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MarkZ Update (You Guessed It! Nada, Hearsay, And Lies LOL) 9/21/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Update (You Guessed It! Nada, Hearsay, And Lies LOL) 9/21/21

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MarkZ Update (You Guessed It! Nada, Hearsay, And Lies LOL) 9/21/21 Empty MarkZ Update (You Guessed It! Nada, Hearsay, And Lies LOL) 9/21/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:15 pm

Member: Are we there yet?

MZ: Overnight last night I did speak with a redemption contact….they are expecting to work this weekend….I take this as fantastic news…..they are being told this most likely will not be a fire drill this week.

MZ: I am hopeful this is finally ‘it”

MZ: Not seeing any package deliveries yet….but am hearing some very positive things. I have a number of paymasters in Europe who have appointments first thing tomorrow now, with expectations of funds on the bond side……Full funds not just portions.

MZ: On the currency side I have some paymasters with appointments late this evening. So some currency stuff is going on….This is where they have aggregated currency for groups…..I think tonight will tell us a lot. Are we on target…are we not????

MZ: If we roll into tomorrow morning without some solid word….we may be dragging again….but overnight the news was very positive. Most of my contacts feel we will see positive news over the next day or so.

MZ: Most are looking for news by this evening and I am very hopeful I will have solid news by tonights stream. I am tired of nothing burgers just like you guys….

Member:  how many nothing burgers have to cross the road...before it resembles a can being kicked down the road...

My WF contact says they are prepared to go.

MZ: I am still trying to track done news on the CMKX, PP’s side…but no one is talking…they have really clamped down…..most of the CMKX news came out of Reno and people are afraid of being dragged out in cuffs for talking.

MZ: My Homeland Security  contact says everything is prepared and they are just waiting on the “go”

Member: Sounds like heavy duty NDA’s to me

Member:  what's really going on w/ this RV ? just tremendous corruption still or what?

Member:  It’s very simple, go to QFS system, rv,gcr that will take care of all the rats.

Member:  China's Evergrand has significant investments in US that will be forfeit per EO. So it's tanking.

MZ: Article Evergrande could rock China’s entire economy….We have been talking about this for some time…They are 270%  of GDP and this a crash that will rock us here as well….especially with the exposure to real estate in China. One thing I did not know about Evergrande is the amount of financial institutions they owned as well.  I believe they own 120 some banks in China and another 120 or so financial institutions like wealth management locations like our Edward Jones and places like that.

MZ: This will have reverberating affects in the Chinese economy, which of course will spill into Europe as Europe is heavily invested in Chinese markets……and then  we have heavy investments in to the European markets …so this is all a domino effect setting us up for the reset we have been looking for…. Not the one the DS wants …but the one we want.

Member: I hope it happens before the end of the month.

Member: October 1st is the new US fiscal year…..I think it has to happen before then.

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