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Holly Update - Goes On Another Rant (LOL) 8/5/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Holly Update - Goes On Another Rant (LOL) 8/5/21

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Holly Update - Goes On Another Rant (LOL) 8/5/21 Empty Holly Update - Goes On Another Rant (LOL) 8/5/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Aug 05, 2021 10:10 pm

The news yesterday was the bonds are to be liquid today.

I heard F&P’s should be released at the same time. Liquidity is a big deal!

Never, ever give up.

This is a transition not a transaction.
Holly Continued……..

Our world has been fabricated from lies. The people are finally waking up to the lies and manipulation that creates this reality. The elites paper world is coming down and nothing can stop it.

The people are on to their manipulative games where the elites are always the winner no matter what side they are on. We the people have been used our entire lives so “they” could profit off of our labor.

The world is waking up. We are coming out of the coma they put us in. Let’s look at some of the lies our society is built on:

1. Government - our government is corrupt. Politicians are corrupt and work for their benefit not ours.

2. Pharmaceuticals-This is a rigged system. Drugs are over priced and they are created to make us sick. A pill may cure one thing but create additional diseases.

3. Media- this industry is told what to say. It is a scripted narrative globally. They tell us what they want us to know and never tell us the truth. All lies and it’s the fake media.

4. Financial- our financial sector is built on lies and manipulation.

5. Banking- The global banking is a a cartel. It is a manipulative game that keeps us debt slaves. They rig the system creating more and more debt for us.

6. Federal reserve- A fraudulent agency that is not even a government agency. It’s a private agency robbing you from your money for a century.

7. IRS-Another fraudulent agency to rob you. They are the mafia of the federal reserve.

8. Stock market-A rigged, corrupt system that plays both sides to profit only for the elites. The little guy is to lose.

9. Religion- Our religion is corrupted and another lie. When the truth comes out as to what they really have been doing, that will be difficult for most.

10. Education- This got hijacked and the purpose now is to dumb your kids down. Establish an institution learning and keep you locked in that system

11. Prison- Another corrupt system. They lock people away who should not be to make money on the prison system.

I could go on and on as everything in our society is a lie, rigged and corrupt. When you see this, you see all the other lies around you. When enough people wake up, they can not control us any longer and their system comes crashing down.

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