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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/29/21 - I hope against hope that this is it and our final call (Just Don't Do Any More...The Lies Stop Then! LOL) 7/27/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/29/21 - I hope against hope that this is it and our final call (Just Don't Do Any More...The Lies Stop Then! LOL) 7/27/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/29/21 - I hope against hope that this is it and our final call (Just Don't Do Any More...The Lies Stop Then! LOL) 7/27/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/29/21 - I hope against hope that this is it and our final call (Just Don't Do Any More...The Lies Stop Then! LOL) 7/27/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:15 pm

Bruces Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:10:15


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday July 27th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody once again for tuning in – glad to have you here live –

Bob let’s talk about something that you mentioned to me you had an email of a listener that even though he’s been in the currency for about as long as we’ve had the Big Call he still has some questions and I thought for this part of the intel segment we would go ahead and address some of those questions – so why don’t you fire away and we will hit them one at a time

Bob: ok sure Bruce – so these are really good questions – TD: how can I access the back screen of the banks that have the new rates?

Bruce: Ok good question – how can you? The answer is you can’t – however if you know that there are back screen rates sometimes they’re called rates sometimes it’s just a different color screen – the redemption center staff – will have access to those if in fact they exist –

By that I mean we know that rates show up on the front screens – and would be visible – and we “think” certain rates may appear on back screens but it is for qualified wealth management type people – who are doing these exchanges and working with the zim to redeem it – that is what they would tell you – the only thing you can do – is to say  my understanding is – or I understand that – that there may be higher rates on a so called back screen and maybe a contract rate or may not be a contract rate – but I would like to know if we could have a possible access to that to see those rates – and sometimes they may turn the screen around so that you can actually – physically see it – otherwise they may say – ok let’s see and blah blah blah  —   It’s probably going to depend on your projects or do they even go there

Bruce:  ok Bob next question

Bob:   next question is – how can I verify there were 7 zeros worth of money being transferred to the world Bank?

Bruce: – yeah well they weren’t transferred to the world bank but were transferred and these were sometimes 81 zero numbers – 83  zeros – crazy huge numbers that we don’t even have – I mean there is a name that would qualify for that large of a number but I could not tell you –  you can’t know that – and it is not in your will house to know it  – it does not matter –

The point is – all of these large tranches of funds – large transfer of funds taking place for quite a while now – from various large trust funds like the Rodriguez fund – St Germaine Trust and so many of these – so there are several of them and they tend to go to large banks that are new and hopefully are working to  ….. uh … they are like new replacement central banks – not like the old central banks under the Federal reserve System but under a new bank that takes these funds and disperses this to the country’s own banks – and of course we’ve had quite a bit of it go to our Treasury and then from our Treasury to wells Fargo and other tier 1 banks to get ready for them to have the money that we need for our exchanges –

Hopefully that answers the question – basically don’t worry about it –

Bob: ok so the next one is How will I know if I’m going to get an email and 800 # for the redemption center

Bruce: ok good question and probably the most important so far –  when we purchased currencies – we used bonafide currency sellers that were approved by the US Treasury – these were banks some cases sold dinar like Chase for example – most banks had dong – that they could get for you – you have some places that are no longer in business –  now those sellers  submitted information about the currency buyers and the currency bought – and even I believe the amount of currency purchased – and the emails that were used at the time you bought the currency –

Now we know emails have changed – we know physical home addresses have changed – but the point is they have accumulated this information and have it so they know quite a bit about us – they don’t know everything about us or the currency and I will get into that a little bit when we talk about cards – debit cards – we are going to clarify that whole mess –

So how will you know – first of all – these approximate 2 million emails of what we call tier 4B the internet group – have all been loaded on Wells Fargo server and will be released in blocks based on the time zones – eastern is in one block – Central is another block – Mountain time zone is another block and Pacific is the 4th  block – and they have combined Alaska and Hawaii – which are on 2 different time zones to the 5th block

 So you’ve got 5 blocks that theoretically – in theory the last time we heard about it – would all be released at the same time in each time zone – so let’s say for example – it released at 11 am Eastern time – it would get released at 11 Central 11 Mountain etc – so that everyone would get it at the same time in their time zone – a theory I had and has proved to be correct –

So the toll free numbers – this is sort of where I come in – a little bit – because ….. so where we stand on this  is – those toll free numbers I will get a notification on – and be able to have Bob put those numbers on our website Big Call Universe  and we’ll also send out – 2 numbers – 1 for zim holders and 1 for people that have other currencies but NOT zim – and we will also send out emails to those registered on our website –

