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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "...everything is pointing to tomorrow – Wednesday" (There It Is! The Date! And...It's Passed. More Fodder For Bruce's Children! LOL) 9/28/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "...everything is pointing to tomorrow – Wednesday" (There It Is! The Date! And...It's Passed. More Fodder For Bruce's Children! LOL) 9/28/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "...everything is pointing to tomorrow – Wednesday" (There It Is! The Date! And...It's Passed. More Fodder For Bruce's Children! LOL) 9/28/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights "...everything is pointing to tomorrow – Wednesday" (There It Is! The Date! And...It's Passed. More Fodder For Bruce's Children! LOL) 9/28/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Sep 30, 2021 10:39 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins:   47:50


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday September 28th  and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody all over the globe – we appreciate it – and we look forward to communicating everything we can tonight to you

So let’s talk about the intel we have – First of all I have to apologize because the intel we had going into last Thursday’s call  which was five days ago – was so much pointing to Saturday and then I heard as soon as Friday rolls around – the day after our call – I was hearing – well it’s not going to be Saturday when we’re notified – it’s going to end up being Monday – so ok – well here it is Tuesday  – we did not get notified yesterday – we did not get notified Saturday – we haven’t been notified today –

But….. it would appear from what I have heard yesterday primarily that we can look forward to the rest of this week and possibly everything is pointing to tomorrow – Wednesday –

Now we had heard  at 2 am this morning that the adjudicated settlements like CMKX – fines and penalties – bond holders – all of that would be paid out over night last night – Now like I said – we heard that – I have not been able to confirm that – lot of our sources are quiet – they are under NDA’s  or just plain mute – they are not speaking about what is actually happening – it is very difficult – today was the day with very – very – quiet limited intel – yesterday was a little better –

So – let’s talk a little bit about what happened over the weekend – Now  you know that Iraq has been a country which is finally been given their sovereignty – finally has a currency – that they have been able to set the rate on – and trade globally – that happened last Saturday afternoon into Sunday –

What was really interesting about Iraq was they had two separate bond offerings – over this past weekend – I don’t know if they were both started on Saturday – and one on Sunday – or both on Sunday –  But the first offering was a bond that was 250 billion dollars total – at I believe 3 ¾ %  3 ½ % something like that – and I believe it was over a three year period – that is a ¼ trillion dollar offer – pretty strong  and it was bought up in  2 hrs 20 minutes – all of it was bought off in 2 hrs 20 minutes –

The next offering was double the size – ½ trillion dollars – and this was an interesting bond – 10 yr bond at 7 ¾ % interest – and that interest is annually – paid out usually semi-annually – usually – but as a bond  –

That offering I did not get the data on how it went – I bet it went very well – to me that is the most – and more attractive of the two bonds – the higher total but also a higher interest rate offered –

So why am I bringing this up?  None of us were able to buy that – why am I talking about it? Because that is showing the sovereignty and the authenticity of the Iraqi Dinar in its ability for Iraq to offer these large – very large bond offers with obviously a new rate on a bond that is gold backed by Iraq – and certainly their Iraqi Dinar is also gold backed – so is the Chinese Yuan  – so are all of these currencies we’re talking about – they are all asset backed or gold backed

So it’s just an example of what is going on right now – so at least I think we can say Iraq is done and they have done everything they have been asked to do and the signing of the sovereignty and the sanctions that the USA Corp had put on Iraq have been removed – and they are rolling – they are rolling –took them a while to get there – but guess who the one is holding them back? We were – for most of it –

So now – ok where do we stand?

Let’s look at the USA Corporation – it’s been defunct for months now – but it apparently still operating as such – and the US Congress – let’s talk about the House of Representatives yesterday voted down a bill to raise the debt limit on the national debt – by making so much available money to pay out various programs and things that the Congress didn’t want to do – The Republicans – the remaining ones stood up and voted it down – because they knew what we were getting ready to have of this new gold backed and asset backed USN currency to supplant and replace the fiat currency of the United States dollar – So that was one reason it was voted down –

The other thing we have to look at is ok when is the end of the fiscal year? It ends at midnight on Thursday – 2 nights from tonight – because October 1st which is Friday – is the start of our new fiscal year – and I believe it will be the start of some form of acknowledgment of our Restored Republic and hopefully our USN currency starting Friday Oct 1st.

Now maybe it will start sooner if we get notified tomorrow for example and if we set our appointments tomorrow for example and if we get the numbers and emails out early enough tomorrow – we would be able to probably set our appointments and START tomorrow afternoon –

So — and we know already that the United States Treasury Note the USTN – are our new money – our new currency – physical currency – is already the 100’s 50’s 20’s are already un-bundled  at the banks and redemption centers and put in drawers to be swapped out whenever that timing comes about – I do not know when it’s going to be – tomorrow?  Maybe Friday?  Next Monday? We don’t know when that is going to be put out and issued from the bank –

I would think that we would have an announcement about this new currency – I would think we would have to know – that we have something – obviously we go to the bank and we’re going to cash a check or you know you get some money out of the ATM – hey – this is different – check this out – I think we need an announcement about this – before that happens – don’t you?  I would think so – so we will see – they have not been too big on announcements lately – we thought we would have a lot of announcements by now – about NESARA/GESARA – and so on –

Now getting back to our intel – it looks as though we are looking at some things to happen this week – We have heard President Trump should return Wed /Thurs/Friday – back to the White House – and there should be some incredible things happening with regards to that – so be prepared for that possibility –

And I just know that we are all excited about the possibility of this going this week – I didn’t understand why we didn’t get notified Monday and go yesterday – or today – but it didn’t happen – the intel was flawed – they moved it –  we don’t always know the reasons – sometimes we do get a reason – I don’t know what to tell you but sometimes we get a reason why it did not go  –

I can’t think of anything now –  usually in the past it’s because there’s more clean up that needs to  be done – there’s been a lot of clean up – it’s still ongoing – but we do not get specific on that – don’t really talk about it – but we know it is ongoing – and it’s happening – and going to continue to happen – until they get this whole thing exactly like they want it

But from our perspective – we’re looking at 27 currencies that have all made their way to the bank screens – we’ve got really good rates on these currencies and some of us have 2-3-4 5 or 6 of these – most of us don’t have that many more – but these are going to go up quite a bit in volume –

Now – let’s talk briefly about the redemption centers – when you are a zim holder – they are expecting more out of you – because the value of the zim is so great – and there is only so much can do in terms of “stuff” “things” for yourself – so the emphasis is on how can I influence humanity – how can help people that are less fortunate- how can I help to get these technologies out – and that’s what we are going to be working on – that’s what rebuild America is all about – and the VRN –

We do not have an absolute guarantee on when we’re going to get the notifications – there were some things said through a few different sources that were pointing to tomorrow “Wednesday”  so we’ll see if that manifests – I hope it does – this is not my favorite expression – but this is a wait and see moment –  we have to wait and see “if” that’s going to come tomorrow and we go tomorrow or Thursday – or Friday – I don’t know if we have to wait  till Friday – it could be if we get notified in the morning then we could go tomorrow

So let’s just stay hopeful for that.

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