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MarkZ: "Well I can tell you conclusively that money did not flow today" (That's A BIG Clue That's It's A Scam! LOL) 9/7/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Well I can tell you conclusively that money did not flow today" (That's A BIG Clue That's It's A Scam! LOL) 9/7/21

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MarkZ: "Well I can tell you conclusively that money did not flow today" (That's A BIG Clue That's It's A Scam! LOL) 9/7/21 Empty MarkZ: "Well I can tell you conclusively that money did not flow today" (That's A BIG Clue That's It's A Scam! LOL) 9/7/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:55 pm

Member:  Here we go.....fingers crossed there is news!! .

Member:  I will take a NESARA / GESARA burger with a side order with RV Fries.

MZ: Well I can tell you conclusively that money did not flow today in Hong Kong and the middle east, Zurich or Europe ….yet.

MZ: They still have great expectations for today or tomorrow for those bond dollars being released…nothing out of the west coast or in Reno here in the US yet.   It’s just to early .

MZ: Treat today like a Monday …not much news until the afternoon….hopefully I will have more for you tonight.

Member: It’s so quiet…maybe we are in the 10 days of darkness?

Member: Do you still think this is our month?

MZ: I do….based on what we are seeing on the bond side I really think this is it.

Member: MARK, is there any truth to the claim that we must have a project to submit in order to get contract rate on dong and dinar?

MZ: Not according to my sources….they all say no except for the Zim . I have heard one key person in this game say that it may pertain to the dong as well……so its worth doing….it will take only a few minutes to get one prepared….a simple ne or two paragraphs on what you would like to do if you had big dollars. I do not think he is right about the dong but be a boy scout…..be prepared for anything. Prepare for all possibilities and then you don’t have to worry about it.

Member:  Should we exchange locally or in a different area?

MZ: I am going to exchange a little bit out of area…..I don’t want the local folks knowing what I have.

Member:  And  If you don't flaunt your wealth, you won't need to explain it other than to say you made some good investments.

Member:  If u want to stay under the radar with ur money, just say that you have been hired by a benefactor to do humanitarian projects.....

Member: My story will be that I got a job managing a trust.

MZ: That is an awesome idea and very accurate.

Member: Anything new about NDA’s?

MZ: I’m still hearing there may not be a NDA on anything other than Zim. But, we will not know for certain until we get there. I don’t think the NDA will be as brutal as everyone fears.

MZ: And make sure any bank accounts you have are “non discretionary” so they cannot play with your funds while you are sleeping…trying to make money or take risks on your fund s

Member: Can we ask for the rates on the back screens?

MZ: I am told that the all rates have been pre-determined….they are set. Fees are set. This is part of the treaty and there is no negotiating. This is what I have been told and I believe it to be accurate.

Member: I guess we really won’t know until we get there.

Member:  Question question what times if they don't make it by September 12th and the executive order 13848 expires?

Member:  What are German bonds and other bonds you keep talking about?

MZ: These bonds are historic bonds. Most are from world war 1 or WW2 …where they rebuilt countries ….mexican railroad bonds were sold to rebuild railroads…….and they  have not yet paid off these bonds. These are historic bonds. When settling and wiping debt off the books …they need to pay these real debts because people paid their hard earned money into those bonds to support those projects. This is part of the settlement process of the reset. They need to pay these historic bonds so they can start the new financial system with a clean slate.

MZ: CMKX is the stock ticker for CMKM diamonds . This was a settlement. This is money the US government and the banks owe to the shareholders. There were many news stories on it….it was basically the largest naked short of all time…..you can do a search for it on youtube…put in CMKX lawsuit.

Member: "Report from Wolverine: OK guys, the latest information I received, is that the F&P are over 70% ( need that verified). The German Bonds and Dragon bonds have been paid their 1% in the US only"

Member:  I also heard that Iraq was scheduled to sign an agreement with the UN this morning. The framework includes the white paper and the White paper includes the RV

Member: This waiting for RV is like chinese water torture!

Member:  just rip this bandaid off it might hurt at first

Member:  things can start at any moment. be ready ! stay positive !

Member: I am sure looking forward to prove to my family I’m not a gullible idiot for believing in the RV.

Member:  today is the feast of thee trumpets the return of the king also

Member: Hopefully the debt jubilee starts today as well.

Member: I hear Sept. 11th this year is going to have something big happen.

Member: Do we know if the Fed Reserve is gone yet?

Member: Federal Reserve created money out of thin air but created IRS to collect real money to pay interest on the fake money they created

Member: IRS is still around …..they still are collecting taxes.

MZ: I have been told the  IRS is being absorbed into the treasury. They don’t need as many people now and are shutting some IRS offices around the country. So instead of the IRS being an outside organization it will be a part of the US treasury and part of the US government where it should have been all along. Instead of a Puerto Rican collection branch for a European/London bank as it has been.

MZ: So the IRS will be absorbed by our new treasury and removed from its old management,  They will still need some IRS agents to make sure companies are properly reporting the Value added tax or sales tax. I am told they will be doing away with the income tax and it will basically be just taxes on our purchases. .

Member: Will our exchanges be taxes?

MZ: i am still being told this is a non taxable event…..but we will not know for sure until we exchange.

Member:  The aging process could be slowed down if it had to work its way through Congress.

Member:  I've got to stop saying 'How Stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a Challenge.

Member:  "Insane" is such a mean word. I prefer "Mentally Creative"

Dr Rich joins the stream today at the end….please listen to the replay for all his information…..

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