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More MarkZ: "Absolutely. Early August is supposed to be full of really good stuff" (Candy? Cookies? Is That The "Good Stuff"? LOL) 7/29/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

More MarkZ: "Absolutely. Early August is supposed to be full of really good stuff" (Candy? Cookies? Is That The "Good Stuff"? LOL) 7/29/21

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More MarkZ: "Absolutely. Early August is supposed to be full of really good stuff" (Candy? Cookies? Is That The "Good Stuff"? LOL) 7/29/21 Empty More MarkZ: "Absolutely. Early August is supposed to be full of really good stuff" (Candy? Cookies? Is That The "Good Stuff"? LOL) 7/29/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:30 pm

Member:  Saturday is the last day of the month…Will it happen by then?

Member: I shall gladly pay you Tuesday, for a Hamburger today!

MZ: Definitely looking forward to having meat on our nothing burgers…

MZ: Everyone is in position….Bond folks are expecting money to start late today and into tomorrow. . They are expecting bonds to pay out over the next 5 days.

MZ: Bond folks are very upbeat that this is going to be “IT”. A number of paymasters said they have new protocols to streamline the system for paying the downline….the folks underneath them . Looks like we are in a good spot.

MZ: Still waiting for the banking side to tell me when they expect the RV to fit in…..

MZ: No CMKX or PP’s or package movement that we can find…..yet.

Member: So next week for us most likely?

MZ: If I had to make a guess based on bonds….yes…but they could pull this thing at any moment and throw us all off.

Member: What are PP’s?

Member:  the PP funds are a group of "investment groups" and others like Omega, Farm Claims, Destiny, and many others that were supposed to have paid out years ago.

Member: Some are court cases that were won by these groups and not paid out yet……

Member:  MarkZ did you know that August 15th marks the 50th year since we went off the gold standard?

Member:  Is there a chance the RV could be fraud and we are being played???I want it to be real as much as the next guy but they keep kicking the can and it is disheartening

Member:  RV is not a matter of if but when

Member:  This is like having a winning lottery ticket but not knowing when your numbers are coming out

Member:  My Lebanese contact at the gym is attorney-in-fact for largest whale in Iraq (former general), talks with UST almost every night, was told last night, “big weekend coming!”

MZ: This is big news….I like this one……

Member: Frank26 had someone from the chat ask his bank, "has the system switched from swift to qfs...??" he replied, "how do you know?...are you a banker"?

Member:  I heard Sweden was paid. Things were bought. Homes and vehicles

Member:  Australian banks are broke, shutting down...closed!!

Member:  Frank 26 said last nite that Iraq are now with WTO

MZ: I have been trying to prove that….cannot find anything solid yet…..

Member: If we don’t have bonds or foreign currency- what do we do?

MZ: You wait for Nesara….People will be getting debt forgiveness, loan cancellation….  This is a big benefit.

Member: Does anyone know who the “Grandfather “ is?

MZ: Yes we do know who he is. We even know his grandson.

Member: Does a big event have to happen to start the RV?

MZ: No it doesn’t. We have expected they would  take advantage of a big event to hide or cloud the reset….saying the world now had to be rescued….so we are changing the currency….that type of thing…it would be easier for them to explain…..

Member: Will payouts occur over a long period of time?

MZ: I am told only if you have Zim. This could have payouts over a long period of time…..I was also told if you have large amounts of dong or dinat (over 100 million? ) then payouts could be over 6 months or so. I doubt there are many people in that group.

Member: Will the Pengo and the Bolivar be in the RV.

MZ: I think they will be in the first basket but have no idea what the rates could be.

Member: Who gets the contract rates?

Member:  Tier 4a, T4b = contract rate, T5 = street rate.

Member: Could the RV happen before August 2nd?

MZ: Absolutely. Early August is supposed to be full of really good stuff..I hear the Durham report will be released any time…..no later than Sunday or Monday. They would really like to make the Sunday news cycle. We will watch this one closely.

Member:  I can’t wait until these creeps are exposed to the sheep!

MZ: If I was in charge we would already have it…..rip that bandaid off!

Member: When do you see the new currency come into circulation?

MZ: The moment this all happens. I have branch managers that have seen boxes of new currency come in….It is printed…they have it ready. They will distribute it in branches, in ATM’s (Many companies and banks have been updating the ATM’s) They will use armored trucks to distribute the new currency to the big stores….

Member: Also As you spend the old USD’s they will be destroyed and replaced with the new USNS

Member:  What will be the time period of silence required in the NDA

Member: Mark said last week that it could be 30, 60 or 90 days……

Member:  What about an update with how the Global Reset from Cabal versus our Gesara/Nesara reset. Are the bad guys working hard on theirs?

Member:  My heart breaks for this world. Every day they wait, it's exponentially more difficult to recover; as commerce grinds to a halt, starvation will kill BILLIONS.

Member:  God please hear my prayer surround the RV and NESARA with white light of protection. Bing them in with no inference from the evil cabal. Bring them in now in the name of Jesus, peace love and light

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