The toll free numbers will be to 4 -6 call centers and you will set up your appointments with those numbers – If a zim holder you will actually get to someone at the redemption center who may be one that will be working with you at the time of appointment –

If y ou are not a zim holder but have other currency – you may do the entire call computerized – where you literally just have it by phone to set appointment – non zim holders can also when they call – use the toll free number – they should be routed to a tier 1 bank NOT to a redemption center – we call them exchange locations – these would be like a Wells Fargo bank – a Chase bank – Bank of America – Citi bank –

I think it will primarily be Wells Fargo and Chase Bank handling the zim – and the other 2 possibly in some capacity –

Bruce:  Bob any other questions?

Bob:  you know Bruce there were a couple other questions but as you talked you answered them as well –

Bruce:  ok Bob thank you for helping with that – now I am going to talk a little about where we stand right now – I have to be careful because I do get information and then get excited myself and then something changes –

We had thought that we would be notified by yesterday – there was info coming from 3 solid lead banks or sources – they were all pointing to us being notified yesterday  – and then we find out yesterday that there was some activity  – additional clean up  based on all the high tech info out there – and release of info – that had taken place and turned into a global operation with 6 countries dong clean up of quite a large number – It’s a Heinz 57  of different people – a wide variety of people and I understand it approximately complete – not totally complete yet but I believe we’re at the point where they’re doing will not influence us now – at this point

So where does that put us? It should and I keep sayIng should – it should put us in a position that I’ve been told where we should receive the entire thing tomorrow –  that would mean notifications – 800 #s – emails – setting of appointments and actually starting our exchanges and zim redemption – TOMORROW

Now —- I do not have a time for when that will all take place – we’ll have to see how that unfolds – it’s exciting – it should be Christmas in July for us – and we’ve heard that and let’s see if that actually takes place –

This has been a huge moving target – the target itself seems to have changed – and the movement of it – Everytime we think it’s absolute and going to happen – something has come up to delay it – 48 hours here – a couple more days there and so on and so on –

You guys know – you know it – but now let’s cover something because I’ve told you roughly when I hope that it takes place – based on what I’m hearing – from people that are over the redemption centers –

Now – the other thing is – there’s been that confusion – about the debit card – I think it has gotten somewhat clarified – yesterday – but let me clarify it further – when I heard that – I told you last Thursday I wasn’t buying – not for us –  and my understanding is that is true – it is not for us – we will get the debit cards – guess when?

When we go into the redemption centers – that is a novel idea – let’s see – having a debit card that we can punch out for this customer – this client coming in and doing an exchange of currency or a redemption of zim and have it there and punched out with the proper name and everything – and issue it then – OR – send out 2 million debit cards by courier or Fed X  or something and we don’t even have everybody’s current address – they haven’t ponied up their funds – we don’t really know as some have been gifted – it was a ridiculous idea – and I knew it at the time and I mentioned it on Thursday –

Here’s where the debit cards have come in – and where people have received them – former bond holders – that have ponied up their bonds – traded the bonds – and if they had currency at the time – a lot of them have done bonds and currency together – those individuals have received the debit card with an amount on them or with an amount they could take the card to a bank and this is how they had to do it by the way –

They had to take it to a specific bank  – mostly Wells Fargo and activate that card there at the bank – and then they find out do they have access to the funds and if so – how much? Of do they have to wait a little longer until we go in tier 4B until we start – in which case they would get access to their 1% of their total – 1% because they don’t want all of this money going out to everybody all at once and just crushing the economy with inflation and everything else –

So – who received the debit cards? People that have done previous bond work – Is it appropriate for the admirals group for example?  Yes because those guys already ponied up their dinar – dong – zim – and other currencies 6-8 years ago – so they would be appropriate candidates – will they use those debit cards for them? I would think they would but I don’t know that – it is not absolute but they could certainly send out – they have the addresses for these individuals – they have already done the KYC info on them at least twice – and it may be if you are in one of the admirals groups that you would receive the debit card with your funding info on it –

People that already have received their debit card also received the 2 ½ page NDA one copy signed and kept – once copy signed and sent back – and there was also a listing of the assets they had valued each one brought  with a total – so there was a total accounting given – was included in the mailing that was delivered by special courier – so hopefully that clarifies we will get a debit card but it won’t be until we go in and do our exchanges and redemption of zim –    I hope against hope that this is it and our final call.

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