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MarkZ: "….all eyes are on tomorrow" (MarkZ's Fantasy Continues! LOL) 9/28/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "….all eyes are on tomorrow" (MarkZ's Fantasy Continues! LOL) 9/28/21

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MarkZ: "….all eyes are on tomorrow" (MarkZ's Fantasy Continues! LOL) 9/28/21 Empty MarkZ: "….all eyes are on tomorrow" (MarkZ's Fantasy Continues! LOL) 9/28/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Sep 28, 2021 10:01 pm

Member:  Good morning ….feels like the air is full of momentum.

MZ: On the RV front I am not seeing that mass movement of money that I am looking for at any moment. 

MZ:  I am still hearing from the Iraqi contacts that they still very much expect it this week. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling but also a bit nervous as there is such expectations for tomorrow over there. Cross your fingers and pray we are going to see it.
MZ:  I have not seen any bond movement yet this week. We did see money move with a few more traunches over the weekend. But yesterday was a nothing burger and today as well so far in Zurich.

MZ: No news on CMKX/CMKM diamonds except the expected name of the new company that will be handling the trust portion. I hear it will be called Star diamonds.

MZ: I hope we will have more news this evening….if not….all eyes are on tomorrow. .

Member:  Iraq is selling bonds which is huge Kuwait did the same thing right before they revalued

Member:  If Iraqi is selling bonds than the banks have to know about a new rate

Member:  Afghanistans financial system about to collapse….Breaking News.

Member:  do yall think Afghani currency will RV now that the country is in chaos?

Member:  What’s up with Charlie and Simons new post on Telegram. People are getting greedy?

Member:  The paymasters are being greedy n their negotiations holding things up.

Member:  ??? Any truth to the rumor that the bond holders are holding up the reset by holding out for more money ???

MZ: Some. I know it has caused some issues as they have had bond holders back and forth…deals are cut…they want to change it…..some say it has become a logistical nightmare. This is at the top levels …among nations going back and forth with bond buyers. Not us little currency holders at the bottom of the list.

Member: They are ruining it for all of us!

Member: Paymasters getting greedy…won’t they be caught when they try to steal from someone else?

MZ: Yes they will. Whats happening now is not necessarily stealing it’s just them trying to renegotiate and get the most that they can.

Member:  Simon Parks and Charlie Ward said yesterday that if people get too greedy, the pay outs could be shut down for all of us. We want a great rate, but greed can ruin it for everyone.

Member: I am so sick at being at the bottom of the exchange list…….while the top rich ones get paid and we keep suffering.

Member: It seems we are watching a bad movie , that never ends

Member: Remember….the more ridiculous it gets, the more the people are supposed to wake up. You are watching a movie.

Member: who cares about the sheep. they've had plenty of time to wake up

Member:  Some people will NEVER EVER wake up no matter what !

Member: Rip off the bandaid…shut down the fake news and tell everyone the truth…..that would wake them up…..sheesh.

Member:  Do we not have to wait for an event that hits the MSM for the rv to happen

Member:  we're waiting on an event? how many events have passed lol

Member: JUST DO IT…many are losing hope

Member:  Trying to stay positive but getting harder by the day

Member: Does anyone know when the EBS will go off?

MZ: I wish we did….We are all guessing. Noone knows the exact timing. I was told there are only 6-7 people who know in the world when they plan to actually release this. For security reasons they do not share this. All we can do is watch and wait.  We piece together information from many different sources..

MZ: We are right now watching Iraq as it is one of the biggest cogs in the reset machine.

MZ: We are also watching the bond markets, we look for an inversion of the bond market….and we look for collapsing economies….which we are seeing right now. We get information from banks and redemption centers to try to speculate on where we are and possible timing. 

Member:  Mark, any news on the debt ceiling? Are they or can they keep raising it??? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Member:  The Government will shutdown Oct 1st

Member: Oct. 1st the the first day of the new fiscal year in both Iraq and the US according to Frank26. One would think it has to go before then.

Member: I'm guessing the US will default, stock market crashes and then RV, or the news shows the US is going to default and stock market to crash, then the White Hats release the RV. Either of 2 options

Member:  yeah hearing a ton about the fiscal year of Oct 1 being important to things

Member: I pray us bottom feeding toothless crackheads will finally get to exchange by oct 1st. (At least that’s how the wealthy think of us)

Member:  We've been told to watch the next 2 days, the 28th/29th! Jewish days begin at Sundown, so I think this could apply!

Member: I have read the Dong will be VERY CLOSE in value to Dinar. correct or no?

Member: Mark has always said…..street rate would start about .47 and float up …but he expects we will get a rate in the lower $2 range with a contract rate.

Member: Thank you Mark and mods for all your hard work.

Boomer Bob joins the chat at the end….please listen to replay for his information….

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