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Judy: "The Quantum Computer has been activated, Biden was about to resign" (Any Proof To That? LOL) 7/26/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Judy: "The Quantum Computer has been activated, Biden was about to resign" (Any Proof To That? LOL) 7/26/21

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Judy: "The Quantum Computer has been activated, Biden was about to resign" (Any Proof To That? LOL) 7/26/21 Empty Judy: "The Quantum Computer has been activated, Biden was about to resign" (Any Proof To That? LOL) 7/26/21

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 26, 2021 9:46 pm

Judy Note: The Quantum Computer has been activated, Biden was about to resign and on Wed. 28 July two typhoons were set to hit China, where thealready damagedThree Gorges Dam was expected to collapse, whacking Big Pharma, International Child Sex Trafficking Headquarters, Bitcoin Server Mining and at least 24 Nuke Reactors which were under the Dam, that would turn on Nuclear sirens at 24 locations around the globe and call to action militaries of all nations.

The below Exchange/ Redemption Protocol instructions from Fleming’s Military Contact applied to all Foreign Currency and Zim Bond Holders worldwide:

It appeared Tier 4B (Us, the Internet Group) would receive active Secured Cards with our actual exchange/ redemption monies on them, plus instructions on the exchange and a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign delivered to our doors by FedEx within the next couple of days.

If not, by Wed. 28 July you should be able to go into a Secured Website (published on various Dinar websites, plus in this daily update) and obtain a personal 800# to make an exchange/ redemption appointment at a Redemption Center of your choice. You would receive your Secured Card at your appointment.

On Fri. morning 23 July Secured Cards began to be sent out through FedEx to over eight million Foreign Currency and Zim Bond Holders.

The Secured Cards granted immediate access to monies in personal accounts in the Quantum Banking System once the bearer went online and authenticated that they were the proper owner of the foreign currencies and Zim Bonds mentioned on the Secured Card account.

A list of all of the foreign currencies that you bought would be on your card, along with a dollar amount of the rate of exchange. If you disagreed with the amount, or if the amount of bonds and currency you had was incorrect you could make an appointment at a Redemption Center by going to the Secured Website and making the call and then taking your foreign currency and Zim bonds to the appointment to correct your account.

If the monies amount shown on the screen was correct, you agreed with the exchange amount on your currency and Zim Bonds and you did not have a Humanitarian Project, you had no need for an appointment at a Redemption Center.

The new currency rates were no longer Contract Rates, but considered Placeholder Rates that have been established through agreements with the various countries involved for purposes of our RV. Those Placeholder Rates had been locked into the QFS weeks ago.

To receive the higher Contract Rates you would have to qualify for them by showing that you were willing to put some of your funds into Humanitarian Projects.

If you held Zim Bonds and wished to do Humanitarian Projects you would need to make an appointment at a Redemption Center to meet with your Wealth Manager.

Your Wealth Manager worked for you and would coordinate your Humanitarian Project with special global Humanitarian Project committees. These committees would coordinate with each other for the benefit of the world.

This new oversight process would determine your bond, currency and interest rates by evaluating the amount of bonds and/or currency you held, plus what they determined to be your ability to deliver on the Humanitarian Project you were proposing.

This “project” discussion would take whatever time it took. In the meantime, the monies received from a person’s exchange/ redemption that was on their card would remain live and accessible to them.

If you have any unusual situation you can still go to an appointment at a Redemption / Exchange Center and explain your situation. They would work it all out.

Paymasters/ Brokers were no longer involved in the payout process to eliminate stealing, fees, charges and splits.

SKRs were no longer valid so currency holders could take advantage of the higher rates now available.

Fines and Penalties Adjudicated accounts, including CMKX, CMKM, Farm Claims, Omega, etc., have all been moved into this Quantum Banking System to be managed via the rollout, along with all of Tier 4A,B. There were no further private deliveries taking place.

There would be a 15% tax implemented on Zim Bond Redemption because it was an investment. There was no tax on foreign currency exchanges.

(Judy Note: It was my understanding, and this is only my opinion recognizing that I could easily be wrong, that the principle of your bond money stays at the bank and you only use the interest earned on the principle for yourself and for your project. I heard a long time ago that interest for your personal use was 1% of the earned interest on your bonds – but that rate could have easily changed by now.)

Sat. 24 July MarkZ: I have multiple reports from bankers across the US that they were being brought into the banks on Mon. 26 July (many were on vacation until Aug.) because the banks were expecting a lot of changes. There were also reports of new ATM style machines for the new USTN’s being deployed throughout the states and other machines being updated.

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