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MarkZ: "looking for liquid funds on Thursday and Friday" (Next Week...Same Excuses! LOL) 7/28/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "looking for liquid funds on Thursday and Friday" (Next Week...Same Excuses! LOL) 7/28/21

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MarkZ: "looking for liquid funds on Thursday and Friday" (Next Week...Same Excuses! LOL) 7/28/21 Empty MarkZ: "looking for liquid funds on Thursday and Friday" (Next Week...Same Excuses! LOL) 7/28/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 28, 2021 10:11 pm

Member:  Will Christmas happen in July? July is almost gone!

MZ: Good Morning everyone……well, yesterday afternoon we did get a number of group leaders paymasters and bond holders that are nw looking for liquid funds on Thursday and Friday.

MZ: No updates from PP’s and CMKX yet……It’s not easy but we need to relax and watch this thing play out.

Member:  Does 10 days of Nothing Burgers = 10 days of darkness? If so we are there.

Member:  have you heard if a project list will be available before we go to the redemption center?

MZ: I am told that when you make your appointment – tell them if you have zim….if you do you will be sent an additional document that will have an overview of the projects they have available for you. This is if you want to take option 2. (higher rate with humanitarian projects)

(Per previous calls…option one is a lower rate with no strings attached. Option 2 is a higher rate and choose projects from a list at the bank, and option 3 is the highest rate and you have your own projects and many strings attached and hoops to jump through)

Member: Who is in charge of the banking projects?

MZ: I am told it’s a joint venture between the Chinese banking families and the US Department of Defense.

Member: Im worried we have to see all the arrests before the RV can happen.

MZ: I am told they should all be removed the moment this reset happens. if not- everything we understand about Nesara is not accurate.

Member: Could this be dragged out to force the rodents to expose their criminal intent?

MZ: Honestly this may be why we don’t have it already. Seems like every time we get close, more rats pop their heads up….at some point they have to pull the trigger anyways before it all crashes and we are so very close.

MZ: Stock markets around the world are not real….its artificial and in the US, at some point 401K people are going to start panicking and pulling out funds….. it will all implode.

Member: Brent Johnson says Friday looks good….what say you?

MZ: Friday does look good….today looks good. But based on what I hear from group leaders-later on this week looks good. ,,,if bonds start paying again on Thursday then i may get excited for Friday this week.

Member: listening to the gurus from 3 years ago and the same thing is being said now that was said then

MZ: There is actually a lot of differences now versus then. In the Iraqi government….the white papers and the budget. We have seen many changes in banking regulations, and Basel3. We are seeing a whole lot that we did not see 3 years ago.

Member:  plus the Iraqi 's are giving classes on teaching their people about DINARS an how they are counted for the many who never used them. good sign.

Member: What’s the difference between an exchange center and a redemption center?

MZ: nothing….same thing.

Member: Will we be able to exchange in a different state?

MZ: I am told here in the US- yes. I plan on traveling just so some local teller does not know what I have for safety reasons…..i am told when you set your appointment to have the zip code of the area that you would like to exchange in,and they will give you the center that is closest to that area. .

Member:  Did anyone else see that the Indonesian Rupiah shot up to $0.70 in March for a few days? It’s on the Google price index.

Member: Will gold backed dollars need to be printed before the RV?

MZ: They are already printed. We have had many reports on this. Bankers have reached out that have physically seen the new bills. Some have them in their branches ready for distribution…then then got pulled back.  (a false start) Heres a good video on what we expect…..keep in mind it’s just a rendering. But its what we expect them to look like

MZ:  Old video on new bills.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmtw8grnnUM

Member:  Hey, Mark. That video you posted about the new US Currency shows the bills as Federal Reserve Notes. Thought we were doing away with the Federal Reserve, and going to a US Treasury Note. What's up with that?

Member: What day will the market crash?  You know…right????

MZ: Well, I didn’t think the market was going to make it past fall of 2019…then they started the repo market…but we are about to pay for that now….I have a great link from Glen Beck talking about failing banks and the pandemic seems to be planned to cover the banking system implosion …it will implode without the reset.   

MZ: Glen Beck on failing banks:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWWhiNTok3k

Member:  The economy reminds me of the weekend at Bernie's movie

Member: Do you think the Iranian rial will be in the first basket.

MZ: I do , and I think the rate will be close to the Iraqi dinar and the Kuwaiti dinar street rates. These countries should be on parity with each other for stability in the area and they all share joint oil fields.

Member:  Have no accounts at Wells Fargo but received email today telling me about ways to invest with them. Could this Be a email test?

Member:  Mark, do you still think Med Beds will roll out quickly after RV?

MZ: I’m looking forward to all the healing technologies that will be coming out soon

Member: I hear we will have them within 6 months or the reset…..many are ready to roll out….hope it’s true.

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