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MarkZ Now Claims It Didn't Happen...Again (Well DUH! Watch It Not Happen Again...Again! LOL) 8/17/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Now Claims It Didn't Happen...Again (Well DUH! Watch It Not Happen Again...Again! LOL) 8/17/21

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MarkZ Now Claims It Didn't Happen...Again (Well DUH! Watch It Not Happen Again...Again! LOL) 8/17/21 Empty MarkZ Now Claims It Didn't Happen...Again (Well DUH! Watch It Not Happen Again...Again! LOL) 8/17/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Aug 17, 2021 10:25 pm

Member: Happy Taco Tuesday!!!

Member:  Good morning to all! Hoping we get good news today!

MZ: Once again My bond folks who thought they were going to access to their entire 800 million , still only have access to a few million of it.  We are still waiting today to see if they get full access or not.

Member:  I thought that bond people couldn't have total liquidity until T4B gets notifications? 

MZ: There is a lot of static and tonight Brent Johnson will give his take on it at 7:05 est. We will talk about Dubai 1 and possible release, and what he is hearing from Iraq.

MZ: I am hearing this is squarely in the crosshairs to release D1. If they do that we are going to have CMKX, a new reinstatement of value in Iraq on the dinar, all those things ….so watch it and try not to get to keyed up.  We have been disappointed before. But, it does appear we are in a good place.

MZ: At this point I think they are afraid that if they don’t move forward and pull the trigger with all the instability in the region that they will lose all the reforms and progress they have made in Iraq. Of course they are now worried about the infiltration of the Islamic state getting a bigger foothold in Iraq.

ISAAC 8/16/21 LAST NIGHT. Hello I will Have tomorrow 3 very important cc. Keep you posted. 

Member: Who or what triggers Dubai 1 liquidity?

MZ: I wish I knew the answer to that..

Member: If D1 is released will bond payouts start in ernest?

MZ: yes. It will cause a cascade of events that will move very quickly. My guess is that within 24 hours of this we will be able to start setting our appointments.

Member: What happens if D1 is released and Mr. C has not been paid yet?

MZ: I don’t think that will happen but in case it does…..in case they have changed the protocols …we would move forward and they would be paying Mr. Cottrell another way.

Member:  I read that Reno bankers are quitting because they have not released it yet. Any truth to this?

MZ: Yes…a number of paymasters have now gone home and said when they are willing to give money…they will come back. They are done with the ups and downs and them crying “wolf” . This should not affect anything.

Member: Guess they can hop a plane when its time….better then living in a hotel with nothing to do but be frustrated.

Member:  My major bank trained all their major tellers how to exchange currency at their corporate office several months ago. I have a relative works out of that office.

Member: I see no evidence of an RV coming.

MZ: guess you havn’t been paying attention to the news coming out of Iraq…lower denomination training of the Iraqi citizens……..or read all the articles and watch the economists talking about the Global Currency Reset, the end of fiat money, new Basel 3 banking requirements…….there is so much proof out there…….

Member:  I hear mosques in Iraq got rv announcements on Sunday the 15th

Member:  Frank26 gave you a big shout out last night Mark Z ….said he didn't know you but acknowledged you in a good light

Member: Do you know what the rate will be for the Pengo?

MZ: I know the Hungarian Pengo will be included in the basket…but I have not heard any rates.

Member: Anything new on dinar or dong rates?


Member: Thanks Mark for everything….We know you will come back if anything big happens before tonight.

MZ: I absolutely will……

Member: I sure am tired of everyone I know thinking I am nuts for believing all of this

Member: We are all nuts til we're not lol

Member:  Yes we are known as the nutballs lol

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