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Judy: "Tier 4B Internet Group would see exchange/ redemption release sometime between now and next. Tues. 31 Aug" (And Excuses Start On Wednesday! LOL) 8/29/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Judy: "Tier 4B Internet Group would see exchange/ redemption release sometime between now and next. Tues. 31 Aug" (And Excuses Start On Wednesday! LOL) 8/29/21

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Judy: "Tier 4B Internet Group would see exchange/ redemption release sometime between now and next. Tues. 31 Aug" (And Excuses Start On Wednesday! LOL) 8/29/21 Empty Judy: "Tier 4B Internet Group would see exchange/ redemption release sometime between now and next. Tues. 31 Aug" (And Excuses Start On Wednesday! LOL) 8/29/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun Aug 29, 2021 11:40 pm

Judy Note: According to our Military Intel Contact the Tier 4B Internet Group would see exchange/ redemption release sometime between now and next. Tues. 31 Aug.

On Fri. 27 Aug. the down-streaming of Tier 3-4A account funds finished.

On Sat 22 Aug. there was large global bank and financial industry meetings in Iraq involving all 207 participating countries. They were celebrating the Global Currency Reset.

On Sat. 22 Aug. Bond Holder notifications were set to go out, with liquidity on Tues. 31 Aug.

By Mon. 13 Sept. Tier 4B was to be finished exchanging so rates could be adjusted for the Tier 5 public start of exchanges on  Wed 15 Sept.

On Wed 25 Aug. GESARA began to be fully implemented, which resulted in the attack at the Kabul Airport on Thurs. 26 Aug.

The NESARA / GESARA public announcement was expected around 9/11: Sat. 11 Sept.

Sat. 28 Aug. Nick Fleming Group Call on False Information:

A lot going on right now. Afghanistan, with the soldiers, with military, a lot of misinformation going around. People are regurgitating old news today and it’s not the case. So many changes have taken place.

We’re at a point to where people that are putting out stuff about trusts, are wrong. People that are putting out stuff on procedures are wrong. This past week there were people that were called in and did test exchanges at $3.85 and there were 100’s.

We’ve had people that went into Chase and we know what they experienced, and we will share. The people that are under NDA’s are not talking about their exchange. Those who are under brokers, are under in a daisy chain and not talking.

The UST will hold your (Principal) accounts. Any banks we work with will be our preference. Each account holder will have a UST representative that can be contacted to support movement of money. Non-Interest-Bearing Accounts keep your name and assets out of eyes of the Banking System.

All Safelink Websites are the same. The person putting out the information, Bruce, Nick, IDC, they will all be the same. There are no changes between each.

There’s no need for Wealth Managers, because they’re focused on investing your dollars for profit. No profit will be needed on this asset because the UST will guarantee an annual return, paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

The Redemption Centers are all located IN THE BANK, and not outside. You decide when you make your appointment, which bank you will choose to do business with.

You can bring your TRUST EIN with you, and it can be Revocable or Irrevocable, doesn’t matter. One trust for each currency will be needed.

You will bring your EIN in to the exchange and information on Trustee, and you put your name. They will confirm you and use this to open account.

You can use the skeleton trust offered by the bank, not a problem.

There will be “International Rate” and “Contract Rate” and this is up to the bank, depending on your presentation and discussions.

Every bank will be charging fees, in addition to UST fee which is 2% of all currencies/bonds exchanged.

Although there were 23 currencies in the basket, now Afghanistan is removed. Everything else remains.

The ZIM BOND is now being treated like Zim currency. It will be exchanged with an “International Rate” and “Contract Rate”.

Contract Rate is only available for oil-producing countries. Including: VND, (Vietnam), IQD, (Iraq), VES (Venezuela), IRR (Iran), (maybe? Zim (Zimbabwe bonds)); and must accompany project outline and discussion.


All money will be held in USN, by the UST, except for operating capital, which you will place in a bank.

All deals you participate in will include discussions with both the bank and the UST, should the bank be involved.

NESARA will be slow rolled into existence. For now though, we will continue with the status quo, with IRS, with no taxes due on exchange, only on interest earned post exchange.

Exchange process has changed and now is even simpler. There will be NO NDA, unless you pursue contracts and even then, it’s possible that will be waived. The need for silence is your protection.

The Federal Government will all be changing, along with State and Local Government, once the Supreme Court determines that election fraud has been in place. All government will eventually change. This will take time. We may or may not see Biden Administration stepping down.

We are not waiting for the US or the Treasury, or anything else, because IRAQ has thrown the switch. This is done.

A lot of information is being regurgitated, much of this is new information as of yesterday, as such.

It will take 20 – 30 minutes to just set up accounts. They’re targeting 20 minutes.  Zim will be managed on the second appointment. Projects will be discussed in the second appointment.

Although facilitated by the bank, these accounts are being set up as off-shore accounts.

Where is the list where we can post our project ideas for others to participate in?

The list that will be made available when you go to exchange, are NGO’s, already approved and licensed under UN, World Bank, as qualified non-profits. No, you can’t post your project ideas for exchange – not at this time.

What if you want to split your Zim 50/50 – for projects allocation and the other 50% for your personal use?

Can’t do it. You have to take all your Zim in for projects, or all your Zim for personal, one or the other. You can work out what you want to do with your Private Banking contact, such as buying a home, or a car- even if you’re doing a project. Your project will pay you a nice salary and can hold your home and car. You will be able to manage everything you want to do.

Best bet is to get some other currencies now, to use for personal use, while you still can. Then, there’s no issue and no discussion.

What needs to be done to qualify for projects? Bring an overview in.

Zim Misinformation: Tony’s Intel call on Fri. 27 Aug. saying that you could only redeem 2009 Zim Notes and not 2008 Zim Notes was misinformation. We would have no problem redeeming the 2008 AA Zim Bond at Redemption appointments. The Zim Note was handled by the company, Bank World Notes, that carried the official contract on Zim Notes with Zimbabwe. They only produced the 2008 Zim notes for redemption and not a 2009 version.

USA Financial System Collapse Is Imminent!

History will be repeated, only this time it will be 10x worse. Donald Trump is right! Unemployment rate is actually much closer to an astonishing 40%.https://bit.ly/takeoverusanow

Now, inflation rates are calculated WITHOUT including food and gas – the two largest areas of all in our economy. The real inflation rate today, including gas and food, is actually much closer to a sky-high… 12%

This video will show you how to prepare for the coming financial system collapse. https://bit.ly/takeoverusanow

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