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MarkZ: "I have nothing new today... " (Lies Are Getting Tough To Make Up, Eh Mark? LOL) 8/31/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I have nothing new today... " (Lies Are Getting Tough To Make Up, Eh Mark? LOL) 8/31/21

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MarkZ: "I have nothing new today... " (Lies Are Getting Tough To Make Up, Eh Mark? LOL) 8/31/21 Empty MarkZ: "I have nothing new today... " (Lies Are Getting Tough To Make Up, Eh Mark? LOL) 8/31/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Aug 31, 2021 10:22 pm

MZ: Also there has been lots of chatter (I’m sure you see this on all the boards) that Iraq has started again with the massive TV campaigns about the education of the citizens and lower denominations. How they will use them ect……

Member:  I honestly think Dinar will go first. Don't understand the hold up

MZ: I have nothing new today on PP’s, CMKX , settlements….yet

Member:  Big rumour it will happen this week! What will happen we will see!

Member:  Labor Day next Monday.....could be a BOOM day!

Member:  I'm ready for the EBS to inform us that this circus show is over! But hopefully we are able to cash in before then and Nesara/Gesara is announced as well!

Member: Movies are supposed to entertain- if we are watching a movie- it’s a very sick one.

Member:  Folks this is a Battle Between GOOD and EVIL

Member: heard that they will not accept zim from 2008

MZ: All of my zim people, attorneys, paymasters disagree with that.  I think that is just fear mongering.

MZ: Also the rumors out there that you will not be able to exchange unless you have a trust….is misinformation and fear mongering imo.

MZ: If you have a trust…great……but when we get Nesara, many of these structures are going to change…90 % of current trust will require a correction…..tax structures, laws…will all change. Trusts are not required to exchange. Some Fear mongers are trying to sell trusts but you do not need one to exchange.

MZ: That being said…..let’s say Iraq goes ahead and revalues without the GCR…without the reset. They get frustrated and just go……could  you use a trust then?  Yes….but my suggestion is to do a tremendous amount of research. If you can afford one now…fine….and you can also do the research and set one up yourself if you take the time to earn.

Member: What does BRICS stand for?

Member:  Bric's British, Russia, India, China and South Africa that's the nations of brics

Member: How do I get notified when the RV starts

Member: You will see the news on Marks site, Dinar Recaps and the other dinar sites……it will not be a secret.

Member:  Any idea what the notification on Dinar recaps will look like? I’m wondering if YT will take yours down immediately. Will you put the info on your website with the links?

Member: Mark has said a hundred times he will have the info on his site with the links……

Member: Could the RV happen tomorrow.

MZ: I hope its tomorrow…..Noone on the boards  knows the exact date….there may be a small handful…maybe 3-7 people in the world that know the timing of this thing….the rest of us are guessing and speculating based on what we are hearing. I do not know the exact timing but am guessing based on banking, bonds, government sources and the news and financial sites. I am also an optimist so tend to look at things in a more positive light.

MZ: I personally don’t know how the negative people get through life. It must be terrible to be wrapped up in misery all the time.

MZ: I firmly believe our reset is a “When” not an “if”

Member: holly is expecting F&Ps today

MZ: I am not hearing that……but I am hearing its imminent…….

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