Now count 10 Days of Darkness before to move back from Gregorian to Julian calendar + 3 days darkness Scare Event before that 10 days. You arrive at October 2nd (Mickey Mouse clock).

Member: I think Nesara already started many have had credit cards cleaned and student loans wiped out

Member: If this is a movie….its a bad one

Member:  All this is a big movie... almost a rerun of v for vendetta

Member:  We need tier4b to start asap.

Member: doesn't make any sense to me anymore. If the White Hats are in control, they seem completely fine with letting the majority of the world die in despair before making any meaningful public move

Member: Maybe the whitehats will Lull the rats into thinking they’re winning till it’s too late.

Member:  At this point the rats have nadda to lose so they are pulling out all the stops, buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Member: All wars are bankers wars

Member:  Let’s see if the stock market crash or not. If not they (deep state) are still in charge.

Mmember:  the revolutionary War was not fought over taxation it was fought over a bankruptcy then the Civil War was over a bankruptcy then World War II was a bankruptcy

Member:  President Kennedy said it best to get folks to wake up “ Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

Member: Wish the military would do something…before its to late.

Member:  The military is sworn to the Constitution which is about US and serving US.

Member:  I really do feel bad for those that can't see we are in the final days of the cabal. There is so much happening. Please try to have faith people. I know things are tough, but we are in war after all.

Member:  Yes there is a plan that will NOT be released to the public. No matter how much people whine.

Member:  The RV will help destroy the deep state and Will be great news for 4B. This would put a wooden stake in the deep state heart, creating massive heart attack for the Deep State.

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00…please listen to the replay for all of his information…

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