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MarkZ Evening Update: "Before a reset they have to clean the books of old debts" (Holy Crap!!! That Will Take Decades! LOL) 8/17/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Evening Update: "Before a reset they have to clean the books of old debts" (Holy Crap!!! That Will Take Decades! LOL) 8/17/21

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MarkZ Evening Update: "Before a reset they have to clean the books of old debts" (Holy Crap!!! That Will Take Decades! LOL) 8/17/21 Empty MarkZ Evening Update: "Before a reset they have to clean the books of old debts" (Holy Crap!!! That Will Take Decades! LOL) 8/17/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Aug 18, 2021 10:00 pm

Member: Good Evening Everyone!

MZ:  Brent Johnson is here tonight to give us the news he got yesterday. Brent Johnson is with “Freedom Radio” . he has a call Tuesday nights at 9 pm est…..you are able to ask him questions on these calls.

BJ:   I’s a pleasure to be with all of you tonight . Mark is one of the key players on what’s going on….and there are relatively few out there that provide credible info and credible intel, and Mark is one of them. Thank you for having me on….

BJ: I just got off the line 15 minutes ago with a source who is a broker and deals with Historic bonds…German Bonds, Dragon Bonds…all of these….This is someone who deals with the “big guys”. Those with multi billion dollar boxes. .

BJ: I know Mark spoke the other day about confirmation of certain bonds, and the bond holder receiving funds….. I just got word from this broker and can tell you with absolute assurance that we now have multiple bond holders who have “Gone Liquid” . Their funds are spendable. This is just a start but this is probably the most significant piece of intel that I have been able to share in a long time.

BJ: Their funds are now liquid. They can go to their bank and withdraw funds in cash for $10, $100, a thousand bucks, a million bucks…….whatever they need

BJ: We have been hearing for a long time that funds were in place with the paymasters for fines and penalties ect…those funds have not been liquid.   This is the first confirmation of liquid funds..and it has been triple confirmed.

BJ: There are 2 infinity paymasters ….. 2 in the entire world. I could tell you their names , but I won’t. They are in Zurich. These infinity paymasters pay all the other paymasters. These 2 are at the top of the paymaster pyramid. They have just received tremendous amounts of liquid cash to be distributed…..to be sent to the end users, the recipients. This is for full funding and full liquidity.

BJ: So the dam has burst. That’s the news…..the dam has burst.

BJ: We all know that everything has been in place for awhile….We have all known that waiting on the liquidity has been the main thing. We have been waiting on liquidity and the initial breakthrough has happened. Once it happened you can’t stop it. Once it happened everything else will roll along with it.

BJ: We can now expect the confirmation on fines and penalties , which had been funded , but we expect to hear shortly the confirmation that the F&P’s have been paid.. This includes the CMKX, Farm Claims, Indian claims. We expect confirmations at any moment.

BJ It is possible that notifications for the Tiers could go out tonight . We don’t know for sure but its reasonable to consider that we should have confirmations on a number of these thingswithin the next day or so.

BJ: We are moving folks, We are really truly moving…..So here is to all the naysayers and those who have given up hope. .

BJ: I have been specifically told that I cannot discuss details of the actual event, but I will tell you this. When the notifications go out , those who are in groups should get email notifications. To those of you who purchased your assets online….you also will probably get email notifications. Everybody else will get an 800 number. There has been talk about a safelink website but do not have any confirmation of that yet.

BJ: When you contact “whoever” to make your appointment, if it’s an 800 number you will probably not speak with a human. Unless you have extenuating circumstances then you should be able to talk to a human.  All they will be asking you for is a zip code and maybe your name….that should be it. It is possible you will be asked what currencies you have, but never tell them the amounts . The indications I got was they were not even going to ask what you have.

BJ: The real important thing is your zip code. Your appointment will be set within 50 miles of the zip code you provide.  I don’t recommend that you go to your appointment in your home region. It’s more convenient but less private. You don’t want everybody in your neighborhood to find out about this.

BJ: You are about to enter a world of high wealth. When you do that there will be a big target on your back. There are people who make a living targeting these people. So privacy will become important.

BJ: So my recommendation to all of you is to not go locally to your appointment. So give them a zip code where you want to go to exchange. And that is where you will end up going.

BJ: If you are asked for personal information on the phone…you should hang up…I’m not kidding you. If you are asked for serial numbers, if you are asked for your home address…I would hang up and verify with others whether or not this is a valid number before you call them back.

BJ: There will be people out there who may try to interfere…smart people with good resources. So if anyone asks for personal info….you should have a yellow flag go off. We do not want any of you caught in the net of bad guys. And they are out there.

MZ: That was Brent Johnson with the latest he has. He has high level contacts at the Top tier banks. We all hope its accurate because it sounds very exciting.

MZ: My bond folks got access to a little more but nothing substantial yet. I have not seen Dubai 1 move either…yet.

Member: Why ar we waiting for historic bonds…

MZ: This is part of cleaning the books . Before a reset they have to clean the books of old debts. Like CMKX, settlements and bonds have to be paid. They are settling old debts and erasing fraudulent debts. Many bank loans will be wiped because they were not legitimate to start with….the money for the loans was never in the bank. They just created it out of thin air.

MZ: But historic bonds were settlements …like we need to settle with the farm claims …and indian claims. So they are cleaning out the old books and its an easy way for us to determine what is happening. There are similar programs all around the world . We have German bonds from the end of WW2, , Railroad bonds, Chinese Dragon bonds, Mexican gold bonds. There are a number of historic bonds that need to be settled.

MZ: It appears we are at the very end of this………thank you all for joining us

Member Thanks so much to both Brent and Mark for all the valuable information tonight.

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