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MarkZ: "I have a military intel contact saying it will be after the 21st" (Watch! That Wont Pan Out Like All The Other BS! LOL) 8/3/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I have a military intel contact saying it will be after the 21st" (Watch! That Wont Pan Out Like All The Other BS! LOL) 8/3/21

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MarkZ: "I have a military intel contact saying it will be after the 21st" (Watch! That Wont Pan Out Like All The Other BS! LOL) 8/3/21 Empty MarkZ: "I have a military intel contact saying it will be after the 21st" (Watch! That Wont Pan Out Like All The Other BS! LOL) 8/3/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Aug 03, 2021 9:55 pm

Member:  Good morning! Hoping to be out of Groundhog Day soon!

Member:  Must be a Taco Tuesday or Magical Tuesday or Tequila Tuesday or…

Member:  Why can’t this thing pop already?

MZ: Well lets talk about the short, the skinny, the good, the ugly. We did not see any bond dollars yesterday. It’s interesting because I have 2 people well connected with the bond market…they checked in and they are hearing something similar to what I heard….there was a problem with some yellow dragon bonds and somebody in a South American redemption area was causing issues.

MZ: Hearing this is the reason we don’t have money moving on the bond side…..Also hearing they are working hard to correct this and they are still expecting liquidity on the bonds this week. This is coming from some of my absolute bond contacts.

MZ: Unfortunately this is where we are at. We don’t control it.

Member:  I feel for these bond holders who are constantly  to expect liquidity on a certain day  then absolutely nothing happens……they have to be going crazy…

MZ: I have a military intel contact saying it will be after the 21st but he can’t tell me why until he sees me in person…So I am curious about this and what there thinking process is.

MZ: I still believe we will see it before then.

Member:  test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) FEMA WEBSITE THIS 8/11/21

Member:  Aug 21 is 10 days past Aug 11 which is the National EBS Test @2 Eastern / Assange Trial / Mike Lindell Conf. 10 days could be of darkness (Internet down)

MZ: If they do decide t lock us down again using covid as an excuse…it may be good to have emergency rations on hand…go shopping this week if yu can. ….it also may be a good cover for our exchanges.

MZ: Way back when when this thing first started. I was told one of the ways they planned on covering it up was to have a lock down….make all the government changes while things were shut down. Then they have  disclosure while everyone is home to watch their televisions with the EBS….…..

MZ: Things may get cloudier and spookier….Don’t think it’s the end of the world. Be prepared but don’t panic.

Member:  Bo Polny said the timeline shows that 8/22 is going to be an important date

Member:  Rod Steel did say August 13th. Friday the 13th! Yikkes……

Member:  People are always saying a certain day is important, then the day comes and goes without notice.

MZ: No updates on CMKX except they are prepared and the Fines and Penalties have been updated…but no idea when the plan is to release those yet.

MZ:  On the redemption center side my contacts are still “on call”.  They tell me they will be there within hours as soon as they are given the “GO”.

Member:  I wonder if  the Chinese elders still feeling good about everything since they wanted this done in July? Do you have any contacts on that end?

Member  I am hearing/rumor that everything will be released at the same time. including the general public. Not just Zim, dinar.

MZ: There are a lot of articles about Zimbabwe out this week ….many articles out on the changing monetary system….and we know that the US is pushing for a gold backed digital currency by October…..Epic times did a piece on this ……we know they are pushing for it…..

MZ: India has released a digital payment solution….the  e- rupee on August 2nd.…..Prime Minister Mahdi announced this and this is another piece we are watching. From the Government of india the e-ruhpee launched yesterday.

MZ: I believe we are watching digital asset backed currencies roll out right before our eyes. They are doing in low-key without a lot of fanfare. Just quiet little announcements as they launch these around the world.

Member: I remember the Bahamas, China, Russia, indonisia and several others have also announced digital asset backed currencies this year.

Member:  Also, The actual implementation of the economic reform plan begins in Iraq August 2, 2021 news article.

Member:  In other news…500 American flights cancelled in ONE day… they’re trying to keep it quiet

Member:  Spirit airlines cancel over 250 flights

Member:  So why are they are canceling flights?

Member: Maybe no one can afford to travel anywhere……

Member:  I think this RV is being held up by the current regime and a bunch of Congressmen and Senators who do not want us to have money.

Member:  I think the only way this RV is going to happy is pull a Iceland type revolution. Then we will have control of our government and country.

Member:  Government should be limited. They work for us!

Member:  A healthy distrust of government is paramount to a free society!

Member: So what happened with those 200,000 seaed indictments….guess it was just another fairy tale to keep us from rioting???

Member:  Anna Von Reitz said last night that last week there were over 100 bankers and a bunch of treasury agents were arrested.

Member: Maybe all this bad news is our “Parting of the red sea” moment?

Member: if Nesara is real……all the world’s problems will get much better in a very short time.

Member: All we can do do is pray and keep the faith that something really is happening behind the scenes to fix our once great country.

MZ: I am getting way to many emails…..Just letting you all know I am throwing up the white towel…..there is no way I can answer them…..I am not going to try….. I am only one person. It has become overwhelming. I am asked the same questions over and over again….I have answered these same exact questions many times and sometimes I feel you guys just are not listening.

Member: Please stop emailing Mark everyone….He is already doing 2 updates a day during the week…have some consideration . He is doing his best to tell us what he can and keep us encouraged….please stop emailing him.

MZ: I will try to put out a video with the most asked questions sometime soon…..when I can.

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