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MarkZ: "Money is still being seen but is being held up" (Oh? Can Anybody See It Or Is It Just The Scammers Who Do? LOL) 9/16/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Money is still being seen but is being held up" (Oh? Can Anybody See It Or Is It Just The Scammers Who Do? LOL) 9/16/21

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MarkZ: "Money is still being seen but is being held up" (Oh? Can Anybody See It Or Is It Just The Scammers Who Do? LOL) 9/16/21 Empty MarkZ: "Money is still being seen but is being held up" (Oh? Can Anybody See It Or Is It Just The Scammers Who Do? LOL) 9/16/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Sep 16, 2021 9:47 pm

MZ: Starting today with sad news….Strawberry …our mod…has indeed passed away from covid pneumonia. So, one more who doesn’t get to see the end of all this….or gets to see it from on high.

MZ: I am having a tough time with this one. Upset, sad, mad……we are here at the end and so many are not crossing the finish line. The PTB think noting about kicking the can and all of our pain and suffering does not figure into their days….To them we are nothing more that canon fodder….we just don’t matter.

MZ: The PTB need to get their heads out of their collective a**** and do the right thing. Control over the people is more valuable to them then the people themselves.

Member:  My condolences to Strawberries friends and family

Member:  Praying for Strawberry’s family

Member:  Let’s keep Strawberry hopes and dreams alive.

Member: Until the release med beds are also on hold.... people don’t need to die!!!!! Come on white hats

Member:  Crimes against humanity. How can Good Guys? Let this continue?

Member:  Mark are we just bunch of gerbils in a cage and the powers-that-be get their entertainment by the rumors of an RV and just get a Kick out of watching our reaction is this all a big game for them.

Saltytoes:  With a heavy heart I am posing this to announce that strawbrrywne Passed away.They were very poor. Her best friend Mary; is setting up a PayPal for the family and burial mschumock@gmail.com

Member:  My heart to all who lost someone today and yesterday and tomorrow

Member: She is on the other side participating in a new life. Only her physical body was killed. Just so dang sad and mad all at the same time.

Member: Strawberry is in a better place than we are

MZ: Not a whole lot on the RV front…I was really expecting fantastic news by this morning. Money is still being seen but is being held up. It is not being released to us at the lower levels.

MZ:We know that China is desperate…. in the news today China has announced that Evergrande has indeed defaulted. The CCP’s economy could indeed be days away from a complete collapse.

Member:  maybe Evergrand bankruptcy & 3 gorges dam will go together!!

Member:  Markets are currently plummeting

Member: Absolutely, Markets are Tanking

Member:  Evergrande will nuke CCP economy

MZ: Chinas Government announced that  Evergrande is defaulting on the bonds….This is the Lehman Brothers moment….and it just happened to fall on the anniversary of the implosion of Lehman Brothers. So watch China….i think it will be a interesting news cycle today.

MZ: China has to do something….they have no choice on this. They have to react. They are painted into a corner.  We are about to see some huge supply chain disruptions…..stock up and make friends with local farmers markets.

Member:  market crashes in the past happened on Friday or Monday.

Member: So what is the reason for the delays now?

Member: The reason for the Delay may be that the "Good Guys" may not be in Control as much as we have thought. Just a thought

Member:  So why havn’t the white hats with the military taken over to right the sinking ship????

Member:  I believe there are things we don't know that are very good reasons for the delays.

Member:  I read that the bad guys are robbing from Fed retirement accts to keep their crimes going

Member: the military has a plan and in war you MUST follow the plan! Yes there will be casualties! We may not like it but that’s what happens!

Member:  I really think this is a game that the powers-that-be are playing with the good gurus they're having their Brandy and cigars and laughing their butts off.. it's a game

Member:  we are in the days when good is called evil and evil is called good

MZ: Basically the white hats out there who are not pulling the trigger on this ….I hope you are seeing this pain and suffering and do what’s right and release this thing…..

Member:  Not sure how much more the good people of our country can take

Member: The big gut punch is coming. Remember, it’s all a movie.

Member: This movie and all the directors of this movie suck.

Member:  This might be a movie we’re watching but the blood is real!!!!

Member:  It's a rich mans game and we aren't in it, just pawns

Member:  I'm feeling something big is going down this weekend.

MZ: Many of us are upset that this has drug on so long….I am upset too.

Member: So will Iraq RI RV alone??

Member: Maybe Iraq and Vietnam will finally get mad enough and RV alone…….that may be our only hope.

Member:  and I'm tired of everyone saying it's going to get crazy at the end please tell me when this hasn't been crazy?

Member:  The Demonic Powers know that we want to do good with this money that's why they're influencing the powers-that-be to prevent it pray people God is greater than all demonic powers we must pray

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00…please listen to the replay for all his information…..

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