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MarkZ: "No money movement but we have very good chatter right now" ("Good Chatter"? Who Wants Endless Guru Clatter? LOL) 8/20/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "No money movement but we have very good chatter right now" ("Good Chatter"? Who Wants Endless Guru Clatter? LOL) 8/20/21

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MarkZ: "No money movement but we have very good chatter right now" ("Good Chatter"? Who Wants Endless Guru Clatter? LOL) 8/20/21 Empty MarkZ: "No money movement but we have very good chatter right now" ("Good Chatter"? Who Wants Endless Guru Clatter? LOL) 8/20/21

Post by RamblerNash Sat Aug 21, 2021 12:44 am

Member: Looks like a GOLDEN morning Mark!

Member: May this be our last “broke” weekend!!!

MZ: No money movement but we have very good chatter right now.

MZ: My 2 redemption center contacts say they are on call in hopes of being called in this weekend. They are looking for a very busy week this next week. I think that is the push right now and based on what I am hearing from the bond side……they are looking for full liquidity the very first of the week.

MZ: Lets hope this finally gets us over to the end. I have no news on currencies….we are in a waiting pattern for this to all release at once.

MZ: I do have a DHS contact (Dept. of Homeland Security) say that they are geared up and prepared for package deliveries starting Sunday….so that is a possibility. We will have to see if that actually occurs and they quit stalling this thing. God knows we all need it.

Member: Judy: Bruce: Several sources said that they were making more arrests that has pushed out the Tier 4B (Us, the Internet Group) start date.

Member: Judy: During Congressional vacation Aug. 6-7 arrests started of people in Congress. Aug. 11 arrests started of Big Tech people.

Member:  I feel we are closer then ever. Especially since my bank is onboard with exchanges.

Member:  Seems to me, we need the QFS in place before we redeem or exchange. This makes the most sense otherwise not a lot of protection for your funds

Member:The Central Bank is D.O.A. and not going to continue when the QFS is completely underway....and yes, we will have new physical currency, as well.

Member: my understanding the qfs keeps track to penny of all transactions including names and acct #'s, no more account theft or fraud.

Member:  Question: Redemption center are at banks. Banks like offices are big grapevine. Wouldn't tellers know and spread Dinar and Dong info nationwide and most tellers and bank employees be in the RV tip?

Member:  Lowly tellers woudn't be in on the info before it happens, I don't think.

Member: Noone at my branch or WF knows anything about the reset yet.

Member:  Hi Mark, It is happening. This morning my taxes owed for 2019 $2905 were zero this morning. I owe nothing!

Member: so taxes will be forgiven also ?????

Member: I hear Income tax will be eliminated

Member: I hear IRS employees already being retrained to transition to the Treasury

Member:  The new Treasury is in Reno...

Member: Eventually  currencies will be at Parity 1:1 worldwide or as close to 1:1 as possible  worldwide

Member: No debt wipe on this end.................

Member:  Mark Z. Today the Education dept. Cancels 6 Billion dollars of student loans.

Member: MARKZ, are the credit card being forgiven like Synchrony Back or big cards lime Discover, Capitol One, Master Card?

MZ: All of the above. It seems like the debt forgiveness is random….not seeing much logic to it. We have seen it from 5/3rd, Capital and Chase……we’ve seen mortgages wiped, I believe it could be a testing of the system. A priming of the pump to see how it will affect things.

Member:  Waiting on the debt free jubilee!

Member: So nothing new on rates?

Member:  We won't know the rates on all currencies and zim until we get in to our appointments. Everything is speculation at this point. Anything above what you paid is a true blessing

Member: September is looking to become the Bermuda Triangle of 'happenings'........

MZ: Some folks are looking as far out as mid- September for the RV….I am not. None of my sources are hearing that at all. They all think it is sooner than later. 

Member:  I believe RV happening this month

Member:  Someone explain the baskets? I have Zim, Dong and Dinar. Will all that be redeemed at one time OR do I need to separate appts?

Member: Zim, Dong and Dinar will be in the first basket of 23 countries .

Member:  Zim dong and dinar are all in first basket and you redeem exchange at the same time…

Member:  You'll be able to exchange it all at your appointment. IF a second appointment is needed, it will be project or account related.

Member:  If in doubt bring all your Zim, dinar , ding etc... with you to the bank

Member: What exactly are the tiers?

Member: There are 5 Tiers of folks Exchanging. Tier 1-governments and royalty Tier 2-whales-elite with platforms of currency, corporations, etc. Tier 3-Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, large church groups (like the Mormons), etc. Tier 4-all the hundreds of thousands paying attention to intel - internet groups(all of us). Tier 5- those who never paid attn - the general public.

Member: Really looking forward to Nesara/Gesara.

Member:  All lands must be returned to their rightful owners.. U S withdraw return the land to Afghanistan people. GESARA

Member:  GESARA/NESARA helps everyone

Member:  What do you really need in your life? Food, family, friendship. A home to call your own. That is prosperity, peace of mind, happiness and true joy! God Bless You All! WWG1WGA!

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00. Please listen to the replay for all his information .

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