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Post by Ponee Wed Sep 08, 2021 9:58 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Reply LINK   Intel Begins 1:02:50

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday September 7th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for coming everybody for tuning in once again –

Let’s talk about where we are it’s time to play a little game – and the game is what we know and what we don’t know - so we always start with what we know ha ha and some people say we know we have not arrived yet - we are not there yet – that’s true – we are not there yet and we thought we would be by now – I absolutely did not think we would have a call tonight – because of the information that we had over the weekend – especially and even before then - like last Friday – so ……..

This target is still moving – however what we do know is – let’s start with this – Iraq has an international rate – the currencies were off the screens Sunday and they came back last night (Monday) – all the currencies came up that we’re interested in – at around 9 pm Monday night – so redemption centers were dark over the weekend including Sunday and today they were scheduled to go in early before normal banking hours –

My understanding is staff did go in early and sent home around 1 PM – because no notifications had come out and they were there early to set appointments based on us being notified by email and me receiving the toll free number and getting that out –

So… do we have a ground hog day situation where the same thing refers to tomorrow or do we have a situation where notification and emails could generate tomorrow – I think it is very possible that this day was utilized for something else and not for our notification but we believe that things are moving along behind the scenes to where that is possible –

First of all the rates that were off the screens are totally on and my belief was that they would come on the screen last night at 9PM and lock in - and we understand for the people that have seen these – which we don’t know what they are - but the people that have seen them have commented to us that they would be really really good and we would be pleasantly surprised – not knowing what they are we just have to go by faith and get them when we get there –

However the other thing that’s pretty significant I think is the bond holders have been told and pushed like we have for our notifications they have been pushed by days or weekend at a time back – and what they thought they would have access to funds this morning at 10:30 am – NO that was not true – the funds for some bond holders are in their account – so they can see them their supervisory people / overseers can see the account and see the funds in the account – they have been told they would receive an email about mid morning tomorrow that would give them access to their funds for the first time –

This is not the whole kit and caboodle - this is the 1% or 1.2% or the 1.5% of their gross total value of their bonds they have been waiting for and even 1% or 1.5% in some cases significantly high and a very strong amount for them to have access to So….. here’s the parallel – this is kind of what we don’t know but believe may be taking place - if they are notified tomorrow mid morning are we parallel with that transaction and do we get notified with the toll free numbers with the emails we’re expecting in a similar fashion that they would be receiving in their emails tomorrow – for their liquidity – If that happens they have achieved what we call the shotgun start and I believe what goes along with that is we understand this is what we believe we know that the SKR’s (safe keeping receipts) that include a lot of tier 3 people and other exchanges that have taken place that are not really a part of a tier 3 or tier 4 situation – those SKR’s started to be paid out Sunday night Now those are going to continue and this could also include Fines & Penalties and some of the other adjudicated settlements – CMKX etc – that could also be part of what is talked about paying out from last Sunday night for the next approximately 14 days so that is going to vary obviously may be paying out first in and first out – I’m not sure what the program is going to be on that but we believe that we are looking still very good We don’t have confirmation about us getting notified tomorrow – that is what we don’t know –but we have some information that’s pointing toward that possibility – I’d like to call it a “likelihood” but I don’t feel that I can do that – honestly - I think we are very close – listen – we’ve got all new rates on the screens – the USTN currency for new 100’s – 50’s and 20’s United States Treasury Notes - are in the banks – and redemption centers for those of us that might want some cash and everything else is just as far as we can tell has been completed – as far as we can tell – that is the big variable – is there more that we don’t know – yes there is more that we don’t know - but is there more that has to take place – I don’t know – we can’t think of anything else – there is going to be some election results in the news I heard tonight that will be coming out shortly – maybe in the next couple of days that will provide some changes for everything - we’ll see how that comes out - and see what happens from that  I do believe their intention is to let this go and release everything – I thought well before the 11th but tomorrow is the 8th – now there you go - that is China’s favorite number – tomorrow is the 8th of September and the 11th is only 3 days behind it – so we are looking good I believe – and like I said - I was caught off guard that we were not notified today so we’re just going to have to ride this one out – we’ve got to ride this wave all the way in - don’t jump off the board too soon – ride it all the way in – This is strange because people are clamping up our sources have become silent for the most part – we’re going to need to become silent – we are going to be under NDA’s - we do not want to be in violation of the NDA’s - if we start talking about this – they could easily freeze our accounts and they could be out there trying to trip us after this goes – so we’re going to want to keep it on the straight and narrow - so don’t talk about this – Be excited in private – go about normal business - I think that is what I wanted to say tonight – the USN is live – we’ve had that for a number of days now and that was HUGE – it’s really important that we have that as an asset backed currency and all of the currencies in the world are going to be asset backed in some form or fashion to give their currencies the value and we should be able to take advantage of the exchanges and redemption of the zim And know that late in the Fall quite possibly we will be on par with many nations – meaning the rates for the other countries currency will be on par with the USN – our new dollar even Mexico where the peso is worth about a nickel right now is supposed to double when we get this thing started but eventually I don’t know how long the peso will be on par with the US dollar and all the currencies will be – the greatest wealth transfer is about to take place -


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