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MarkZ: "I start vacation tomorrow until the 29th so no scheduled streams" (Finally...A Break From The Lies... LOL) 8/24/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I start vacation tomorrow until the 29th so no scheduled streams" (Finally...A Break From The Lies... LOL) 8/24/21

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MarkZ: "I start vacation tomorrow until the 29th so no scheduled streams" (Finally...A Break From The Lies... LOL) 8/24/21 Empty MarkZ: "I start vacation tomorrow until the 29th so no scheduled streams" (Finally...A Break From The Lies... LOL) 8/24/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Aug 24, 2021 10:24 pm

Member:  Happy taco Tuesday everyone.

MZ: I start vacation tomorrow until the 29th so no scheduled streams….I will keep you guys updated though…..This is shaping up to be an important week for all of us. 

MZ: I will be taking my entire travel set up to stream from vacation as needed. I am prepared to show that “golden egg screen” if something big happens while I am traveling.

MZ: No dollars moved yet. My currency groups that had been hopes of a release in cash have been told it would be Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. So hopefully we will see something.

MZ: As of right now no large amounts have moved on the bond side in the last few days. Bond folks are still expecting something this week.

MZ: have not seen any movement on CMKX or settlement packages…..yet.

ISAAC 8/23/21 Hello, my 2 calls were rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, no liquidity as of today by HSBC Keep you posted tomorrow as soon as I finish

MZ: One of you guys checked in with a cool banking story this week. I have been getting a lot of these the last couple of weeks

MZ: So this person called a JP Morgan office in Florida to specifically ask about the currencies. They took a message and then called him back

MZ: Long story short…….They asked how much he had and told him he will be very pleased and to expect a call back from them early next week or late this week.

MZ: I have had a number of those bank stories lately with bank personnel reaching back to folks that have currencies and had checked in with them. A number of these calls happened the end of last week and beginning of this week and we are only at Tuesday now.

MZ: I wanted to share this bank story because so many people have lost faith as this has drug on for so long.

MZ;I firmly believe in my heart of hearts we will get our reset soon. Folks , please do not lose hope. 

Member:  Holly from Dinar recaps says that we have made it and this is our week.

Member:  8/31 -- truckers around the world -- possible strike

MZ: This is very important…..Guess what happens in a little over a week? Seven and a half million Americans will be losing All unemployment benefits….not some….but ALL. Of these seven and half million people, the majority are already in arrears of their car payments, their leases, their mortgages, foreclosures and all of that…..Look for a crazy financial migration in the us as those bills become due.

MZ: The perfect storm is lining up in the US in early September for a crash in our economy.

MZ: According to the World health Organization, we are now approaching up to 30% to 40% increase in the cost of food worldwide. They are trying to convince you there is only 5-10% inflation here in the US which is a bald faced lie. .

Member:  We've been stocking up like crazy here lately, preparing for the worst, praying for the best!

Member:  I honestly believe that the DS is doing as much damage as they can and holding the RV back as long as possible so that everything is screwed up. If we can’t have it nobody can mentality. Booo.

Member:  we have all reached a near-breaking point, I'm so done with this. I want to start living life again

Member: We are all very weary of this long, depressing wait. I really wish they would start arresting the deep state so we can start fixing our world. I really wish the white hats or military was actually doing something……If this is all a movie…..the director sucks.

MZ: There is a great piece out from Ron Paul about asset backed money/gold backed money…”The secret I learned from Ronald Reagan about gold and great nations “   https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/ron-paul-secret-ronald-reagan-told-me-about-gold-and-great-nations

Member: We all hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation Mark.

Member: I hope You and Mr. C are under a NDA by Friday…..

Dr. Rich joins the stream at the end…..please listen to the replay for his information….

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