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MarkZ: "Somebody sent me pictures of some of the lower denominations from Iraq" (And He Can't Post Them? LOL) 9/9/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Somebody sent me pictures of some of the lower denominations from Iraq" (And He Can't Post Them? LOL) 9/9/21

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MarkZ: "Somebody sent me pictures of some of the lower denominations from Iraq" (And He Can't Post Them? LOL) 9/9/21 Empty MarkZ: "Somebody sent me pictures of some of the lower denominations from Iraq" (And He Can't Post Them? LOL) 9/9/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Sep 09, 2021 10:12 pm

MZ: the news I got overnight is the increased number of paymasters have been called in to Hong, Kong, Zurich and Reno.  By our count over a dozen additional ones have arrived in just Zurich alone.

MZ: My banking sources believe we will see it between the 10th and the 15th. This is Friday to mid week next week.

MZ: I have not heard anything negative but I am disappointed that we are not already paid.

MZ: There is very positive chatter out there….especially from those who are preparing for distribution of funds.

Member: RV months are April and September……. It must go this month or we are toast…. Just do it!

Member: How many paymasters are there?

MZ: There is a bunch…I don’t know the exact number. Think of them as being like a “esgrow agent”

MZ: Somebody sent me pictures of some of the lower denominations from Iraq…as small as the 50 dinar note…...just not of the really small ones. I will work on getting these posted as a screen backing for this evening.

Member:  Question MarkZ ... If MR C hasn't entered the codes as yet... how can bonds be paid i e Issacs in fiat currency

MZ: Bonds do not have to be paid in entirety in gold backed dollars. Fiat can be used….they are a a separate mechanism that the reset. This is for historic bonds……..now if we start seeing prosperity packages go...then you know Mr. C has done his job.

Member: Any news on the dong rate?

Member: I heard Dong rate will be .47-2.37 who really knows

Member:  Nick Fleming posted possible Dong rates at 13.00 + contract and 8.00 without

MZ: I still think we will see a low $2 rate. We have seen rates bounce on the screens as high as that….probably where those rumors are coming from…..

Member: Probably just testing or placeholder rates until the real rates are locked in….imo

Member: Let's not forget Rod Steele told us he knows people with SKRs on the Z notes with no humanitarian projects whatsoever

Member: Are the Bolivar going to be in the first basket and I heard the exchange rate will be 1.38?

MZ: That rate would make the Zim seems like nothing. I think the bolivar is in play…just no idea what the rate will be.

Member:  Mr C I believe stated rates for Dong .47-2.37, Dinar 3.85-20.00, and Zim .11-.70 on one of the shows. I could be wrong.

Member: Will we know the rates before we go into exchange?

MZ: I am hearing we may be signing some type of electronic NDA on the rate and that we will know before we go in…..If there is a NDA on rates….this would make sense.

Member: How soon after the RV can I buy a house?

MZ: You can buy one immediately after….but we belive that real estate prices will eventually reset to an early 1970’s level which will let you buy a lot more. You may want to wait and let the dust settle.

Member:  Dizzy always said that after the RV, prices would go back to the 1970’s

Member: When do you think this RV will happen? Do you have anything which will indicate when?

Member:  so does the dollar have to crash and burn before this happens Bo Polny is a time annalist and he believes that the dollar will soon be crashing

Member:  read that. Greatest crash in history.

Member:  Something bad in DC on the 18th? Rumors abound. Stay outta DC in September.

Member: Sat might be a big day the 11th or the 24th could be big days

Member: Nesara on 9/11 perhaps?

Member:  Is there any sense in our world anymore???

Member: If these are the last days before redemption/exchange - why does it feel more like a meat grinder instead of a blessing?

MZ: It does feel like a meat grinder..It feels like we are getting beat up left and right. They are going to extreme lengths to try to convince us we are losing. But I think we are winning.

Member: Do you and Mr. C still expect a crack down in Reno?

MZ: Yes and I think we are closer than ever. Mr. C will be joining us tomorrow.

Member: Any thoughts on the NDA?

MZ: I think and I am hearing that at this point the NDA will only be if you have Zim, or CMKX or if you have a prosperity package. I am not hearing we will have an NDA on regular currencies. But this could be wrong…..be prepared for whatever happens. But most of my bankers say, on regular currencies there will not be an NDA now. But if there is one it should only be about the rate.

Member:  I’ve gained too many pounds from the lockdowns. these nothing burgers are helping me get in shape.

Member:  Wimpy will pay you Zim Bank Note Tuesday for a Nothing Burger today.

Member: We need debt forgiveness, RV and Med beds now…..stop the delays……

Member:  Stay in prayer people because we don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything God bless you all keep up the good work brother MarkZ

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