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MarkZ: "On the RV front it is very quiet" (Duh! The Lies Are Slowing Down LOL) 8/5/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "On the RV front it is very quiet" (Duh! The Lies Are Slowing Down LOL) 8/5/21

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MarkZ: "On the RV front it is very quiet" (Duh! The Lies Are Slowing Down LOL) 8/5/21 Empty MarkZ: "On the RV front it is very quiet" (Duh! The Lies Are Slowing Down LOL) 8/5/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Aug 05, 2021 10:00 pm

Member:  My humanitarian project will be to provide burgers to everyone who has been living on nothing burgers!

MZ:   On the RV front it is very quiet…..none of my bond people received any funds today .

MZ: I have not heard anything from Isaac…he had been expecting funds today from some of his bonds….let me know if he posted anything today.

MZ: I was hoping to have more news for you tonight…..there is nothing negative….Lots of good stuff coming out of Iraq. They are implementing the white papers and moving forward with values.

Member:  I told you all I spoke with a Chase banker a couple weeks ago and asked about rv. She didn't answer, but today I received a flyer asking me to become a "Private Client" with a $2,000 bonus

MZ: They know it’s coming…….they can smell it coming at this point.

Member:  When it happens, everything will happen fast. Just keep calm but be ready.

Member:  Mark just…just press the damn button and get his RV started

Member: I wonder if QFS happens BEFORE all the political stuff and scare events occur?

Member:  Break down of Politics. Poly = multiple, Tics = blood sucking parasites. Rather Apropos to me.

MembersL:  White papers….what are they?

Member:  The White Paper is a paper (in this case, in Iraq) which lists plans of changes to be made within their country and economy.

Member: Who is Isaac?

Member: Isaac has appointments at HSBC

Member: Isaac is a member here who lives is Peru and is redeeming bonds in Zurich…….he gives us reports occasionally.

Member: When his bonds get liquidated, we're next!

Member:  Where would exchanges take place in Hawaii?

MZ: I am told on the main island. I was also told from a contact there they plan on arranging transport if you are on one of the other islands ..to get you there. I was told there will only bo one exchange center in Hawaai.

MZ: Egon von Greyerz via GoldSwitzerland.com did a good article on “Farewell to yet another failed monetary system” We are getting ready to see a celebration . August 15 is 50 years since Nixon took us off the Bretton woods or gold standard currency. Good article….this fiat currency is coming unglued

MZ:  https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/farewell-yet-another-failed-monetary-system

MZ: Hopefully we will have news for tomorrows stream on the bond front…possibly the banking front….my redemption center contacts are still prepared but they have not been given any set schedule…yet….…My question for them is if they are planning on working this weekend….if they arn’t this will tell us a lot.  It will tell us if we can relax this weekend even if we are still poor.

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