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MarkZ: "Not a complete nothing burger….maybe a veggie burger?" (What Happened To The Monday "RV" ? LOL) 8/2/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Not a complete nothing burger….maybe a veggie burger?" (What Happened To The Monday "RV" ? LOL) 8/2/21

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MarkZ: "Not a complete nothing burger….maybe a veggie burger?" (What Happened To The Monday "RV" ? LOL) 8/2/21 Empty MarkZ: "Not a complete nothing burger….maybe a veggie burger?" (What Happened To The Monday "RV" ? LOL) 8/2/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Aug 03, 2021 12:27 am

Member:  Merry Monday everyone

Member:  Good morning all. Very quiet over the weekend. What's Up?

MZ: Lots of bond folks getting updates…..They got updates on Saturday to expect funding on Tuesday.

MZ: I am still waiting for news domestically. Internationally my Asian contacts did not have any bond redemptions. They have already ended their banking day

MZ: The European banking day …I have one person with a late afternoon appointment today…I will share those results with you tonight…….the rest have appointments on Tuesday.

MZ: Monday mornings are usually quiet….hope to have more news at the 7 pm est time update tonight

MZ: Nothing new on CMKX or settlements yet. There were rumors that some people were paid….I cannot substantiate that.  So as far as I’m concerned it has not happened yet.

MZ: So that is the news…Not a complete nothing burger….maybe a veggie burger?

Member:  Isaac just posted : hope to have some type of confirmation today or tomorrow

ISAAC 7/30/21 People are writing me a lot to confirm if mark z is right regarding the no liquidity of bonds and yes bonds are not liquid as of today . When I have news I will post. Keep the faith 

MZ: There is a big piece of news coming out of Zimbabwe…from the Herald….There are a number of similar articles posted by other news agencies. “Zim to clear Paris Club Debt” . This is a big step…a wiping of sovereign debts. Zimbabwe now has a stable currency and has reined in hyperinflation. This is a great piece and we have seen a lot of news coming out of Zimbabwe the last 4-5 days o monetary stability. 

MZ:   https://www.herald.co.zw/zim-to-clear-paris-club-debt/

Member:  Reverse repo hits all time high. 1 trillion. Think bubble.

Member:  the Dow works like a roller coaster. what it goes down one day it comes back because they are playing with other peoples money

Member:  Wall Street is manipulating markets.....as they always do in order to steal from the investors.......

Member:  Metals, stock, bonds, commodities markets have been rigged since its inception

Member:  market is being artificially boosted. They can,t keep it up for long. It will crash

Member:  Aug 15th will be 50th year since we went off gold standard

Member:  August 15th is 50th Anniversary for when Nixon took us off Gold Standard.. it's also 150 year Anniversary of Albert Pikes laying out the Blue Print for 3 World Wars. Aug 15 hype we will go soon

MZ: I expect after we do the reset to sound money that our prices will go down to about the same prices we saw in the 1970’s.

MarkZ I guess Holly posted this morning that Bonds could take months to finish and complete…..Don’t worry…This will not hold us up. Many of the smaller bond holders- those that have not already aggregated their bonds into a group….they may take months to finish processing…..They have to be vetted and at this point they are not taking any bonds that have not been in their possession for more then 5 years until after the reset.  . These bonds can redeem after the reset and the RV.   So do not panic about this.

Member: all this bond talk is the same thing we heard last month….recycling the same report.

MZ: I don’t think the reports are at all similar. We have had reports about a week and half ago where we have seen people getting a portion of their funds. Call it a down payment or “hush” money to keep worried parties calm…or travel money to get parties in place…..This was the first money movement we have seen. And, that banks were willing to dole some money out is huge……

MZ: Then they stopped processing them for a week or so and now suddenly they are talking about when folks will get the balance of their funds…..IMO what we hear from the bond side is very different then what we were hearing before. 

Member: I heard that F&P’s been funded but not liquid yet?

Member:  If F&P’s funded just waiting for liquidity…..that mean RV is very soon

Member:  Each Tier has to complete before the next one can begin. Tier 3 has not completed, so Tier 4 cannot start, which means Tier 5 cannot start.

Member:  doesn't Nesera HAVE to be announced FIRST before "start"???

Member:  I heard that nesara will happen within the 6 weeks that politicians are on vacation

Member:  I hear Emergency Broadcast 'TEST' coming August 11th - Worldwide.........

Member:  Betcha LOTS of arrests are happening still....peeps working to rip-off what they can?

Member: Whatever happened to the Durham report being released?

Member: Anything new on rates?

Member:  No one knows rates until we get to our appointment, anything before is just speculation

Member:  Simon Parkes reporting today, but not in mainstream, “Australia and New Zealand to lose Commonwealth status. To be administered by U.S., as Royal Family in UK gives up all its heritage.”

Member:  I tried 5 different banks to buy Dinar or Dong they said it is no longer on "the list" but the banker recalled selling the currency a few weeks ago

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