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MarkZ Update - Stop Emailing Him! (Awe...Is Mark Having A Hard Time Confirming His Lies? LOL) 9/20/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Update - Stop Emailing Him! (Awe...Is Mark Having A Hard Time Confirming His Lies? LOL) 9/20/21

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MarkZ Update - Stop Emailing Him! (Awe...Is Mark Having A Hard Time Confirming His Lies? LOL) 9/20/21 Empty MarkZ Update - Stop Emailing Him! (Awe...Is Mark Having A Hard Time Confirming His Lies? LOL) 9/20/21

Post by RamblerNash Mon Sep 20, 2021 9:44 pm

Member:  Good Morning, might be a good day the DOW is taking a dive

Member:  Dow is down 400

MZ: We did see some money movement over the weekend ….we saw a few more people get portions….more reports from the group side. These were small traunches…..they are expecting large traunches to start Tuesday evening.

MZ: Remember we always have a lag in the news on Mondays…….this is true today…..buckle up for tonight…we should have updates from homeland security from packages of settlements, CMKX and PP’s. I am hoping we hear of more money movement today or more for Tuesday.

Member:  How about the China default...and EU Default.....all banks sinking.....

Member:  Market Sell-Off happening! DOW is down 533+!!!

Member:  Silver and gold both down today as well

Member: Is this the crash or just a dip?

Member:  Yea Dow Jones just getting started on the slide

Member: Evergrande in China is defaulting….will cause the entire world to crash imo

Member…yes…China big corp going bust - may lead to their economy crash then spread worldwide?

MarkZ. Randy Koone on Dinar Recaps yesterday said Dinar will come out at Obama era levels of $1.00. What do you think of that?

Member: Maybe that is just the in country of Iraq rate and not our rates?

Member:  Mark,When NESARA-GESARA rolls out and all loans, mortgages, and credit card balances are wiped clean, will the balances of 401k loans balances be eliminated as well?

MZ:  Mc/ C has spoken about this and does not expect 401k’s to be affected at all. This was important to the Chinese banking families and they do not expect anyones retirement to go away..

Member:  Possible tsunami hitting our east coast. From volcano in the Canary islands….

Member:  the side of the volcano facing out to the atlantic is fractured and if it slides into the ocean it will create a tsunami

Member:  no big waves until island breaks in half and crashes 2k to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Member:  fissures underneath the volcano have made tunnels from previous eruptions (weakens the base)

Member:  Mark, on the upside, maybe the tsunami will take out Washington D.C.!

Member:  BREAKING – Three of five Tsunami Warning Buoys protecting the US east coast are OFFLINE and a fourth is malfunctioning, leaving only ONE buoy in the Atlantic Ocean to warn Americans.

Member:  the whole world is a mess

Member:  "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" ~ Voltaire

Member:  Mark if the debt ceiling does not get raised which we’re hoping that will happen that affect Social Security payments for more than a month

 Member:  Full Moon tonight in the US, and Equinox on Wednesday. Big alignments!

Member:  t’s a Full Harvest Corn Moon …..sounds like it’s time to harvest the corn!!

Member:  IMO: it will all happen at once. Shotgun start, , market crash, EBS. All coming THIS FRIDAY. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!

MZ: I have asked repeatedly for you all not to email me on weekends…..this was the largest amount I have ever received….its not humanly possible to read them……Im not even going to try……..if you send any emails on the weekends do not expect a response. I do not look at email on the weekend.  I am allowed time to spend with family.

Member. Please everyone show consideration for Marks time and stop emailing him constantly.

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