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Fleming: "...the imminent shotgun release & T4B start between now and next Tue 24 Aug" (Now It's Next Tuesday Again. More Proof He Just Makes Things Up! LOL) 8/20/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming: "...the imminent shotgun release & T4B start between now and next Tue 24 Aug" (Now It's Next Tuesday Again. More Proof He Just Makes Things Up! LOL) 8/20/21

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Fleming: "...the imminent shotgun release & T4B start between now and next Tue 24 Aug" (Now It's Next Tuesday Again. More Proof He Just Makes Things Up! LOL) 8/20/21 Empty Fleming: "...the imminent shotgun release & T4B start between now and next Tue 24 Aug" (Now It's Next Tuesday Again. More Proof He Just Makes Things Up! LOL) 8/20/21

Post by RamblerNash Sat Aug 21, 2021 12:27 am

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr Fleming’s sources saying all behind the scenes are excited at the imminent shotgun release & T4B start between now and next Tue 24 Aug, though arrests & clean up this past week were part of what took longer; he is confirming the Afghani will no longer be in the RV basket partly because of the current chaos in Afghanistan.
. ..He confirmed that bankers and redemption center personnel are excited that they may be called in tomorrow Sat 21 Aug to start us in T4B then, but any time between now and next Tue 24 Aug is the current window, because:
[2:55 PM]
. .. (1) DoD has released the security codes to the banks to be input under the direction of the military security teams between now and next Tue 24 Aug, and
. ..(2) bond holders, whales, and adjudicated settlement sovereign groups are being told by UST their liquidity will be fully accessible by next Tue 24 Aug and
. ..(3) ZIM platforms paying out ONLY AFTER T4B is started are being told that on Wed 25 Aug their recipients can be notified to access their liquidity;
. ..(4) Test exchanges and tests on the 800# Safe Link have been underway as last minute preparation for starting T4B globally as one of Mr Fleming’s sources reported:
[2:56 PM]
. .“Good afternoon Nick, a friend who is in RENO informs that in a RENO sector they are doing tests with the SAFE-LINK to many people to measure the response time of the SAFE-LINK computer, and see how many people they can quote for each zip code to avoid crowds and all is well. I also heard TEXAS SNAKE refer to this issue.”
. ..Our guy also confirmed the following from one of Mr Fleming’s sources:
. .”Hi my wonderful friends I have incredible news to share with you and I’m sure many are going to start crying or celebrate. The RV is nearly here my dear friends.
. .“This just came in from Washington DC and they have indicated that Dubai 1 & Dubai 2, Tier 1 ,Tier 2 were all done except for the other Tiers which are in process of entering the codes.
. .“The transferring of funds [into T3-4 accounts] shall be within 24 hrs from now.
. .“May GOD be with you my dear friends as our journey is about to become a reality!”

August 20, 2021

It was on Wednesday, the 18th, that we finally heard from many directions, that our Hallelujah moment had arrived. The point of no return. The end of any possibility of bottlenecks, or stall was finally here… IRAQ AND KUWAIT, had merged and were once again ONE SOVEREIGN NATION STATE with ONE CURRENCY. The “Kuwaiti Dinar” was going by the wayside, being absorbed and the gold backed, Iraq Dinar, taking over as the National Currency. CONGRATULATIONS TO IRAQ!

It was Wednesday that actually began the culminating moment for Tier 4B when Iraq IQD exchanges become (sort of) viable. “Sort of” is the best way to describe this because as mandated by IMF protocols, the US had 72 hours from the first notice, to acknowledge this national currency change. The clock started on the 72-hour countdown, beginning at 6 AM this past Monday morning, when Iraq notified their people that they had a new rate for the IQD. This happy news was announced in the mosques. It was also blasted on TV. Shown on digital billboards everywhere. Announcing that IRAQ HAD A NEW CURRENCY RATE.

Like clockwork, starting on Wednesday, there were multiple confirmed exchanges taking place in US, in various states, all with Chase Bank, in Virginia, in Michigan, Massachusetts, there were many reports in California; all confirming IQD exchange had taken place – without NDA. Reported exchange rates for these people were around $3.85, US for each (1) Golden Dinar which had been the (FOREX) rate for Kuwait Dinar.

These “test exchanges” were not for the public.

Nick Fleming, [20.08.21 16:00]
The “international rate” today, however for KEY Card holders here in US, was $19.80. “KEY Cards,” are the Iraq government/banks issued debit cards, for Iraqi nationals, those that hold dinar in bank accounts, in native (IQD) state, and those that receive pension payments. The IQD/USD exchange rate on Key Cards today, for these people is reportedly $19.80 US. How could that be? There’s a huge disparity in $3.85 vs $19.80 USD. Maybe this is the difference in USN vs USD? The gold-backed, US dollar note will likely be 3 times as valuable as the present (devalued) fiat dollar. Our exchange will be in USN – with only a portion given initially, in fiat (present day dollars), and the rest held on account in digital format, waiting for the public announcement. We can hope this announcement is today.

It was all about IRAQ, all week long. Iraq did what they had to do. This was the MOABs. We heard that all we were waiting for was the new rate in the GAZETTE. Once that was accomplished, then, no more delays. It was official. Did the rate get published in the GAZETTE?

DOES THIS RATE REALLY NEED TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE GAZETTE? Yes, it has to be obviously stated publicly and according to their law, published in this official Gazette. Also, in the bank, on FOREX, everywhere, in order to be validated and easily exchanged as in Tier 5 – public.

This published rate is not required, however, for our REDEMPTION/EXCHANGE CENTER, Tier 4 exchange. BUT, UST must deliver codes to the Centers, that can support this redemption/exchange protocols. These “codes” define all of the particulars in our exchange.

IRAQ did RV. The world had 72 hours to validate and verify this fact. Proof that this happened commenced Wednesday – through today, with reported test exchanges. Any banks that are managing GOLDEN DINAR international exchange, must begin to support this globally honored, lawfully exchanged foreign currency.

The schedule:
(Reportedly) banks are training on the exchange protocols this weekend before the start.

To all those who have managed to establish a foreign currency desk, with IQD on account, congratulations! To all those who have a relationship with Wealth Management, set to notify once the IQD is viable, congratulations to you! Today this was verified as happening in Chase Bank, in California. Tomorrow we expect this all across the US. Then, it’s congratulations to us all!

Remember, now that IRAQ ( the RV LINCHPIN) has fallen into place, everything should fall into place, like clockwork.

No one country will have advantage over the rest. We’ll have an even playing field and everyone will be advantaged.

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